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List of deaths due to COVID-19

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is a list of notable people reported as having died from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as a result of infection by the virus SARS-CoV-2 during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Date Name Age Notes Place of death
25 January 2020 Liang Wudong 60 Doctor (first death due to hospital-acquired infection) China (Wuhan)
26 January 2020 Wang Xianliang 62 Politician China (Wuhan)
27 January 2020 Yang Xiaobo 57 Politician China (Wuhan)
31 January 2020 Wen Zengxian 67 Politician China (Wuhan)
6 February 2020 Qiu Jun 72 Bodybuilder China (Wuhan)
7 February 2020 Hong Ling 53 Geneticist China (Wuhan)
Li Wenliang 33 Doctor (whistleblower of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan) China (Wuhan)
10 February 2020 Lin Zhengbin 62 Doctor China (Wuhan)
13 February 2020 Liu Shouxiang 61 Painter China (Wuhan)
14 February 2020 Liu Fan 59 Nurse China (Wuhan)
15 February 2020 Duan Zhengcheng 85 Engineer China (Wuhan)
19 February 2020 Ke Huibing 41 Management scientist China (Wuhan)
27 February 2020 Hadi Khosroshahi 81 Diplomat Iran (Tehran)
29 February 2020 Mohammad Ali Ramazani Dastak 56 Politician Iran (Rasht)
2 March 2020 Mohammad Mirmohammadi 71 Politician Iran (Tehran)
Ahmad Toyserkani Ravari 59 Judge Iran (Ravar)
5 March 2020 Hossein Sheikholeslam 67 Politician Iran (Tehran)
7 March 2020 Reza Mohammadi Langroudi 91 Ayatollah Iran (Langarud)
Fatemeh Rahbar 55 Politician Iran (Tehran)
9 March 2020 Italo De Zan 94 Cyclist Italy (Treviso)
Lee Cha-su 62 Politician South Korea (Daegu)
Mohammad-Reza Rahchamani 67 Politician Iran (Tehran)
10 March 2020 Mohammad Kiavash 89 Politician Iran (Tehran)
Marcelo Peralta 59 Saxophonist Spain (Madrid)
11 March 2020 Roberto Stella 67 Physician Italy (Como)
12 March 2020 Giovanni Battista Rabino 88 Politician Italy (Asti)
13 March 2020 Nasser Shabani 62 Military officer Iran
14 March 2020 Piero Schlesinger 89 Banker Italy (Milan)
15 March 2020 Vittorio Gregotti 92 Architect Italy (Milan)
Aytaç Yalman 79 Politician Turkey (Istanbul)
Sergio Bassi 70 Singer-songwriter Italy (Crema)
16 March 2020 Nicolas Alfonsi 83 Politician France (Ajaccio)
Hashem Bathaie Golpayegani 78–79 Politician Iran (Qom)
Francesco Saverio Pavone 75 Magistrate Italy (Venice)
Fariborz Raisdana 75 Economist Iran (Tehran)
17 March 2020 Stephen Schwartz 78 Doctor United States (Seattle)
18 March 2020 Rose Marie Compaoré 61 Politician Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou)
Luciano Federici 81 Footballer Italy (Carrara)
Henri Richelet 75 Painter France (Paris)
Sérgio Trindade 79 Chemical engineer and researcher United States (New York City)
19 March 2020 Innocenzo Donina 69 Footballer Italy (Bergamo)
Hamid Kahram 62 Politician Iran (Tehran)
Aurlus Mabélé 66 Musician and composer France (Eaubonne)
Antonio Michele Stanca 77 Geneticist Italy (Fidenza)
Hans Knudsen 75 Canoer Denmark (Roskilde)
20 March 2020 Carlos Falcó, 5th Marquess of Griñón 83 Grandee of Spain, businessman, and socialite Spain (Madrid)
Jacques Oudin 80 Politician France (Suresnes)
Marino Quaresimin 82 Politician Italy (Vicenza)
Tarcisio Stramare 91 Priest Italy (Imperia)
21 March 2020 Marguerite Aucouturier 87 Psychoanalyst France (Paris)
Aileen Baviera 60 Political scientist and sinologist Philippines (Manila)
Vicenç Capdevila 83 Politician Spain (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat)
Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy 67 Doctor France (Lille)
Lorenzo Sanz 76 Businessman Spain (Madrid)
William Stern 84 Businessman and Holocaust survivor United Kingdom
22 March 2020 Germà Colón 91 Philologist Spain (Barcelona)
Pino Grimaldi 71 Designer and academic Italy (Maddaloni)
Benito Joanet 84 Footballer and coach Spain (Alicante)
José María Loizaga Viguri 83 Businessman Spain (Ciudad Real)
Mike Longo 83 Pianist United States (New York City)
23 March 2020 Maurice Berger 63 Curator United States (Copake)
Lucia Bosè 89 Actress Spain (Segovia)
Carole Brookins 76 Banker United States (Palm Beach)
Llorenç Cassi 79 Athlete and coach Spain
Borja Domecq Solís 74 Businessman Spain (Mérida)
Brian Crowe 82 Diplomat United Kingdom
José Folgado 75 Politician Spain (Madrid)
Paul Karslake 65 Artist United Kingdom (Leigh-on-Sea)
Anastasio López Ramírez 63 Politician Spain (Alcázar de San Juan)
Zororo Makamba 30 Journalist Zimbabwe (Harare)
Alan Ortiz 66 Foreign policy and energy sector expert France (Paris)
Usama Riaz 26 Doctor Pakistan
Calogero Rizzuto 65 Architect and historic preservationist Italy (Syracuse)
Walter Robb 91 Engineer United States (Schenectady)
Mary Roman 84 Athlete and community leader United States (Norwalk)
Lucien Sève 93 Philosopher France (Clamart)
Júlia Sigmond 90 Puppet actor and Esperantist Italy (Piacenza)
Nashom Wooden 50 Drag queen United States (New York City)
24 March 2020 Lorenzo Acquarone 89 Politician Italy (Genoa)
Pierluigi Consonni 71 Footballer Italy (Ponte San Pietro)
Romi Cohn 91 Rabbi and real estate developer United States (Brooklyn)
Manu Dibango 86 Saxophonist France (Melun)
Steven Dick 37 Diplomat Hungary (Budapest)
Mohamed Farah 59 Footballer United Kingdom (London)
Alan Finder 72 Journalist United States (Ridgewood)
David Edwards 48 Basketball player United States (Queens)
Paul Goma 84 Political dissident and writer France (Paris)
Terrence McNally 81 Playwright and screenwriter United States (Sarasota)
Lillo Venezia 70 Journalist Italy (Catania)
Sterling Maddox 78 Politician United States
John F. Murray 92 Pulmonologist France (Paris)
Jenny Polanco 62 Fashion designer Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
25 March 2020 Harry Aarts 90 Politician Netherlands (Tilburg)
Kees Bakker 76 Football chairman and police officer Netherlands (Arnhem)
Danilo Barozzi 92 Cyclist Italy (Santa Maria Nuova)
Mark Blum 69 Actor United States (New York City)
Floyd Cardoz 59 Chef and television personality United States (Montclair)
Martinho Lutero Galati 66 Conductor Brazil (São Paulo)
Detto Mariano 82 Musician and composer Italy (Milan)
Angelo Moreschi 67 Bishop Italy (Brescia)
María Araujo 69 Costume designer Spain (Barcelona)
Edman Ayvazyan 87 Painter United Kingdom (London)
26 March 2020 Menggie Cobarrubias 66 Actor Philippines (Manila)
Ito Curata 60 Fashion designer Philippines (Muntinlupa)
Olle Holmquist 83 Trombonist Sweden
Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma 86 Princess, activist, and political sociologist France (Paris)
Naomi Munakata 64 Conductor Brazil (São Paulo)
Luigi Roni 78 Singer Italy (Lucca)
Michael Sorkin 71 Architect and critic United States (New York City)
Nino Cassanello 75 Doctor Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Hamish Wilson 77 Actor United Kingdom (Rutherglen)
Daniel Yuste 75 Cyclist Spain (Madrid)
27 March 2020 Daniel Azulay 72 Comic book artist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Imam Suroso 56 Politician Indonesia (Semarang)
Santiago Llorente Fernández 55 Athlete Spain (Segovia)
Jesús Gayoso Rey 48 Police officer Spain (Logroño)
Ruben Melogno 74 Singer Spain (Madrid)
Jacques F. Acar 88 Doctor France (Paris)
Stefan Lippe 64 Businessman Switzerland
Orlando McDaniel 59 American football player United States (DeSoto)
Michael McKinnell 84 Architect United States (Beverly)
Mario Benedetti 64 Poet Italy (Piadena)
28 March 2020 Fevzi Aksoy 89 Academic, neurologist, and sportswriter Turkey (Istanbul)
Kerstin Behrendtz 69 Radio broadcaster Sweden (Stockholm)
Patrick Devedjian 75 Politician France (Antony)
April Dunn 33 Disability rights activist United States (Baton Rouge)
Chato Galante 71 Activist and former political prisoner Spain (Madrid)
Rodolfo González Rissotto 70 Politician Uruguay (Montevideo)
William B. Helmreich 74 Sociologist United States (Great Neck)
Denise Millet 86 Illustrator France (Paris)
Pearson Jordan 69 Athlete United States
Raffaele Masto 66 Journalist and writer Italy (Bergamo)
Azam Khan 83 Squash player United Kingdom (London)
Michel Tibon-Cornillot 84 Philosopher and anthropologist France (Paris)
Salvador Vives 77 Voice actor Spain (Barcelona)
William Wolf 94 Film and theater critic United States (New York)
29 March 2020 Beryl Bernay 94 Journalist and children's television creator United States (New York City)
José Luis Capón 72 Footballer Spain (Madrid)
Emilia Currás 92 Information scientist and academic Spain (Madrid)
Daniel Davisse 81 Politician France (Créteil)
Joe Diffie 61 Country singer United States (Nashville)
Robert H. Garff 77 Politician United States (Salt Lake City)
Isaac Robinson 44 Politician United States (Detroit)
Maria Mercader 54 Television news producer and journalist United States (New York City)
Alan Merrill 69 Musician and singer United States (New York City)
Tomas Oneborg 62 Photographer Sweden (Stockholm)
Francis Rapp 93 Historian France (Angers)
Angelo Rottoli 61 Boxer Italy (Ponte San Pietro)
Ken Shimura 70 Comedian Japan (Tokyo)
Henri Tincq 74 Journalist France (Villeneuve-Saint-Georges)
30 March 2020 Maurice Bidermann 87 Businessman France (Paris)
Lorena Borjas 59 Transgender and immigrant rights activist United States (Brooklyn)
Wilhelm Burmann 80 Ballet master and teacher United States (New York City)
Jorge Chica 68 Footballer Ecuador
Hilary Dwyer 74 Actress United Kingdom
James T. Goodrich 73 Doctor United States (New York City)
David Hodgkiss 71 Cricket administrator United Kingdom
Milutin Knežević 71 Bishop Serbia (Belgrade)
Ivo Mahlknecht 80 Skier Italy (Urtijëi)
José Antonio Martínez Bayó 67 Athlete Spain (Barcelona)
Ted Monette 74 Military officer United States (Holyoke)
Ángel Sánchez Mendoza 56 Journalist Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Manuel Adolfo Varas 76 Broadcaster and sports journalist Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Joachim Yhombi-Opango 81 Politician France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
31 March 2020 Julie Bennett 88 Voice actor United States (Los Angeles)
Viktar Dashkevich 75 Actor Belarus (Vitebsk)
Pape Diouf 68 Businessman Senegal (Dakar)
Gian Carlo Ceruti 67 Sports manager and administrator Italy (Crema)
Rafael Gómez Nieto 99 Spanish Civil War and World War II veteran France (Strasbourg)
James Gordon, Baron Gordon of Strathblane 83 Businessman United Kingdom (Glasgow)
Andrew Jack 76 Dialect coach and actor United Kingdom (London)
Turhan Kaya 68 Actor Turkey (Istanbul)
Cristina Monet-Palaci 64 Musician United States (New York City)
Gita Ramjee 63 HIV prevention researcher South Africa (Umhlanga)
Wallace Roney 59 Jazz trumpeter United States (Paterson)
Peter J. N. Sinclair 73 Economist United Kingdom
Michael Wakelam 75 Biologist United Kingdom
1 April 2020 Branislav Blažić 63 Politician Serbia (Belgrade)
David Driskell 88 Visual artist and academic United States (Washington, D.C.)
Kevin Duffy 87 Judge United States (Greenwich)
Bernard Epin 83 Writer and literary critic France (Paris)
Yisroel Friedman 83 Rabbi United States (New York City)
Nur Hassan Hussein 83 Politician United Kingdom (London)
Philippe Malaurie 85 Lawyer France (Paris)
Gérard Mannoni 92 Sculptor France (Viry-Châtillon)
Ellis Marsalis Jr. 85 Pianist United States (New Orleans)
Richard Passman 94 Aeronautical engineer and space scientist United States (Silver Spring)
Bucky Pizzarelli 94 Guitarist United States (Saddle River)
Adam Schlesinger 52 Singer-songwriter United States (Poughkeepsie)
Kim H. Veltman 71 Historian Netherlands
Dora Werzberg 99 Nurse and social worker France (Paris)
2 April 2020 Goyo Benito 73 Footballer Spain (Madrid)
Patricia Bosworth 86 Actress and author United States (New York City)
Bernardita Catalla 62 Diplomat Lebanon (Beirut)
Zaccaria Cometti 83 Footballer Italy (Romano di Lombardia)
François de Gaulle 98 Priest and missionary France (Bry-sur-Marne)
William Frankland 108 Allergist and immunologist United Kingdom (London)
Juan Giménez 76 Comic book artist and illustrator Argentina (Mendoza)
Anick Jesdanun 51 Writer United States (New York City)
Eddie Large 78 Comedian United Kingdom (Bristol)
Gustavo Orellana 78 or 79 Singer Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Feriha Öz 87 Doctor Turkey
Rodrigo Pesántez Rodas 82 Writer and poet Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Sergio Rossi 84 Designer Italy (Cesena)
Aaron Rubashkin 92 Businessman United States (New York City)
Nirmal Singh Khalsa 67 Singer India (Amritsar)
Arnold Sowinski 89 Footballer France (Lens)
Aptripel Tumimomor 53 Politician Indonesia (Makassar)
Jan Veentjer 82 Field hockey player Netherlands (The Hague)
Arthur Whistler 75 Botanist United States (Honolulu)
Robert Beck 83 Pentathlete and fencer United States (San Antonio)
Manolo Navarro 93 Bullfighter Spain (Madrid)
3 April 2020 Arnold Demain 92 Microbiologist United States (Madison, NJ)
Henri Ecochard 96 Military officer France (Levallois-Perret)
Bob Glanzer 74 Politician United States (Sioux Falls)
Francisco Hernando Contreras 74 Housing developer Spain (Madrid)
Marguerite Lescop 104 Writer Canada (Montreal)
Hans Prade 81 Diplomat Netherlands (Rotterdam)
Omar Quintana 76 Politician Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Marcelle Ranson-Hervé 90 Actress France (Marseille)
Tim Robinson 85 Writer and cartographer United Kingdom (London)
Joel Shatzky 76 Writer and literary professor United States (Ithaca)
Arlene Stringer-Cuevas 86 Politician United States (The Bronx)
Yusuf Kenan Sönmez 72 Politician Turkey (Balıkesir)
Frida Wattenberg 95 Lawyer and member of the French resistance France (Paris)
4 April 2020 Montserrat Sabater Bacigalupi 79 Publisher Spain (Barcelona)
Jay Benedict 68 Actor United Kingdom (London)
Philippe Bodson 75 Politician Belgium (Brussels)
Forrest Compton 94 Actor United States (Shelter Island)
Florindo Corral 70 Businessman Brazil (São Paulo)
Tom Dempsey 73 American football player United States (New Orleans)
Xavier Dor 91 Embryologist and anti-abortion activist France (Paris)
Ken Farnum 89 Cyclist United States (New York City)
Lila Fenwick 87 Lawyer United States (New York City)
Carlos González-Artigas 72 Businessman Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Vincent Lionti 60 Violist and conductor United States (New York City)
Muhammad Sirajul Islam 77 Politician United States (Queens)
Olan Montgomery 56 Actor and artist United States (New York City)
Marcel Moreau 86 Writer France (Bobigny)
Anton Sebastianpillai 75 Doctor and author United Kingdom (London)
Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath 85 Peer United Kingdom (Bath)
Giovanni Coppiano 54 Medical technologist and clown Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Naek L. Tobing 79 Doctor Indonesia (Jakarta)
Leïla Menchari 92 Decorator and designer France (Paris)
5 April 2020 Lee Fierro 91 Actress United States (Akron)
Mahmoud Jibril 67 Politician Egypt (Cairo)
John Laws 74 Judge United Kingdom (London)
Michel Parisse 83 Historian France (Paris)
6 April 2020 Helène Aylon 89 Ecofeminist artist United States (New York City)
Josep Maria Benet i Jornet 79 Playwright and screenwriter Spain (Lleida)
Alfonso Cortina 76 Businessman Spain (Toledo)
Brahm Kanchibhotla 66 Journalist United States (Nassau County)
Jacques Le Brun 88 Historian France (Paris)
Adlin Mair-Clarke 78 Athlete United States (New York City)
Mark Steiner 77 Mathematician and philosopher Israel (Jerusalem)
Stephen Sulyk 95 Bishop United States (Voorhees Township)
Riay Tatary 72 Religious leader Spain (Madrid)
Jean-Marie Zoellé 75 Politician Germany (Bonn)
7 April 2020 Roger Chappot 79 Ice hockey player Switzerland
Robert Chaudenson 82 Linguist France (Aix-en-Provence)
Christophe Pras 36 Rugby union player and coach France (Lyon)
Jean-Laurent Cochet 85 Actor and director France (Paris)
Eddy Davis 79 Musician and bandleader United States (New York City)
Jacques Frémontier 89 Journalist and television producer France (Paris)
Allen Garfield 80 Actor United States (Los Angeles)
Henry Graff 98 Historian United States (Greenwich)
Leib Groner 88 Rabbi United States (New York City)
Hudeidi 89 Musician United Kingdom (London)
Mishik Kazaryan 72 Physicist Russia (Moscow)
Jan Křen 89 Historian, academic, and dissident Czech Republic (Prague)
John Percy Leon Lewis 77 Military officer Guyana (Georgetown)
Roger Matthews 71 Criminologist United Kingdom
Yaakov Perlow 89 Rabbi United States (Brooklyn)
John Prine 73 Singer and songwriter United States (Nashville)
Nipper Read 95 Police officer and boxing administrator United Kingdom
Donato Sabia 56 Athlete Italy (Potenza)
Tom Scully 89 Priest and gaelic football manager Ireland (Dublin)
Miguel Ángel Tábet 78 Theologian and exegete Italy (Rome)
Joaquim Tosas 74 Politician and engineer Spain (Barcelona)
Ghyslain Tremblay 68 Actor and comedian Canada (Verdun)
Hal Willner 64 Music producer United States (New York City)
8 April 2020 Leila Benitez-McCollum 89 Television and radio host United States (New York City)
Tom Blackwell 82 Artist United States (Poughkeepsie)
Richard L. Brodsky 73 Politician United States (Greenburgh)
Robert L. Carroll 81 Paleontologist Canada (Westmount)
Martin S. Fox 95 Publisher United States (Millburn)
Miguel Jones 81 Footballer Spain (Madrid)
Bernie Juskiewicz 77 Politician United States (Montpelier)
Francesco La Rosa 93 Footballer Italy (Milan)
Henri Madelin 83 Priest and theologian France (Lille)
Liliane Marchais 84 Activist France (Bry-sur-Marne)
Rick May 79 Voice actor, theatrical performer, director, and teacher United States (Seattle)
David Méresse 89 Footballer and coach France (Neuville-Saint-Rémy)
Ilona Murai Kerman 96 Dancer United States (New Hyde Park)
Joel J. Kupperman 83 Philosopher and author United States (Brooklyn)
9 April 2020 Tullio Abbate 75 Businessman and motorboat racer Italy (Milan)
Reggie Bagala 54 Politician United States (Raceland)
Marc Engels 54 Sound engineer Belgium (Brussels)
Harvey Goldstein 80 Statistician United Kingdom
Ho Kam-ming 94 Martial artist Canada (Toronto)
Theresa M. Korn 93 Engineer and airplane pilot United States (Wenatchee)
Lee Nurse 43 Cricketer United Kingdom (Basingstoke)
Roberto Román Valencia 75 Journalist Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Vitor Sapienza 86 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Dmitri Smirnov 71 Composer United Kingdom (London)
10 April 2020 Rifat Chadirji 93 Architect, photographer, and activist United Kingdom (London)
Frits Flinkevleugel 80 Footballer Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Samuel Hargress II 84 Club owner United States (New York City)
Ceybil Jefferies 57–58 Singer United States (New York City)
Pino van Lamsweerde 79 Director France (Paris)
Michel Lelong 95 Priest France (Paris)
Marianne Lundquist 88 Swimmer Sweden (Stockholm)
Enrique Múgica 88 Politician Spain (Madrid)
Bas Mulder 88 Priest Netherlands (Boxmeer)
Jacob Plange-Rhule 62 Doctor Ghana (Accra)
Ing Yoe Tan 71 Politician Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Iris M. Zavala 83 Author and activist Spain (Madrid)
11 April 2020 Simon Barrington-Ward 89 Bishop United Kingdom
Hélène Châtelain 84 Actress and director France (Paris)
Stanley Chera 77 Real estate executive United States (New York City)
David Cohen 102 Soldier and schoolteacher United States (Longmeadow)
John Horton Conway 82 Mathematician United States (New Brunswick)
Wynn Handman 97 Artistic director United States (New York City)
Gillian Wise 84 Abstract artist France (Chanteloup-les-Vignes)
Pablo Puente Aparicio 74 Architect and university professor Spain (Valladolid)
12 April 2020 Francisco Aritmendi 81 Athlete Spain (Guadalajara)
Brian Arrowsmith 79 Footballer and manager United Kingdom
Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron 79 Chief Rabbi Israel (Jerusalem)
Maurice Barrier 87 Actor and singer France (Montbard)
Claude Beauchamp 80 Journalist, publisher, and political activist Canada (Montreal)
Tim Brooke-Taylor 79 Actor and comedian United Kingdom (Cookham)
Victor Batista Falla 87 Editor and publisher Cuba (Havana)
André Manaranche 93 Priest and theologian France (Lille)
Joel M. Reed 86 Filmmaker and screenwriter United States (New York City)
Jaime Ruiz Sacristán 70 Banker Mexico (Mexico City)
Carlos Seco Serrano 96 Historian Spain (Madrid)
Khalif Mumin Tohow 58 Politician Somalia (Mogadishu)
Samuel Wembé 73 Politician Cameroon (Douala)
Kishen Bholasing 35 Singer and percussionist Netherlands (Amsterdam)
13 April 2020 Baldiri Alavedra 76 Footballer Spain (Gavà)
Gil Bailey 84 Radio broadcaster United States (New York City)
Juan Cotino 70 Politician Spain (Valencia)
Jens Erik Fenstad 84 Mathematician Norway (Bærum)
Jerry Givens 67 Executioner and anti-death penalty advocate United States (Richmond)
Philippe Lécrivain 78 Jesuit priest and historian France (Paris)
Thomas Kunz 81 Biologist United States (Dedham)
Benjamin Levin 93 Partisan and Holocaust survivor United States (New York City)
Sarah Maldoror 90 Filmmaker France (Fontenay-lès-Briis)
Dennis G. Peters 82 Electrochemist United States (Bloomington)
Avrohom Pinter 71 Rabbi and politician United Kingdom (London)
Zafar Sarfraz 50 Cricketer Pakistan (Peshawar)
Javier Santamaría 69 Politician Spain (Valladolid)
Bernard Stalter 63 Politician France (Strasbourg)
José Marroquín Yerovi 76 Priest Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Ann Sullivan 95 Animator United States (Los Angeles)
14 April 2020 Haydar Baş 73 Politician Turkey (Trabzon)
Helen Damico 89 Historian United States (Akron)
Danny Delaney 77 Gaelic footballer and hurler Ireland (Portlaoise)
Aldo di Cillo Pagotto 70 Bishop Brazil (Fortaleza)
Margit Feldman 90 Holocaust survivor United States (Somerset)
William H. Gerdts 91 Art historian United States (White Plains)
Michael Gilkes 86 Writer United Kingdom (London)
Cyril Lawrence 99 Footballer United Kingdom (Farnworth)
Miodrag Lazić 63 Doctor and writer Serbia (Niš)
Maria de Sousa 80 Doctor Portugal (Lisbon)
Ella King Russell Torrey 94 Human rights activist and press officer United States (Philadelphia)
Peter Whiteside 67 Modern pentathlete United Kingdom (Peterborough)
15 April 2020 Adam Alsing 51 Radio and television host Sweden (Stockholm)
Allen Daviau 77 Cinematographer United States (Los Angeles)
Henry Grimes 84 Bassist United States (New York City)
John Houghton 88 Atmospheric physicist United Kingdom (Dolgellau)
Milena Jelinek 84 Screenwriter United States (New York City)
Lee Konitz 92 Musician United States (New York City)
Bruce Myers 78 Actor and comedian France (Paris)
John Pfahl 81 Photographer United States (Buffalo)
Shahin Shahablou 56 Photographer United Kingdom (London)
Gérard Mulumba Kalemba 82 Bishop Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
Augusto Itúrburu 40 Sports journalist Ecuador (Guayaquil)
Ülkü Azrak 86–87 Academic and lawyer Turkey (Istanbul)
16 April 2020 Francesco Di Carlo 79 Mobster and pentito France (Paris)
Jim Fraser 83 American football player United States (Lansdale)
Santiago Lanzuela 71 Politician Spain (Madrid)
Henry Miller 89 Lawyer and jurist United States (Mamaroneck)
Christophe 74 Singer France (Brest)
Luis Sepúlveda 70 Writer Spain (Oviedo)
Glider Ushñahua 51 Politician Peru (Pucallpa)
17 April 2020 Bennie G. Adkins 86 Military officer United States (Opelika)
Norman Hunter 76 Footballer United Kingdom (Leeds)
Abba Kyari 67 Lawyer Nigeria (Lagos)
Giuseppi Logan 84 Musician United States (Queens)
Enrico Comba 63 Historian and anthropologist Italy (Saluzzo)
Iris Love 86 Archaeologist United States (New York City)
Lukman Niode 56 Swimmer Indonesia (Jakarta)
Arlene Saunders 89 Singer United States (New York City)
Matthew Seligman 64 Musician United Kingdom (London)
Gene Shay 85 Disc jockey United States (Wynnewood)
Jesús Vaquero 70 Neurosurgeon Spain (Madrid)
Corrado Lamberti 72 Astrophysicist and science journalist Italy (Gravedona)
18 April 2020 Erik Belfrage 74 Diplomat and businessman Sweden (Stockholm)
Gulshan Ewing 92 Journalist United Kingdom (London)
Martine Crefcoeur 84 Actress Netherlands (Rotterdam)
Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche 78 Lama Italy (Verbania)
Eva Konrad Hawkins 90 Biologist and professor United States (The Bronx)
Sékou Kourouma 65 Politician Guinea (Conakry)
Bob Lazier 81 Racing driver United States (Denver)
Jack Lotz 86 Wrestling referee United States (Yonkers)
Urano Navarrini 74 Footballer and manager Italy (Milan)
Jacques Rosny 81 Actor France (Nogent-sur-Marne)
Emma Weigley 87 Nutritionist United States (South Philadelphia)
19 April 2020 Steve Dalkowski 80 Baseball player United States (New Britain)
Noach Dear 66 Judge United States (Brooklyn)
Terry Doran 80 Pop music manager and music publishing executive United Kingdom (London)
Claude Lafortune 83 Paper sculptor, set designer, and television personality Canada (Longueuil)
Philippe Nahon 81 Actor France (Paris)
Sergio Onofre Jarpa 99 Politician Chile (Las Condes)
Ton van den Heuvel 94 Make-up artist Netherlands (Purmerend)
Alexander Vustin 76 Composer Russia (Moscow)
20 April 2020 Heherson Alvarez 80 Politician Philippines (Manila)
H. G. Carrillo 59 Novelist United States (Washington, D.C.)
Claude Evrard 86 Actor France (Clamart)
Emeterio Gómez 78 Economist Spain (Canary Islands)
Tom Mulholland 84 Gaelic footballer Ireland (Drogheda)
Manjeet Singh Riyat 52 Doctor United Kingdom (Derby)
Josep Sala Mañé 82 Casteller Spain (Vilafranca del Penedès)
Jiří Toman 81 Jurist and professor Switzerland (Geneva)
Gertrude Rwakatare 69 Politician Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)
21 April 2020 Dave Bacuzzi 79 Footballer Ireland (Dublin)
Jonathan Bardon 78 Historian and author United Kingdom (Belfast)
Muhammad Afzal 81 Wrestler United States (New York City)
Belco Bah 62 Politician Mali (Niono)
José María Calleja 64 Political activist Spain (Madrid)
Richard Fenno 93 Political scientist United States (Mount Kisco)
Philip Foglia 69 Lawyer and activist United States (New York City)
Jack Taylor 84 Politician United States (Steamboat Springs)
Donald Kennedy 88 Administrator United States (Redwood City)
Teruyuki Okazaki 88 Karate master United States (Philadelphia)
Joel Rogosin 87 Television producer and writer United States (Woodland Hills)
Jacques Pellen 63 Guitarist France (Brest)
Gerson Peres 88 Politician Brazil (Belém)
Miguel Ángel Troitiño 72–73 Geographer Spain (Madrid)
Koos van den Berg 77 Politician Netherlands (Nunspeet)
Esteban Yáñez 35 Actor, musician, and blogger Spain (Santiago de Compostela)
22 April 2020 El Príncipe Gitano 92 Singer and flamenco dancer Spain (Mandayona)
Samantha Fox 69 Adult actress United States (New York City)
Julian Perry Robinson 78 Chemist United Kingdom
Bootsie Barnes 82 Saxophonist United States (Wynnewood)
23 April 2020 Al Angrisani 70 Author, business consultant, and corporate executive United States (Plainsboro Township)
Peter Gill 89 Golfer United Kingdom (Maidstone)
Fred the Godson 35 Musician United States (The Bronx)
Kumiko Okae 63 Actress, voice actress, and television presenter Japan (Tokyo)
Henk Overgoor 75 Footballer Netherlands (Amsterdam)
24 April 2020 Ebrahim Amini 94 Politician Iran (Qom)
Mike Huckaby 54 Musician United States (Detroit)
Yukio Okamoto 74 Diplomat and diplomatic analyst Japan
Burton Rose 77 Nephrologist United States (Wellesley)
Gerald Slater 86 Public television executive and producer United States (Washington, D.C.)
25 April 2020 Alan Abel 91 Percussionist and music educator United States (Wynnewood)
Peter Brancazio 81 Physics professor United States
Ricardo Brennand 92 Businessman, engineer, and art collector Brazil (Recife)
Henri Kichka 94 Holocaust survivor Belgium (Brussels)
Madeline Kripke 76 Book collector United States (New York City)
Robert Mandell 90 Conductor United Kingdom (Leicester)
Gunnar Seijbold 65 Photographer Sweden (Stockholm)
26 April 2020 Emilio Allué 85 Bishop United States (Boston)
Laura Bernal 64 Diplomat Ireland (Dublin)
Miquéias Fernandes 69 Politician Brazil (Manaus)
John Rowlands 73 Footballer United Kingdom (Holyhead)
Badruddin Shaikh 67 Politician India (Ahmedabad)
Henri Weber 75 Politician France (Avignon)
27 April 2020 Yehudah Jacobs 85 Rabbi United States (Lakewood Township)
James Mahoney 62 Pulmonologist and internist United States (New York City)
Zafar Rasheed Bhatti 70 Journalist Pakistan (Rawalpindi)
Asdrubal Bentes 80 Politician Brazil (Belém)
Yupadee Kobkulboonsiri 51 Jewelry designer United States (Brooklyn)
Francesco Perrone 89 Athlete Italy (Bari)
Troy Sneed 52 Musician United States (Jacksonville)
Chavalit Soemprungsuk 80 Painter, sculptor, and printmaker Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Rana Zoe Mungin 30 Writer and teacher United States (Rochelle Park)
28 April 2020 David Boe 84 Organist United States (Glenview)
Georgianna Glose 74 Nun and activist United States (Brooklyn)
Silas Silvius Njiru 91 Bishop Italy (Rivoli)
Syahrul 59 Politician Indonesia (Tanjung Pinang)
29 April 2020 Germano Celant 80 Art historian, critic, and curator Italy (Milan)
Lenora Garfinkel 89 Architect United States (The Bronx)
Martin Lovett 93 Musician United Kingdom (London)
Dick Lucas 86 American football player United States (Philadelphia)
Richard Ndassa 61 Politician Tanzania (Dodoma)
Noel Walsh 84 Gaelic footballer, manager and administrator Ireland (Ennis)
30 April 2020 Óscar Chávez 85 Singer Mexico (Mexico City)
Alyce Chenault Gullattee 91 Psychiatrist, medical school professor, and activist United States (Rockville)
Jean-Marc Manducher 71 Businessman and sports executive France (Lyon)
Sylvie Vincent 79 Anthropologist and ethnologist Canada (Montreal)
Suleiman Adamu 57 Politician Nigeria (Keffi)
1 May 2020 Yu Lihua 88 Writer United States (Gaithersburg)
África Lorente Castillo 65 Politician Spain (Castelldefels)
Fernando Sandoval 77 Water polo player Brazil (São Paulo)
Gilbert Luis R. Centina III 72 Poet and writer Spain (León)
Augustine Mahiga 74 Politician Tanzania (Dodoma)
2 May 2020 Allah Yar Ansari 77 Politician Pakistan (Sargodha)
Justa Barrios 63 Home care worker and labor organizer United States (Long Branch)
Jim Cross 87 Ice hockey player and coach United States (Savannah)
Jim Henderson 79 Politician Canada (Toronto)
Daniel S. Kemp 83 Organic chemist United States (Concord)
Ralph McGehee 92 Intelligence officer United States (Falmouth)
Munir Mangal 70 Police officer Afghanistan (Kabul)
John Ogilvie 91 Footballer United Kingdom (Leicester)
Meyer Rubin 96 Geologist United States (Manassas)
Ajay Kumar Tripathi 62 Jurist India (New Delhi)
3 May 2020 Dave Greenfield 71 Musician United Kingdom
Ömer Döngeloğlu 52 Theologian Turkey (Başakşehir)
Tendol Gyalzur 69 Humanitarian Switzerland (Chur)
Roy Lester 96 American football player and coach United States (Rockville, MD)
Mohamed Ben Omar 55 Politician Niger (Niamey)
4 May 2020 Aldir Blanc 73 Author and lyricist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Gunnar Larsson 80 Sports administrator Sweden (Gothenburg)
Anna Mohr 75 Archaeologist and LGBT+ activist Sweden (Stockholm)
Motoko Fujishiro Huthwaite 92 Preservationist United States (Westland)
Dragan Vučić 64 Composer and singer North Macedonia (Skopje)
5 May 2020 João Kabeção 47 Skateboarder Brazil (Armação dos Búzios)
Brian Axsmith 57 Paleobotanist and ecology professor United States (Mobile)
Kiing Shooter 27 Rapper United States (New York City)
Ciro Pessoa 62 Singer-songwriter Brazil (São Paulo)
6 May 2020 Jacques Reymond 69 Ski trainer Switzerland
7 May 2020 Princess Diana of Bourbon-Parma 87 Princess Germany (Hamburg)
Ty 47 Rapper United Kingdom (London)
Joyce Davidson 89 Television personality Canada (Toronto)
Antonio González Pacheco 73 Intelligence agent Spain (Madrid)
Daisy Lúcidi 90 Politician, actress, and radio broadcaster Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Joseph Zhu Baoyu 98 Bishop China
8 May 2020 Lúcia Braga 85 Politician Brazil (João Pessoa)
Daniel Cauchy 90 Actor and film producer France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
Jesus Chediak 78 Actor, film director, producer, and writer Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Vicente André Gomes 68 Politician Brazil (Recife)
Dimitris Kremastinos 78 Politician Greece (Athens)
Roy Horn 75 Magician, lion tamer United States (Las Vegas)
Carl Tighe 70 Author and academic United Kingdom
9 May 2020 Johannes Beck 97 Priest and social ethicist Germany (Munich)
Carlos José 85 Singer-songwriter Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Abraham Palatnik 92 Artist and inventor Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
10 May 2020 David Corrêa 82 Singer-songwriter Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Anwarul Kabir Talukdar 76 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Georgia Litwack 98 Photographer and photojournalist United States (Auburndale)
Sérgio Sant'Anna 78 Writer Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Hari Vasudevan 79 Historian India (Kolkata)
Abdikani Mohamed Wa'ays 92 Diplomat Kuwait
Nita Pippins 93 Nurse and activist United States (New York City)
11 May 2020 Alberto Carpani 64 Singer Italy (Portofino)
Ann Katharine Mitchell 97 Cryptanalyst and psychologist United Kingdom (Edinburgh)
12 May 2020 Renée Claude 80 Singer and actress Canada (Montreal)
Morris Hood III 54 Politician United States (Ann Arbor)
Clarence Mini 68 Doctor and AIDS activist South Africa (Johannesburg)
Ernest Vinberg 82 Mathematician Russia (Moscow)
13 May 2020 Afwerki Abraha 71 Diplomat United Kingdom (London)
Anthony Bailey 87 Writer and art historian United Kingdom (Harwich)
Riad Ismat 72 Politician United States (Chicago)
Jean Lau Chin 75 Clinical psychologist United States (Mineola)
Shobushi 28 Sumo wrestler Japan (Tokyo)
Patrick Simon 64 Politician France (Amiens)
Yoshio 70 Singer Mexico (Mexico City)
14 May 2020 Anisuzzaman 83 Writer and activist Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Hans Cohen 97 Microbiologist Netherlands (Bosch en Duin)
Joey Giambra 86 Musician United States (Buffalo)
Sally Rowley 88 Jewelry-maker and civil rights activist United States (Tucson)
15 May 2020 Claes Borgström 75 Lawyer Sweden (Stockholm)
John Palmer 77 Director and playwright Canada (Ottawa)
Olga Savary 86 Writer and literary critic Brazil (Teresópolis)
16 May 2020 Mário Chermont 83 Politician Brazil (Belém)
Wilson Roosevelt Jerman 91 Butler United States (Woodbridge)
Pilar Pellicer 82 Actress Mexico (Mexico City)
Viktor Shudegov 67 Politician Russia (Moscow)
17 May 2020 Wilson Braga 88 Politician Brazil (João Pessoa)
Rafael Fragoso 62 Businessman and sportsman Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Ratnakar Matkari 81 Writer and film producer India (Mumbai)
Ramona Medina 42 Writer and film producer Argentina (Buenos Aires)
18 May 2020 Bill Olner 78 Politician United Kingdom (Nuneaton)
Vincent Malone 88 Bishop United Kingdom (Liverpool)
19 May 2020 Annie Glenn 100 Disability rights advocate United States (Saint Paul)
Ken Nightingall 92 Sound engineer United Kingdom (London)
Gil Vianna 54 Politician Brazil (Campos dos Goytacazes)
20 May 2020 Shaheen Raza 60 Politician Pakistan (Lahore)
Syed Fazal Agha 78 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Denis Farkasfalvy 83 Priest and theologian United States (Irving)
21 May 2020 Mary J. Wilson 83 Zookeeper United States (Randallstown)
Kamrun Nahar Putul 65 Politician Bangladesh (Bogra)
Hugo Ryckeboer 84 Dialectologist Belgium (Oudenaarde)
23 May 2020 Jitendra Nath Pande 78 Doctor India (New Delhi)
24 May 2020 Mukar Cholponbayev 70 Politician Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
Makbul Hossain 70 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Hussain Ahmad Kanjo Politician Pakistan (Kanju)
Dinaldo Wanderley 69 Politician Brazil (João Pessoa)
25 May 2020 Ismail Gamadiid 59–60 Politician Somalia (Mogadishu)
Marv Luster 82 Canadian football player United States (Matthews)
26 May 2020 Samvel Gasparov 81 Film director Russia (Moscow)
Vladimir Lopukhin 68 Politician Russia (Moscow)
27 May 2020 Nicholas Rinaldi 86 Poet and novelist United States (Bridgeport)
Billie Lee Turner 95 Botanist United States (Round Rock)
28 May 2020 David Owen Brooks 65 Convicted murderer United States (Galveston)
Claude Goasguen 45 Politician France (Issy-les-Moulineaux)
Robert M. Laughlin 85 Anthropologist and linguist United States (Arlington County)
Celine Fariala Mangaza 52 Disabilities activist Democratic Republic of the Congo (Bukavu)
Eddie Mosley 73 Serial killer United States (Miami)
29 May 2020 Evaldo Gouveia 91 Singer-songwriter Brazil (Fortaleza)
Célio Taveira 79 Footballer Brazil (João Pessoa)
31 May 2020 Dan van Husen 75 Actor United Kingdom (Ilminster)
1 June 2020 Pat Dye 80 American football player and coach United States (Auburn)
2 June 2020 Jimy Raw 58 Television and radio host Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Ghulam Murtaza Baloch 55 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Chris Trousdale 34 Actor and singer United States (Burbank)
3 June 2020 Shaukat Manzoor Cheema 66 Politician Pakistan (Lahore)
Mian Jamshed Uddin Kakakhel 65 Politician Pakistan (Islamabad)
Adriano Silva 49 Politician Brazil (Cuiabá)
4 June 2020 Fabiana Anastácio 45 Singer Brazil (São Paulo)
Dulce Nunes 90 Actress and singer-songwriter Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
5 June 2020 Carlos Lessa 83 Economist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Antonio Rodríguez de las Heras 72 Historian Spain (Madrid)
6 June 2020 Aslam Qureshi 66 Cricketer Pakistan
Dietmar Seyferth 91 Chemist United States (Lexington)
7 June 2020 Manuel Felguérez 91 Abstract artist Mexico (Mexico City)
Lynika Strozier 35 Biologist United States (Chicago)
8 June 2020 Sardar Dur Muhammad Nasir 61 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Pierre Nkurunziza 55 Politician Burundi (Karuzi)
9 June 2020 Anthony Obiagboso Enukeme 76 Businessman Nigeria
Luis Repetto 66 Museologist and television host Peru (Lima)
Seraphim 51 Bishop Russia (Samara)
10 June 2020 J. Anbazhagan 62 Politician India (Chennai)
Araceli Herrero Figueroa 71 Writer Spain (Lugo)
Haidari Wujodi 80–81 Poet and scholar Afghanistan (Kabul)
12 June 2020 Ali Hadi 53 Footballer Iraq (Baghdad)
13 June 2020 Mohammed Nasim 72 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah 74 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
14 June 2020 Elsa Joubert 97 Writer South Africa (Cape Town)
Pierre Lumbi 70 Politician Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
Aarón Padilla Gutiérrez 77 Footballer Mexico (Guadalajara)
Haroldo Rodas 74 Politician Guatemala (Guatemala City)
Raj Mohan Vohra 88 Military officer India (New Delhi)
Tawfiq al-Yasiri Politician Iraq (Al Diwaniyah)
15 June 2020 Renato de Jesus 57 Politician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
José Gentil Rosa 80 Politician Brazil (Teresina)
Giulio Giorello 75 Philosopher, mathematician, and epistemologist Italy (Milan)
Adebayo Osinowo 64 Politician Nigeria (Lagos)
Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran 69 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
16 June 2020 Haribhau Jawale 67 Politician India (Mumbai)
Paulinho Paiakan 66 Tribal leader Brazil (Redenção)
Edén Pastora 83 Politician Nicaragua (Managua)
17 June 2020 Mário Calixto Filho 73 Politician Brazil (Porto Velho)
Trần Ngọc Châu 96 Military officer and politician United States (Los Angeles)
Dan Foster 61 Radio personality Nigeria (Lagos)
18 June 2020 Mikhail Ignatyev 58 Politician Russia (Saint Petersburg)
19 June 2020 Thandi Mpambo-Sibhukwana Politician South Africa (Cape Town)
20 June 2020 Sylvio Capanema 82 Jurist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Joseph Ferris 85 Politician United States (Brooklyn)
Kamal Lohani 85 Journalist Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Mufti Muhammad Naeem 64 Scholar Pakistan (Karachi)
21 June 2020 Marconi Alencar 81 Politician Brazil (Fortaleza)
Reynaldo Salazar 65 Athlete Mexico (Mexico City)
György Bálint 100 Politician and horticulturist Hungary (Kistarcsa)
Talib Jauhari 80 Islamic scholar Pakistan (Karachi)
Bernardino Piñera 104 Archbishop Chile (Santiago)
Ahmed Radhi 56 Footballer Iraq (Baghdad)
Ken Snow 50 Footballer United States (Port Huron)
23 June 2020 Jean-Michel Bokamba-Yangouma 80 Politician Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)
Arthur Keaveney 68 Historian (classicist) Ireland
Jampel Lodoy 44 Lama Russia (Kyzyl)
24 June 2020 Bernaldina José Pedro 75 Tribal leader Brazil (Boa Vista)
Mohammed Yaseen Mohammed 57 Weightlifter Sweden (Örebro)
25 June 2020 Abiola Ajimobi 70 Politician Nigeria (Lagos)
Papaléo Paes 67 Politician Brazil (Macapá)
26 June 2020 Munawar Hasan 78 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Félix de Almeida Mendonça 92 Politician Brazil (Salvador)
Faqir Nabi 67 Actor Afghanistan (Kabul)
27 June 2020 Antonio Cuenco 84 Politician Philippines (Cebu City)
Ilija Petković 74 Footballer and coach Serbia (Belgrade)
28 June 2020 Nasir Ajanah 64 Judge Nigeria (Gwagwalada)
Md. Shahjahan Ali Talukder 65 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
29 June 2020 Abdullah al Mohsin Chowdhury 57 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
1 July 2020 José-Itamar de Freitas 85 Journalist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie 63 Politician Ghana (Accra)
Santiago Manuin Valera 63 Indigenous leader Peru (Chiclayo)
Eurídice Moreira 81 Politician Brazil (João Pessoa)
2 July 2020 Wahab Adegbenro 65 Doctor Nigeria
Wanderley Mariz 79 Politician Brazil (Natal)
3 July 2020 Scott Erskine 57 Serial killer United States (San Quentin)
Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov 57 Wrestler Russia (Moscow)
4 July 2020 Bhakti Charu Swami 74 Spiritual teacher United States (Florida City)
Brandis Kemp 76 Actress United States (Los Angeles)
T. M. Giasuddin Ahmed 83 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
5 July 2020 Ragaa Al Geddawy 85 Actress Egypt (Ismailia)
Antônio Bivar 81 Author and playwright Brazil (São Paulo)
Mário Coelho 84 Bullfighter Portugal (Vila Franca de Xira)
Nick Cordero 41 Actor and singer United States (Los Angeles)
Ayatullah Durrani 64 Politician Pakistan (Quetta)
Mahendra Yadav 70 Politician India (New Delhi)
6 July 2020 Inuwa Abdulkadir 54 Politician Nigeria (Sokoto)
Suresh Amonkar 68 Politician India (Panaji)
Domingos Mãhörõ 60 Activist and cacique Brazil (Cuiabá)
Julio Jimenez 55 Politician Bolivia (Cochabamba)
Gordon Kegakilwe 53 Politician South Africa (Klerksdorp)
Chynybaĭ Tursunbekov 59 Politician Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
7 July 2020 Hernán Alemán 65 Politician Colombia (Bogotá)
8 July 2020 Ricardo Mthembu 50 Politician South Africa (KwaDukuza)
Noloyiso Sandile 56 Regent of the Royal House of the AmaRharhabe South Africa (Mdantsane)
Howard Schoenfield 62 Tennis player United States (South Beach)
Houshang Seddigh 72 Military commander Iran (Tehran)
9 July 2020 Agustín Alezzo 84 Theater director Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Marlene Catzín Cih 66 Politician Mexico (Mérida)
Sahara Khatun 77 Politician Thailand (Bangkok)
Mohamed Kouradji 68 Football referee Algeria (Constantine)
10 July 2020 Corra Dirksen 82 Rugby player South Africa (Vereeniging)
Ghaida Kambash 46 Politician Iraq (Baghdad)
Cosmas Magaya 66 Musician Zimbabwe (Harare)
12 July 2020 Raymundo Capetillo 76 Actor Mexico (Mexico City)
Nelson Meurer 77 Politician Brazil (Francisco Beltrão)
Mandela Kapere 38 Politician Namibia
Alfred Mtsi 69 Politician South Africa (East London)
Tapan Ghosh 67 Politician India (Kolkata)
13 July 2020 Hasan al-Lawzi 68 Politician Egypt (Cairo)
Gerardo Juraci Campelo Leite 88 Politician Brazil (Teresina)
Luis Arias Graziani 94 Politician Peru (Lima)
Nurul Islam Babul 74 Businessman Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Kenneth Church 60 Jockey United States (Reno)
Zindzi Mandela 59 Diplomat South Africa (Johannesburg)
14 July 2020 Muhammad Mohaiminul Islam 78 Military officer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Caesar Korolenko 86 Psychiatrist Russia (Novosibirsk)
Benjamin Rabenorolahy 80 Politician Madagascar (Antananarivo)
Stephen Susman 79 Attorney United States (Houston)
15 July 2020 Sayed Haider 94 Physician and cultural activist Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Eugenio Scarpellini 66 Bishop Bolivia (El Alto)
Younus Soomro 75 Politician Pakistan
16 July 2020 Patrick Ellis 77 Radio personality United States (Annapolis)
Cornelius Mwalwanda 75 Politician Malawi (Lilongwe)
Elmer Pato 66 Taekwondo practitioner Philippines
Pamela Rush 49 Poet and civil rights activist United States (Selma)
Neela Satyanarayanan 72 Author and civil servant India (Mumbai)
Víctor Víctor 71 Singer-songwriter Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
17 July 2020 José Paulo de Andrade 78 Journalist Brazil (São Paulo)
Moussa Benhamadi 67 Politician Algeria (Bordj Bou Arréridj)
Angela von Nowakonski 67 Physician Brazil (Campinas)
18 July 2020 Charles Bukeko 58 Actor and comedian Kenya (Nairobi)
Katherine B. Hoffman 105 Chemist United States (Tallahassee)
Martha Mmola Politician South Africa
Jaybee Sebastian 40 Convicted gang leader Philippines (Muntinlupa)
David Romero Ellner 65 Politician and convicted rapist Honduras (Tegucigalpa)
Henrique Soares da Costa 57 Bishop Brazil (Recife)
19 July 2020 César Salinas 58 Football administrator Bolivia (La Paz)
Margaret Waterchief 88 Tribal elder Canada (Strathmore)
20 July 2020 Ruth Lewis 77 Nun Pakistan (Karachi)
Jorge Villavicencio 62 Politician Guatemala (Guatemala City)
Muhammad Aslam 73 Jurist Pakistan (Rawalpindi)
21 July 2020 Dobby Dobson 78 Singer and record producer United States (Coral Springs)
Lalji Tandon 85 Politician India (Lucknow)
22 July 2020 Eulogius 83 Bishop Russia (Moscow)
23 July 2020 Hassan Brijany 59 Actor Sweden
24 July 2020 Claudio Zupo 35 Judoka Mexico (Sonora)
25 July 2020 Steve dePyssler 101 Military officer United States (Bossier City)
José Mentor 71 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Božidar Milenković 66 Footballer and coach Serbia (Belgrade)
Helen Jones Woods 96 Musician United States (Sarasota)
Md Shahidullah Military officer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
26 July 2020 Alireza Raheb 53 Poet Iran (Tehran)
27 July 2020 Israfil Alam 54 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Felicia F. Campbell 89 Lecturer United States (Las Vegas)
AKM Amanul Islam Chowdhury 83 Political advisor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Frank Howard 81 Politician United States (Alexandria)
Rodrigo Rodrigues 45 Television host, writer, and musician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
28 July 2020 Badr al-Zamān Qarīb 90 Linguist Iran (Tehran)
29 July 2020 Salko Bukvarević 53 Politician Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Sheikh Md. Nurul Haque 79 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Hernán Pinto 67 Politician Chile (Viña del Mar)
Perrance Shiri 65 Politician and military leader Zimbabwe (Harare)
30 July 2020 Herman Cain 74 Businessman, writer, and political activist United States (Stockbridge)
31 July 2020 Bill Mack 88 Singer, songwriter, and radio host United States (Irving)
Zamuxolo Peter 55 Politician South Africa (Makhanda)
Musa Yerniyazov 72 Politician Uzbekistan (Nukus)
1 August 2020 Pydikondala Manikyala Rao 58 Politician India (Vijayawada)
Khosrow Sinai 79 Film director Iran (Tehran)
2 August 2020 Gregory Areshian 71 Archeologist and historian Armenia (Yerevan)
Kamal Rani Varun 62 Politician India (Lucknow)
Tootie Robbins 62 American football player United States (Chandler)
Umesh Dastane 63 Cricketer India
Satyanarayan Singh 77 Politician India (Patna)
3 August 2020 ATM Alamgir 70 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Dani Anwar 52 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
Mohammad Barkatullah 76 Television producer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Homayoun Reza Atardi 50 Musician, film and television producer Iran (Tehran)
4 August 2020 Sunnam Rajaiah 59 Politician India (Vijayawada)
Dick Goddard 89 Meteorologist United States (Florida)
5 August 2020 Gésio Amadeu 73 Actor Brazil (São Paulo)
Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar 88 Politician India (Pune)
Aritana Yawalapiti 71 Indigenous rights activist, cacique, and ecologist Brazil (Goiânia)
6 August 2020 Shyamal Chakraborty 76 Politician India (Kolkata)
7 August 2020 Ramadhan Seif Kajembe 98 Politician Kenya
Lungile Pepeta 46 Paediatric cardiologist South Africa (Bizana)
Nina Popova 97 Dancer United States (St. Augustine)
Ángela Salazar 66 Activist Colombia (Apartadó)
Stephen F. Williams 83 Judge United States (Washington, D.C.)
8 August 2020 Bernard Fils-Aimé 67 Entrepreneur and activist United States (Miami)
Buruji Kashamu 62 Politician Nigeria (Lagos)
Alfredo Lim 90 Politician Philippines (Manila)
Nandi Yellaiah 78 Politician India (Hyderabad)
9 August 2020 Kamala 70 Professional wrestler United States (Oxford)
Andréia de Olicar 44 Singer and composer Brazil (Itaocara)
10 August 2020 Nadjmi Adhani 50 Politician Indonesia (Banjarbaru)
11 August 2020 Sixto Brillantes 80 Election lawyer Philippines (Manila)
Rahat Indori 70 Lyricist and painter India (Indore)
Trini Lopez 83 Singer and actor United States (Palm Springs)
12 August 2020 Mac Jack 55 Politician South Africa (Kimberley)
Gulsaira Momunova 82 Journalist Kyrgyzstan
13 August 2020 Frank Brew 92 Australian rules footballer Australia
Gulnazar Keldi 74 Lyricist and poet Tajikistan (Dushanbe)
Darío Vivas 70 Politician Venezuela (Caracas)
14 August 2020 Surendra Prakash Goel 74 Politician India (Delhi)
Moisés Mamani 50 Politician Peru (Lima)
15 August 2020 Murtaja Baseer 87 Painter Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Vimala Sharma 93 First Lady of India India (Bhopal)
16 August 2020 Chetan Chauhan 73 Politician and cricketer India (Gurgaon)
Esther Morales 70 First Lady of Bolivia Bolivia (Oruro)
Caio Narcio 33 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
17 August 2020 Elsimar M. Coutinho 90 Doctor Brazil (São Paulo)
Chaim Dov Keller 90 Rabbi United States (Chicago)
18 August 2020 Amvrosius Parashkevov 78 Bishop Bulgaria (Silistra)
Azizur Rahman 76 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
20 August 2020 Frank Cullotta 81 Mobster and movie consultant United States (Las Vegas)
22 August 2020 Ahmed Badouj 70 Actor and film director Morocco (Agadir)
John Bangsund 81 Science fiction fan Australia (Preston)
Karim Kamalov 66 Politician Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Conny Nxumalo 53 Social worker South Africa (Pretoria)
23 August 2020 Charles Stuart Bowyer 86 Astronomer and academic United States (Orinda)
24 August 2020 Sálvio Dino 88 Politician Brazil (São Luís)
Touriya Jabrane 67 Politician Morocco (Casablanca)
25 August 2020 Ruhollah Hosseinian 64 Politician Iran (Tehran)
26 August 2020 Oscar Cruz 85 Bishop Philippines (San Juan)
Dirk Mudge 92 Politician Namibia (Windhoek)
27 August 2020 James E. Humphreys 80 Mathematician United States (Leeds)
William Neikirk 82 Journalist United States (Arlington County)
Masud Yunus 68 Politician Indonesia (Mojokerto)
28 August 2020 H. Vasanthakumar 70 Politician India (Chennai)
29 August 2020 S. I. Padmavati 103 Cardiologist India (New Delhi)
30 August 2020 Cecilia Romo 74 Actress Mexico (Mexico City)
Ricardo Valderrama Fernández 75 Politician and anthropologist Peru (Cusco)
Katyayani Shankar Bajpai 92 Diplomat India
31 August 2020 Pranab Mukherjee 84 Politician India (New Delhi)
Tom Seaver 75 Baseball player United States (Calistoga)
2 September 2020 Datta Ekbote 84 Activist India (Pune)
M. J. Appaji Gowda 69 Politician India (Shimoga)
Rinat Ibragimov 59 Musician United Kingdom (London)
Agustín Roberto Radrizzani 75 Bishop Argentina (Junín)
3 September 2020 Antônio de Jesus Dias 78 Politician Brazil (Goiás)
Ramón Silva Bahamondes 76 Singer and radio host Chile (Viña del Mar)
Bill Pursell 94 Composer United States (Nashville)
Ahmed Al-Qadri 64 Politician Syria (Damascus)
Nestor Soriano 67 Sailor Philippines
4 September 2020 Lloyd Cadena 26 Vlogger Philippines (Muntinlupa)
Joe Williams 85 Politician New Zealand (Auckland)
5 September 2020 Abu Osman Chowdhury 84 Military officer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Johnny Bakshi 88 Film director and producer India (Mumbai)
Jiří Menzel 82 Film director, actor, and screenwriter Czech Republic (Prague)
6 September 2020 Sterling Magee 84 Musician United States (Pinellas Park)
Bruce Williamson 49 Singer United States (Las Vegas)
7 September 2020 Aurelio Iragorri Hormaza 83 Politician Colombia (Bogotá)
8 September 2020 Bernardita Ramos 76 Politician Philippines (Sorsogon)
9 September 2020 Marcos Montero 55 Television and radio host Bolivia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra)
Henrietta Boggs 102 First Lady of Costa Rica United States (Montgomery)
Yopie Latul 67 Singer Indonesia (East Jakarta)
KS Firoz 74 Actor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
11 September 2020 Nadhim Shaker 61 Footballer and manager Iraq (Erbil)
Toots Hibbert 77 Musician and singer Jamaica (Kingston)
12 September 2020 Joaquín Carbonell 73 Singer-songwriter, journalist and poet Spain (Zaragoza)
Carlos Casamiquela 72 Politician Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Azmi Mohamed Megahed 70 Volleyball player Egypt (Cairo)
13 September 2020 Ajit Das 71 Actor, director, and playwright India (Bhubaneswar)
Raghuvansh Prasad Singh 74 Politician India (New Delhi)
K. Thangavel 68 Politician India (Coimbatore)
Parrerito 67 Singer Brazil (Belo Horizonte)
14 September 2020 Sadek Bachchu 65 Actor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Florent Pereira 67 Journalist and film actor India (Chennai)
Chanesh Ram Rathiya 78 Politician India (Raigarh)
15 September 2020 Miguel Acundo González 58 Politician Mexico (Puebla)
Momčilo Krajišnik 75 Politician and convicted war criminal Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka)
Faith Alupo 36 Politician Uganda (Kampala)
16 September 2020 P. R. Krishna Kumar 68 Doctor India (Coimbatore)
Nick Mourouzis 83 American football player and coach United States (Greencastle)
Balli Durga Prasad Rao 64 Politician India (Chennai)
Saefullah 56 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
17 September 2020 Donald Keith Duncan 80 Politician Jamaica (Kingston)
Ashok Gasti 55 Politician India (Bangalore)
Liladhar Vaghela 85 Politician India
18 September 2020 Asit Bandopadhyay 84 Dramatist, screenwriter, and actor India (Kolkata)
19 September 2020 David Cook 76 Politician United Kingdom (Portadown)
20 September 2020 Uktam Barnoev 56 Politician Germany
Gerardo Vera 73 Costume and set designer, director, and actor Spain (Madrid)
21 September 2020 Hamdi Benani 77 Singer and musician Algeria (Annaba)
Tommy DeVito 92 Musician United States (Las Vegas)
22 September 2020 Rajendra Devlekar 54 Politician India (Mumbai)
Ashutosh Mohunta 67 Politician India (Mohali)
Muharram 52 Politician Indonesia (Balikpapan)
Gopal Singh Rawat 62 Politician India (Rishikesh)
Ashalata Wabgaonkar 79 Actress India (Satara)
23 September 2020 Vakha Agaev 67 Politician Russia (Moscow)
Suresh Angadi 65 Politician India (New Delhi)
G. P. Venkidu 85 Politician India (Coimbatore)
24 September 2020 Sekhar Basu 68 Scientist India (Kolkata)
B. Narayan Rao 65 Politician India (Manipal)
25 September 2020 S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 74 Musician, dubbing artist, and film producer India (Chennai)
26 September 2020 Abdul Mahdi Hadi 74 Footballer and manager Iraq (Basra)
Jay Johnstone 74 Baseball player and commentator United States (Los Angeles)
27 September 2020 Mahbubey Alam 71 Lawyer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
28 September 2020 Rubén Anguiano 64 Footballer Mexico
29 September 2020 Rebecca Cryer 73 Judge United States (Norman)
Mamu Ram Gonder 70 Politician India (Panchkula)
Mirza Shahi 70 Actor and comedian Pakistan (Karachi)
30 September 2020 Ali Bozer 95 Politician Turkey (Ankara)
Viktor Nikitin 59 Writer Russia (Voronezh)
João Peixoto 75 Politician Brazil (Campos dos Goytacazes)
1 October 2020 Adi Darma 60 Politician Indonesia (Bontang)
2 October 2020 Fadma Abi Surgeon and lecturer Morocco
3 October 2020 Haji Hussain Ansari 73 Politician India (Ranchi)
4 October 2020 Giovanni D'Alise 72 Bishop Italy (Caserta)
Pradeep Maharathy 65 Politician India (Bhubaneswar)
Mordechai Yissachar Ber Leifer 64 Rabbi Israel (Netanya)
Ibnu Saleh 58 Politician Indonesia (Pangkal Pinang)
Kenzō Takada 81 Fashion designer France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
5 October 2020 Rasheed Masood 73 Politician and convicted fraudster India (Saharanpur)
David Andahl 55 Politician United States
6 October 2020 Suleiman Mahmoud 71 Military leader Libya (Tripoli)
7 October 2020 Kailash Chandra Trivedi 65 Politician India
8 October 2020 Miguel Giubergia 67 Politician Argentina (Palpalá)
Jan Szarek 84 Bishop Poland (Cieszyn)
9 October 2020 David Refael ben-Ami 70 Singer Israel (Jerusalem)
10 October 2020 Amnon Freidberg 75 Entomologist Israel (Tel Aviv)
Suresh Gore 55 Politician India (Pune)
Priscilla Jana 76 Politician and diplomat South Africa (Pretoria)
11 October 2020 Hugo Arana 77 Actor Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Mirza Mazharul Islam 93 Doctor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
12 October 2020 C. M. Chang 78 Politician India (Kohima)
Sarat Kumar Kar 81 Politician India (Bhubaneswar)
Yehoshua Kenaz 83 Novelist Israel (Petah Tikva)
José de Oliveira Fernandes 76 Politician Brazil
14 October 2020 Lance Carson 74 Politician United States (Mitchell)
Fred Dean 68 American football player United States (West Monroe)
15 October 2020 Antonio Ángel Algora Hernando 80 Bishop Spain (Madrid)
Danil Khalimov 42 Wrestler Russia (Yekaterinburg)
Warren Mitchell 87 Basketball player and coach United States (Midlothian)
Alfons Verplaetse 90 Banker Belgium (Bonheiden)
P. Vetrivel 60 Politician India (Chennai)
16 October 2020 Pradip Ghosh 78 Elocutionist India (Kolkata)
Itzhak Ilan 64 Security agent Israel (Petah Tikva)
Kapil Deo Kamat 69 Politician India (Patna)
17 October 2020 Pollycarpus Priyanto 59 Convicted murderer Indonesia (Jakarta)
Ryszard Ronczewski 90 Actor Poland (Sopot)
18 October 2020 Stanisław Kogut 66 Politician Poland (Gorlice)
Ilana Rovina 86 Singer Israel (Tel Aviv)
19 October 2020 Jana Andresíková 79 Actress Czech Republic (Mělník)
Enzo Mari 88 Designer Italy (Novara)
20 October 2020 John Condrone 59 Wrestler and singer-songwriter United States (Maryville)
Dariusz Gnatowski 59 Actor Poland (Kraków)
Lea Vergine 84 Art historian Italy (Milan)
Bogdan Józef Wojtuś 83 Bishop Poland (Poznań)
21 October 2020 Arolde de Oliveira 83 Politician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Peter Secchia 83 Diplomat United States (Grand Rapids)
22 October 2020 Naini Narshimha Reddy 86 Politician India (Hyderabad)
23 October 2020 Yehuda Barkan 75 Film producer, actor, and screenwriter Israel (Jerusalem)
24 October 2020 Joel Molina Ramírez 77 Politician Mexico (Tlaxcala City)
Pavel Syrchin 62 Weightlifter Russia (Perm)
25 October 2020 Johnny Leeze 78 Actor United Kingdom (Grimsby)
Katalin Korinthus 67 Politician Hungary
Mahesh Kanodia 83 Politician India (Gandhinagar)
Jean Matouk 83 Economist and banker France (Nîmes)
26 October 2020 Csaba Kelemen 67 Actor, stage manager, and politician Hungary (Miskolc)
27 October 2020 Shaban Bantariza 56–57 Colonel Uganda (Mulago)
A. K. M. Mosharraf Hossain 83 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Naresh Kanodia 77 Actor and politician India (Ahmedabad)
Daniel Kopál 49 Chef, radio and television presenter, and author Czech Republic (České Budějovice)
Jan Niemiec 62 Bishop Poland (Łańcut)
28 October 2020 Bobby Ball 76 Comedian United Kingdom (Blackpool)
Miguel Ángel Castellini 73 Boxer Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Gurgen Egiazaryan 72 Politician Armenia (Yerevan)
Anatoliy Fedorchuk 60 Politician Ukraine (Boryspil)
Jan Krawiec 101 Political activist, historian, and journalist United States (Chicago)
Mohamed Melehi 83 Painter France (Boulogne-Billancourt)
Pino Scaccia 74 Journalist Italy (Rome)
29 October 2020 Valeriy Babych 67 Politician Ukraine (Kyiv)
Sukumar Hansda 63 Politician India (Kolkata)
Pablo Lozano 88 Bullfighter and rancher Spain (Madrid)
Keshubhai Patel 92 Politician India (Ahmedabad)
Felix Malyarenko 69 Writer Russia
Karim Akbari Mobarakeh 67 Actor and film director Iran (Tehran)
Ulfat Mustafin 61 Politician Russia (Moscow)
Yuri Ponomarev 74 Politician Russia (Petrozavodsk)
H. Tati Santiesteban 85 Politician United States (El Paso)
Alexander Vedernikov 56 Conductor Russia (Moscow)
30 October 2020 Rick Baldwin 67 Baseball player United States (Modesto)
Amfilohije Radović 82 Bishop Montenegro (Podgorica)
Elnorita Tugung Politician Philippines (Sorsogon)
31 October 2020 R. Doraikkannu 72 Politician India (Chennai)
Arturo Lona Reyes 94 Bishop Mexico (Lagunas)
Barbara Ann Rowan 82 Attorney United States (Arlington County)
1 November 2020 Hryhoriy Arshynov 59 Civil engineer and activist Ukraine
Burhan Kuzu 65 Politician Turkey (Istanbul)
Nikolay Maksyuta 73 Politician Russia (Moscow)
Mario Pereyra 77 Radio host Argentina (Córdoba)
2 November 2020 Roy Edwards 66 Politician United States (Casper)
Bhagirathi Majhi 66 Politician India (Baripada)
Oscar W. McConkie Jr. 94 Politician United States (Salt Lake City)
Satish Prasad Singh 84 Politician India (Delhi)
3 November 2020 Irvin Baxter Jr. 75 Preacher United States
Dharshibhai Khanpura 80 Politician India (Ahmedabad)
Václav Zelený 84 Botanist Czech Republic
4 November 2020 Lakhdar Bouregaa 87 Independentist militant Algeria (El Biar)
Sead Gološ 51 Architect Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
John Meyer 78 American football player United States (Chicago)
Moncef Ouannes 63–64 Sociologist Tunisia (Tunis)
Jan Vrba 83 Politician Czech Republic
5 November 2020 Jean-Michel Boris 87 Artistic director France (Paris)
Alan Cairns 80 Pastor, author, and broadcaster United Kingdom (Ballymoney)
Reynaert 65 Singer Belgium (Seraing)
Géza Szőcs 67 Politician and poet Hungary (Budapest)
Jean-Pierre Vincent 78 Theatrical actor and director France (Mallemort)
Gordon Van Wylen 100 Physicist United States (Holland)
6 November 2020 Luis Alberto Ammann 77 Journalist Argentina
Andrzej Owczarek 70 Politician Poland (Łódź)
Jim Radford 92 Activist and singer United Kingdom (London)
Fernando Solanas 84 Politician and filmmaker France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
7 November 2020 Vasile Gherasim 70 Politician Romania (Bucharest)
Anicetus Bongsu Antonius Sinaga 79 Bishop Indonesia (Medan)
8 November 2020 Víctor Valencia de los Santos 61 Politician Mexico (Ciudad Juárez)
9 November 2020 Marco Santagata 73 Academic and writer Italy (Pisa)
Eleanor Schano 88 Journalist United States (Pittsburgh)
Shkëlqim Troplini 54 Wrestler Albania (Durrës)
10 November 2020 Saeb Erekat 65 Politician Israel (Jerusalem)
Renzo Gattegna 80 Lawyer Italy (Rome)
Luis Ibero 71 Politician Spain (Pamplona)
Isidro Pedraza Chávez 61 Politician Mexico (Pachuca)
Sven Wollter 86 Actor, writer, and political activist Sweden (Luleå)
11 November 2020 Mongameli Bobani 52 Politician South Africa
12 November 2020 William T. Beaver 87 Medical researcher and educator United States (Leesburg)
Kanybek Isakov 51 Politician Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
Surendra Singh Jeena 50 Politician India (New Delhi)
Nelly Kaplan 89 Writer Switzerland (Geneva)
Lynn Kellogg 77 Singer and actress United States (St. Louis)
Leonid Potapov 85 Politician Russia (Ulan-Ude)
Arjun Prajapati 63 Pottery artist India (Jaipur)
Jerry Rawlings 73 Politician Ghana (Accra)
Waqar Ahmed Seth 59 Judge Pakistan (Islamabad)
13 November 2020 Jam Madad Ali Khan 57 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Peter Sutcliffe 74 Serial killer United Kingdom (Durham)
Andrzej Prawda 69 Football manager Poland
Attila Horváth 53 Athlete Hungary (Szombathely)
Jim Pace 59 Racing driver United States (Memphis)
Henry Slaughter 93 Singer-songwriter and pianist United States (Nashville)
Philip Voss 84 Actor United Kingdom (Watford)
14 November 2020 János Gróz 49 Handball coach Hungary
Abu Hena 81 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Lindy McDaniel 84 Baseball player United States (Carrollton, TX)
Hasan Muratović 80 Politician Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Kay Wiestål 80 Footballer and entrepreneur Sweden
15 November 2020 Chandrawati 92 Politician India (Rohtak)
Soumitra Chatterjee 85 Actor India (Kolkata)
Henrique Córdova 81 Politician Brazil (Lages)
Anto Kovačević 68 Politician Croatia (Zagreb)
Leon Claire Metz 90 Historian United States (El Paso)
Ioannis Tassias 62 Bishop Greece (Thessaloniki)
16 November 2020 Eddie Borysewicz 81 Cycling coach Poland (Drezdenko)
Eric Hall 73 Football and music agent United Kingdom
17 November 2020 Camille Bonnet 102 Rugby union player France (Valence)
Stanisław Dulias 81 Politician Poland (Mysłowice)
Willy Kuijpers 83 Politician Belgium (Leuven)
Roman Viktyuk 84 Theater director, actor, and screenwriter Russia (Moscow)
18 November 2020 Alexander Dubyanskiy 79 Scholar Russia (Moscow)
Michel Robin 90 Actor France (Rambouillet)
Juan Roldán 63 Boxer Argentina (San Francisco, Córdoba)
Firsat Sofi 42 Politician Turkey (Ankara)
19 November 2020 Sebouh Chouldjian 61 Bishop Armenia (Yerevan)
Reşit Karabacak 66 Wrestler Turkey (Bursa)
Ramsay G. Najjar 68 Businessman and writer Lebanon (Beirut)
20 November 2020 Fazlul Haque Montu 71 Union leader Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Irinej 90 Bishop Serbia (Belgrade)
Rita Sargsyan 58 First Lady of Armenia Armenia (Yerevan)
21 November 2020 Donal Leace 81 Singer United States (Washington, D.C.)
Khalil el-Moumni 79 Imam Morocco (Oujda)
Artemije Radosavljević 85 Bishop Serbia (Valjevo)
22 November 2020 Muharrem Fejzo 87 Film director Albania
Mncedisi Filtane Politician South Africa
Edgar García 60 Bullfighter Colombia (Pereira)
Honestie Hodges 14 Police reformer United States (Grand Rapids)
Elena Hrenova 70 Politician Moldova (Chișinău)
David Maas 57 Magician United States (Chicago)
George Nock 74 American football player United States (Snellville)
Jerrold Post 86 Psychiatrist and author United States (Bethesda)
23 November 2020 Dorothy Gill Barnes 93 Artist United States (Columbus)
Vinicio Bernardini 94 Politician Italy (Pisa)
Admir Džubur 56 Businessman and football administrator Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Marco Virgilio Ferrari 87 Bishop Italy (Cassano Magnago)
Tarun Gogoi 86 Politician India (Guwahati)
Nikola Spasov 61 Footballer and manager Bulgaria (Montana)
Viktor Zimin 58 Politician Russia (Moscow)
Tamás Böröndi 65 Actor and theatre manager Hungary (Budapest)
24 November 2020 João Alves Filho 79 Politician Brazil (Brasília)
Juan de Dios Castro Lozano 78 Politician Mexico
Yves Vander Cruysen 57 Historian and political activist Belgium (Waterloo)
Kambuzia Partovi 65 Film director and screenwriter Iran (Tehran)
Fred Sasakamoose 86 Ice hockey player Canada (Prince Albert)
Hussein Al-Zuhairi Politician Lebanon
25 November 2020 Marc-André Bédard 85 Politician Canada (Saguenay)
Muhammad Jadam Mangrio 63 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
José Manuel Mireles Valverde 62 Doctor Mexico (Morelia)
Ahmed Patel 71 Politician India (Bharuch)
26 November 2020 Fecó Balázs 69 Singer and composer Hungary (Budapest)
George H. Carley 82 Judge United States (Atlanta)
Balfre Vargas Cortez 61 Politician Mexico (Mexico City)
Cecilia Fusco 87 Singer Italy (Latisana)
Vladimir Ivanov 65 Athlete Bulgaria (Sofia)
Sadiq al-Mahdi 84 Politician United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
Hafez Abu Seada 55 Politician Egypt (Cairo)
Mridula Sinha 77 Politician India (Delhi)
Nur Supriyanto 55 Politician Indonesia (Bekasi)
Kamen Tchanev 56 Singer Bulgaria (Stara Zagora)
Dadang Wigiarto 53 Politician Indonesia
27 November 2020 Gene Fraise 88 Politician United States (West Burlington)
Parviz Poorhosseini 79 Actor Iran (Tehran)
Aly Zaker 76 Businessman, writer, actor, and director Bangladesh (Dhaka)
28 November 2020 Bharat Bhalke 60 Politician India
Shahadat Hossain Khan 62 Sarod player Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Roberto Leitão 83 Martial artist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Tyler C. Lockett 87 Judge United States (Topeka)
David Prowse 85 Actor, bodybuilder, and weightlifter United Kingdom (London)
Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber 83 Journalist France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
29 November 2020 Miša Aleksić 67 Musician Serbia (Belgrade)
Ben Bova 88 Writer United States (Naples)
Marco Dino Brogi 88 Bishop Italy (Florence)
Vladimir Fortov 74 Scientist Russia (Moscow)
Ernesto Galli 75 Footballer and coach Italy (Campiglia dei Berici)
Nedal Abu Tabaq 49 Imam and doctor Poland (Lublin)
Ayhan Ulubelen 89 Analytical chemist Turkey
Richard C. West 76 Scholar United States (Madison, WI)
30 November 2020 Irina Antonova 98 Art historian Russia (Moscow)
Hella Brock 101 Teacher and musicologist Germany (Dippoldiswalde)
Liliane Juchli 87 Nurse and author Switzerland (Bern)
Kiran Maheshwari 59 Politician India (Gurgaon)
Muhammad Adil Siddiqui 57 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Hassan Zare Dehnavi 64 Judge Iran (Tehran)
1 December 2020 Hasna Begum 85 Philosopher Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Abhay Bharadwaj 66 Politician India (Chennai)
Nomula Narsimhaiah 64 Politician India (Hyderabad)
Timoteo Ofrasio 72 Jesuit priest and liturgist Philippines (San Pablo)
Arnie Robinson 72 Athlete United States (San Diego)
Sol Tolchinsky 91 Basketball player Canada (Montreal)
2 December 2020 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 94 Politician France (Authon)
Franco Giraldi 89 Director and screenwriter Italy (Trieste)
Alfred Kucharczyk 83 Gymnast Poland
Aldo Moser 86 Racing cyclist Italy (Trento)
Boris Plotnikov 71 Actor Russia (Moscow)
Karim Salman 55 Footballer and coach Iraq (Baghdad)
3 December 2020 Dadang Hawari 80 Psychiatrist Indonesia (Jakarta)
Adil Ismayilov 63 Lawyer, jurist, and investigator Azerbaijan (Baku)
Ron Mathewson 76 Bassist United Kingdom (London)
4 December 2020 Peter DiFronzo 87 Mobster United States (North Barrington)
Larry Dixon 78 Politician United States (Montgomery)
Tony Gershlick 69 Cardiologist United Kingdom
Bassam Saba 62 Musician Lebanon (Beirut)
Huba Rozsnyai 77 Athlete Hungary (Budapest)
Suhaila Siddiq 71 Politician Afghanistan (Kabul)
Ferenc Tóth 69 Politician Hungary (Szekszárd)
5 December 2020 Anusuya Prasad Maikhuri 59 Politician India
Henryk Kukier 90 Boxer Poland
Martin Sandoval 56 Politician United States (Maywood)
Suhail Zaheer Lari 84 Author Pakistan (Karachi)
6 December 2020 Jairo Castillo 31 Baseball player and scout Dominican Republic
Muslihan DS 74 Politician Indonesia (Bengkulu)
Jacques Puisais 93 Oenologist France (Saint-Benoît-la-Forêt)
7 December 2020 İrfan Gürpınar 77 Politician Turkey (Ankara)
Divya Bhatnagar 34 Actress India (Mumbai)
Phyllis Eisenstein 74 Author United States (Chicago)
Walter Hooper 89 Literary editor United Kingdom (Oxford)
Dawn Lindberg 75 Singer, actress, theatre producer, and director South Africa (Plettenberg Bay)
Pumza Dyantyi 72 Politician South Africa
Lidia Menapace 96 Politician Italy (Bolzano)
Janusz Sanocki 66 Politician Poland (Kędzierzyn-Koźle)
Ildegarda Taffra 86 Skier Italy (Trieste)
Tasiman Politician Indonesia (Pati)
Eduardo Galvão 58 Actor Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
8 December 2020 Gladys Beckwith 91 Lecturer United States
Harold Budd 84 Composer and poet United States (Arcadia)
Tony Curcillo 89 American football and Canadian football player United States (Riverside)
Aslanbek Fidarov 47 Wrestler Russia
Lay Nam Chang 77 Theoretical physicist United States
Yevgeny Shaposhnikov 78 Politician Russia (Moscow)
Kurt Stettler 88 Footballer Switzerland (Zürich)
Sudjati 66 Politician Indonesia (Tanjung Selor)
9 December 2020 Malkan Amin 72 Politician Indonesia (Makassar)
Osvaldo Cochrane Filho 87 Water polo player Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Manglesh Dabral 72 Poet India (New Delhi)
Gordon Forbes 86 Tennis player South Africa (Plettenberg Bay)
Dick Hinch 71 Politician United States (Merrimack)
Vyacheslav Kebich 84 Politician Belarus (Minsk)
Marc Meneau 77 Chef France (Auxerre)
Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf 80 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
10 December 2020 Maroof Afzal Politician Pakistan (Rawalpindi)
Dudu Duswara 69 Judge Indonesia (Bandung)
Severiano Mário Porto 90 Architect Brazil (Niterói)
Ram Lal Rahi 86 Politician India (Sitapur)
Carol Sutton 76 Actress United States (New Orleans)
Hasu Yajnik 82 Writer India (Ahmedabad)
Rahnaward Zaryab 76 Novelist Afghanistan (Kabul)
Tommy Lister Jr. 62 Actor United States (Marina del Rey)
11 December 2020 Farid Abraão David 76 Politician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Đurđa Ivezić 84 Actress Croatia (Zagreb)
Kim Ki-duk 59 Film director Latvia (Riga)
Joseph Nyagah 72 Politician Kenya (Nairobi)
Lev Shcheglov 74 Physician Russia (Saint Petersburg)
Irena Veisaitė 92 Theatre scholar and activist Lithuania (Vilnius)
12 December 2020 Damir Kukuruzović 45 Guitarist Croatia (Zagreb)
Charley Pride 86 Singer and baseball player United States (Dallas)
13 December 2020 Otto Barić 87 Footballer and manager Croatia (Zagreb)
Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini 52 Politician South Africa (Johannesburg)
Yevgeny Khoroshevtsev 76 Actor Russia (Moscow)
Pierre Lacroix 72 Businessman United States (Las Vegas)
Jaroslav Mostecký 57 Science fiction writer Czech Republic
Sal Rocca 74 Politician United States (Troy)
Carlos Eduardo Cadoca 80 Politician Brazil (Recife)
14 December 2020 Elbrus Abbasov 69–70 Footballer Azerbaijan (Baku)
Herman Asaribab 56 Military officer Indonesia (Jakarta)
Richard Laird 81 Politician United States (Carrollton, GA)
Piotr Machalica 65 Actor Poland (Warsaw)
Janos Mohoss 84 Fencer Switzerland
Jack Page 70 Politician United States (Gadsden)
Paulo César dos Santos 68 Musician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
José María de la Torre Martín 68 Bishop Mexico (León)
Marcelo Veiga 56 Footballer and manager Brazil (Bragança Paulista)
15 December 2020 Anthony Casso 78 Mobster United States (Tucson)
Orlando Duarte 88 Sports journalist and commentator Brazil (São Paulo)
Paul Nihill 81 Race walker United Kingdom (Chatham)
Zoltan Sabo 48 Footballer Serbia (Sremska Kamenica)
Noureddine Saïl 73 Film critic and writer Morocco (Casablanca)
D. Vijayamohan 65 Journalist, editor, and writer India (New Delhi)
16 December 2020 Flavio Cotti 81 Politician Switzerland (Locarno)
Steve Ingle 74 Footballer South Africa
Leticia Lee 56 Activist Hong Kong
Renê Weber 59 Footballer and manager Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
17 December 2020 Donato Bilancia 69 Serial killer Italy (Padua)
Pierre Buyoya 71 Politician France (Bonneuil-en-France)
Kim Chernin 80 Feminist writer, poet, and memoirist United States (Point Reyes Station)
Maciej Grubski 51 Politician Poland (Łódź)
Arnold D. Gruys 92 Politician United States (St. Cloud)
Hennadiy Kernes 61 Politician Germany (Berlin)
Tuncay Mataracı 85 Politician Turkey (Istanbul)
Benny Napoleon 65 Politician United States (Detroit)
Christina Rodrigues 57 Actress Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Giovanni Sacco 77 Footballer Italy (Asti)
Satya Deo Singh 75 Politician India (Gurgaon)
Bolivia Suárez 63 Politician Venezuela
18 December 2020 Bill Bullard Jr. 77 Politician United States (Commerce Township)
Joan Dougherty 93 Politician Canada (Westmount)
Eddie Lee Jackson 71 Politician United States (East St. Louis)
Aminul Islam Mintu 81 Film editor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Peter M. Neumann 79 Mathematician United Kingdom (Oxford)
John Obiero Nyagarama 74 Politician Kenya (Nairobi)
Jerry Relph 76 Politician United States (St. Cloud)
19 December 2020 Peter Boddington 78 Boxer United Kingdom (Coventry)
Mile Bogović 81 Bishop Croatia (Rijeka)
Kirunda Kivejinja 85 Politician Uganda (Kampala)
Marjan Lazovski 58 Basketball player and coach North Macedonia (Skopje)
Leo Panitch 75 Political philosopher Canada (Toronto)
Themie Thomai 75 Politician Albania (Tirana)
Bram van der Vlugt 86 Actor Netherlands (Zegveld)
20 December 2020 Samsuddin Ahmed 75 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Monzur-I-Mowla 80 Poet Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Nicette Bruno 87 Actress Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Delfino López Aparicio 60 Politician Mexico
Julius Schachter 84 Microbiologist United States (San Francisco)
21 December 2020 Frederik Batti Sorring 65 Politician Indonesia (Makassar)
Ikenwoli Godfrey Emiko 65 King of Warri Nigeria
Gilberto Ensástiga 57 Politician Mexico
K. T. Oslin 78 Singer-songwriter United States (Nashville)
Kalsoom Perveen Politician Pakistan (Islamabad)
Motilal Vora 93 Politician India (New Delhi)
22 December 2020 Wojciech Borowik 64 Politician Poland
Edmund M. Clarke 75 Computer scientist United States (Pittsburgh)
Leo Goodman 92 Statistician United States (Berkeley)
Ron Lurie 79 Politician and businessman United States (Las Vegas)
Muhammad Mustafa Mero 79 Politician Syria (Al-Tall)
Rubén Tierrablanca Gonzalez 68 Bishop Turkey (Istanbul)
23 December 2020 Irani Barbosa 70 Politician Brazil (Belo Horizonte)
Issaka Assane Karanta 75 Politician Niger (Niamey)
Loyiso Mpumlwana Politician South Africa
Mićo Mićić 64 Politician Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka)
Sugathakumari 86 Poet and activist India (Thiruvananthapuram)
24 December 2020 Benedicto Bravo 58 Footballer and coach Mexico (León)
Jóhannes Eðvaldsson 70 Footballer United Kingdom (Glasgow)
M. A. Hashem 77 Politician and businessman Bangladesh (Dhaka)
AKM Jahangir Hossain 66 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Thoriq Husler 57 Politician Indonesia (Makassar)
B. J. Marsh 80 Politician United States (Springfield)
Vincent Mhlanga Politician Eswatini
Adramé Ndiaye 62 Basketball player France (Lyon)
Armando Romero 60 Footballer Mexico
Pir Noor Muhammad Shah Jeelani 69 Politician Pakistan (Karachi)
Guy N. Smith 81 Author United Kingdom
Idongesit Nkanga 69 Politician Nigeria
25 December 2020 Milka Babović 92 Athlete and journalist Croatia (Zagreb)
Soumaïla Cissé 71 Politician France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
Djalma Bastos de Morais 83 Politician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Robin Jackman 75 Cricketer South Africa (Cape Town)
Shamsur Rahman Faruqi 85 Poet and literary critic India (Allahabad)
Reginald Foster 81 Priest and Latin scholar United States (Milwaukee)
Carlos Levy 81 Poet Argentina
26 December 2020 Ubong King 48 Businessman Nigeria
Bronisława Kowalska 65 Politician Poland
Theodore Lumpkin 100 Military officer, social worker, and businessman United States (Los Angeles)
Aubrey Mokoape 76 Anti-apartheid activist South Africa (Durban)
Nomvuzo Shabalala 60 Politician South Africa
Vic Stelly 79 Politician United States
27 December 2020 Alberto Amador Leal 69 Politician Mexico
Florentino Domínguez Ordóñez 58 Politician Mexico
Yuichiro Hata 53 Politician Japan (Tokyo)
Mohamed El Ouafa 72 Politician Morocco (Rabat)
Saidu Kumo Politician Nigeria
Mieczysław Morański 60 Actor Poland
Gunga Mwinga Politician Kenya
28 December 2020 Romell Broom 64 Convicted murderer United States (Columbus)
Othón Cuevas Córdova 55 Politician Mexico
Luis Enrique Mercado 68 Politician Mexico (Mexico City)
Fou Ts'ong 86 Pianist United Kingdom (London)
Armando Manzanero 85 Singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer Mexico (Mexico City)
Nolan Mettetal 75 Politician United States (Oxford)
Arianna W. Rosenbluth 93 Physicist United States (Pasadena)
29 December 2020 Luke Letlow 41 Politician United States (Shreveport)
Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Machado 60 Politician Mexico (Mérida)
Nikhil Nandy 88 Footballer India (Nagerbazar)
Corrado Olmi 94 Actor Italy (Rome)
Daniel S. Paletko 70 Politician United States (Dearborn Heights)
Serafim Papakostas 61 Bishop Greece (Thessaloniki)
Luigi Snozzi 88 Architect Switzerland (Minusio)
Simo Mfayela Politician South Africa
Sofia Zhukova 80–81 Convicted murderer Russia (Khabarovsk)
30 December 2020 Aldo Andretti 80 Racing driver United States (Indianapolis)
Lois Sasson 80 Jewelry designer and gay rights activist United States (New York City)
Gennady Strakhov 76 Freestyle wrestler Russia (Moscow)
Dawn Wells 82 Actress United States (Los Angeles)
31 December 2020 Paul Etiang 82 Politician Uganda (Kampala)
Robert Hossein 93 Film actor, director, and writer France (Essey-lès-Nancy)
Muladi 77 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
1 January 2021 Abdul Hakim Al-Taher 71 Director and actor Sudan
Ben Chafin 60 Politician United States (Richmond)
Zoran Džorlev 53 Violinist North Macedonia (Skopje)
Carlos Escudé 72 Political scientist and author Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Muspandi 45 Politician Indonesia (Samarinda)
Jean Panisse 92 Actor France (Marseille)
Paatje Phefferkorn 98 Martial artist Netherlands (Bussum)
George Whitmore 89 Mountaineer and conservationist United States (Fresno)
Toabur Rahim 70 Politician United Kingdom (London)
2 January 2021 Tasso Adamopoulos 76 Violist France (Paris)
Cléber Eduardo Arado 48 Footballer Brazil (Curitiba)
Bahrum Daido 56 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
Oleg Danilov 71 Playwright and screenwriter Belarus (Minsk)
Vladimir Korenev 80 Actor and teacher Russia (Moscow)
Aylin Özmenek 78 Animator Turkey (Ankara)
Marek Pivovar 56 Writer and theatre director Czech Republic (Ostrava)
Mike Reese 42 Politician United States (Greensburg)
Subiakto Tjakrawerdaya 76 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
3 January 2021 Oyewusi Ibidapo-Obe 71 Professor Nigeria (Lagos)
Shani Mahadevappa 88 Actor India (Bengaluru)
Anil Panachooran 51 Lyricist and poet India (Thiruvananthapuram)
Ali Taher 59 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
Ricardo Akinobu Yamauti 71 Politician Brazil (Praia Grande)
4 January 2021 Elias Rahbani 82 Composer Lebanon (Beirut)
Bernard P. Randolph 87 Military general United States (San Antonio)
Barbara Shelley 88 Actress United Kingdom (London)
Bambang Suryadi 52 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
5 January 2021 Bonifácio José Tamm de Andrada 90 Politician Brazil (Belo Horizonte)
Mluleki George 72 Politician South Africa (East London)
Donald Perry Polsky 92 Architect United States (Omaha)
John Richardson 86 Actor United Kingdom
6 January 2021 Kenneth Z. Altshuler 91 Psychiatrist United States (Dallas)
Mihai Cotorobai 69 Politician Moldova
James Cross 99 Diplomat United Kingdom (Seaford)
Edward Gnat 80 Politician Poland (Łódź)
Danilo Lim 65 Civil servant Philippines (Manila)
Victor Thulare III 40 King of the Pedi people South Africa (Johannesburg)
Burt Wilson 87 Philosopher, writer, and jazz musician United States (New Berlin)
7 January 2021 Leonid Bujor 65 Politician Moldova
Wilberforce Kisamba Mugerwa 75 Politician Uganda (Kampala)
Genival Lacerda 89 Singer Brazil (Recife)
Munira Yamin Satti 65 Politician Pakistan (Rawalpindi)
Reynaldo Umali 63 Politician Philippines (Taguig)
8 January 2021 Cástor Oswaldo Azuaje Pérez 69 Bishop Venezuela (Valera)
Steve Carver 75 Film director, producer, and photographer United States (Los Angeles)
Steve Lightle 61 Comic book artist United States (Kansas City)
Iancu Țucărman 98 Agricultural engineer and Holocaust survivor Romania (Bucharest)
Katharine Whitehorn 92 Journalist United Kingdom (London)
9 January 2021 František Filip 90 Film and television director Czech Republic (Prague)
John Lutz 81 Writer United States (St. Louis)
Johnson Mlambo 80 Political activist South Africa
George Robertson 93 Ice hockey player Canada (Winnipeg)
Fabrizio Soccorsi 78 Doctor Italy (Rome)
10 January 2021 Hubert Auriol 68 Rally driver France (Garches)
Aminu Isa Kontagora 64 Politician Nigeria
Geraldo Antônio Miotto 65 Military officer Brazil (Porto Alegre)
Nancy Walker Bush Ellis 94 Philanthropist and political campaigner United States (Concord)
Adam Dyczkowski 88 Bishop and philosopher Poland (Zielona Góra)
Bruno Ghedina 77 Ice hockey player Italy (Belluno)
Dee Rowe 91 Basketball coach United States (Storrs)
Antonio Sabàto Sr. 77 Actor United States (Hemet)
David Stypka 41 Singer-songwriter and guitarist Czech Republic
Thorleif Torstensson 71 Singer Sweden (Halmstad)
11 January 2021 Massoud Achkar 64 Politician Lebanon (Beirut)
Eve Branson 96 Philanthropist and child welfare advocate United Kingdom
Étienne Draber 81 Actor France (Paris)
Fabio Enzo 74 Footballer Italy (San Donà di Piave)
Paul Kölliker 88 Rower Switzerland (Adligenswil)
Luis Adriano Piedrahíta Sandoval 74 Bishop Colombia (Bogotá)
Mizanur Rahman Khan 53 Journalist Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Oscar Rizzato 92 Bishop Italy (Padua)
Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi 96 Politician India (Patna)
12 January 2021 Lingson Belekanyama Politician Malawi
Bruce Bennett 77 Canadian football player United States (Ocala)
Florentin Crihălmeanu 61 Bishop Romania (Cluj-Napoca)
Tim Lester 52 American football player United States (Milton)
Fred Levin 83 Lawyer United States (Pensacola)
Shingoose 74 Singer Canada (Winnipeg)
João Henrique de Souza 78 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Sidik Mia 55 Politician Malawi
Philaret 85 Bishop Belarus (Minsk)
Bridget Rowe 70 Journalist and editor United Kingdom (Farnborough)
Frank Arok 88 Footballer and coach Serbia (Subotica)
13 January 2021 Mario Cecchini 87 Bishop Italy (Senigallia)
Gerry Cottle 75 Circus owner and presenter United Kingdom (Bath)
Moses Hamungole 53 Bishop Zambia (Lusaka)
Joël Robert 77 Motocross racer Belgium (Gilly)
Eusébio Scheid 88 Cardinal Brazil (São José dos Campos)
Philip Tartaglia 70 Bishop United Kingdom (Glasgow)
Maguito Vilela 71 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
14 January 2021 Carlos Armando Biebrich 81 Politician Mexico (Hermosillo)
Boris Grachevsky 71 Film director, screenwriter, and actor Russia (Moscow)
Vincent Logan 79 Bishop United Kingdom
Elijah Moshinsky 76 Opera director United Kingdom (London)
Leonidas Pelekanakis 58 Sailor Greece
Larry Willoughby 70 Singer-songwriter and music executive United States
Dinesh Chandra Yadav Politician Nepal (Kathmandu)
Amzad Hossain Sarker 73 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
15 January 2021 Geoff Barnett 74 Footballer United States (Fort Myers)
Gildardo García 66 Chess player Colombia (Medellín)
Tiit Lilleorg 79 Actor Estonia (Tartu)
Lệ Thu 77 Singer United States (Fountain Valley)
16 January 2021 Salleh Abas 91 Judge Malaysia (Kuala Terengganu)
Mahaveer Bhagora 73 Politician India (Udaipur)
Jerry Brandt 82 Club owner and manager United States (Miami Beach)
Little Walter DeVenne 73 Radio host United States (Brooksville)
Juan Carlos Copes 89 Tango dancer and choreographer Argentina (Buenos Aires)
György Handel 61 Footballer Hungary
Bheki Ntuli 63 Politician South Africa
Farida Pasha 68 Actress Indonesia (Jakarta)
Phil Spector 81 Musician, record producer, and murderer United States (French Camp)
Paul Varelans 51 Mixed martial arts fighter and wrestler United States (Atlanta)
17 January 2021 Nikolay Antoshkin 78 Politician and military officer Russia (Moscow)
Luis María Cassoni 82 Politician Argentina (Posadas)
Víctor Crisólogo 68 Politician Peru
Abel Gabuza 65 Bishop South Africa (Durban)
Gerald Locklin 79 Poet and lecturer United States (Irvine)
József Sas 82 Actor, comedian, and theatre director Hungary (Budapest)
Marius Swart 79 Politician South Africa (George)
18 January 2021 Carlos Burga 68 Boxer Peru (Lima)
Volodymyr Chernyak 79 Politician Ukraine
Andy Gray 61 Actor United Kingdom
Nombulelo Hermans 51 Politician South Africa (Johannesburg)
Tony Ingle 68 Basketball coach United States (Provo)
Francisco Daniel Rivera Sánchez 65 Bishop Mexico (Mexico City)
Gatot Sudjito 60 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
K. V. Vijayadas 61 Politician India (Palakkad)
19 January 2021 William Fey 78 Bishop United States
Danial Jahić 41 Athlete Serbia (Ćelije)
Lâm Quang Thi 88 Military officer United States (Fremont)
Stephen Lungu 78 Evangelist Malawi
Gustavo Peña 78 Footballer and manager Mexico (Mexico City)
Carlos Tapia García 79 Politician Peru (Lima)
Ellinah Wamukoya 69 Bishop Eswatini
20 January 2021 Raisuddin Ahmed 82 Cricketer and administrator Bangladesh (Dhaka)
John Baptist Kaggwa 77 Bishop Uganda (Kampala)
Sibusiso Moyo 60 Politician Zimbabwe (Harare)
Unnikrishnan Namboothiri 97 Actor India (Kannur)
Ian Wilson 81 Cinematographer United Kingdom (London)
Gajendra Singh Shaktawat 47 Politician India (Delhi)
21 January 2021 Calixto Avena 77 Footballer Colombia (Santa Cruz de Lorica)
Anthony Mwamba 60 Boxer Zambia (Lusaka)
Martha Jachi Umbulla 65 Politician India (Mumbai)
Keith Nichols 75 Musician United Kingdom (London)
Rémy Julienne 90 Rallycross driver, stuntman, and actor France (Amilly)
Jackson Mthembu 62 Politician South Africa (Johannesburg)
Ot Louw 75 Film editor Netherlands (Bussum)
22 January 2021 Aeneas Chigwedere 81 Politician Zimbabwe
Joel Matiza 60 Politician Zimbabwe (Harare)
Meherzia Labidi Maïza 57 Politician France (Paris)
James Purify 76 Singer United States (Pensacola)
Marius van Heerden 46 Athlete South Africa (Cape Town)
Paradzai Zimondi 73 Military officer Zimbabwe (Harare)
23 January 2021 Carlos Antunes 82 Revolutionary Portugal (Lisbon)
Martha Madrigal 91 Poet Mexico
Omar Pirrera 88 Poet, writer, and essayist Italy (Vallo della Lucania)
Roy Torrens 72 Cricketer and manager United Kingdom (Coleraine)
24 January 2021 Sonny Fox 95 Television host United States (Encino)
Abdullahi Ibrahim 82 Politician Nigeria
Franciszek Kokot 91 Nephrologist Poland (Chorzów)
Sigvard Marjasin 91 Politician Sweden (Örebro)
Marcel Uderzo 87 Comic book artist France (Évreux)
25 January 2021 Gregory Teu 69 Politician Tanzania (Arusha)
David Bright 64 Football manager Botswana (Gaborone)
David Katzenstein 68 Virologist Zimbabwe (Harare)
Avelino Méndez Rangel 62 Politician Mexico (Mexico City)
26 January 2021 Georgi Ananiev 70 Politician Bulgaria
James Gita Hakim 66 Cardiologist Zimbabwe (Harare)
Ron Johnson 64 Baseball player and manager United States (Morrison)
Lars Norén 76 Playwright, novelist, and poet Sweden (Stockholm)
Sekou Smith 48 Sportswriter and journalist United States (Marietta)
Carlos Holmes Trujillo 69 Politician Colombia (Bogotá)
27 January 2021 Blas Camacho 81 Politician Spain
Ansif Ashraf 37 Magazine editor United Arab Emirates (Sharjah)
Goddess Bunny 61 Drag queen and actress United States (Los Angeles)
José Cruz 68 Footballer Honduras (San Pedro Sula)
Cloris Leachman 94 Actress United States (Encinitas)
Corky Lee 73 Photojournalist United States (Queens)
Mehrdad Minavand 45 Footballer and manager Iran (Tehran)
Carmen Vázquez 72 Activist and writer United States (New York City)
28 January 2021 Chedly Ayari 87 Politician Tunisia
Yvon Douis 88 Footballer France (Nice)
Guillermo Galeote 79 Politician Spain (Madrid)
Ryszard Kotys 88 Actor Poland (Poznań)
Annette Kullenberg 82 Journalist and author Portugal (Cascais)
Vasily Lanovoy 87 Actor Russia (Moscow)
Juan del Río Martín 73 Bishop Spain (Madrid)
Kenneth Mthiyane 76 Judge South Africa
Lewis Wolpert 91 Developmental biologist United Kingdom (London)
29 January 2021 Calane da Silva 75 Writer Mozambique (Maputo)
José Júlio 85 Bullfighter Portugal (Vila Franca de Xira)
Percy Tucker 92 Author and ticket selling agent South Africa
30 January 2021 Abbas Khan 66 Squash player United Kingdom (London)
Wilhelm Knabe 97 Politician and ecologist Germany (Mülheim)
Marc Wilmore 57 Comedian and screenwriter United States (Pomona)
31 January 2021 Zoila Águila Almeida 82 Revolutionary combatant United States (South Beach)
Douglas Bravo 88 Guerrilla fighter Venezuela (Coro)
John Gibbons 95 Footballer United Kingdom
Nate Hawkins 70 American football player United States (Houston)
Tozama Mantashe 60 Politician South Africa
Wambali Mkandawire 68 Musician Malawi (Lilongwe)
Michel Murr 88 Politician Lebanon
Elizabeth Muyovwe 64 Jurist Zambia (Lusaka)
Ray Rayburn 72 Audio engineer United States (Texas)
Yitzchok Scheiner 98 Rabbi Israel (Jerusalem)
John M Squire 75 Biophyscist United Kingdom (Salisbury)
Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik 99 Rabbi Israel (Jerusalem)
Ladislav Štaidl 75 Composer Czech Republic (Prague)
Miroslav Tuđman 74 Politician Croatia (Zagreb)
Abraham J. Twerski 90 Rabbi and psychiatrist Israel (Bnei Brak)
1 February 2021 Soraya Abdullah 42 Actress Indonesia
Emil J. Freireich 93 Oncologist United States (Houston)
Jean-Pierre Jossua 90 Writer and theologian France (Verneuil-sur-Avre)
Viktor Koval 73 Writer, actor, and artist Russia (Moscow)
Abd al-Sattar Qasim 72 Political analyst and writer State of Palestine (Nablus)
Temur Tsiklauri 75 Singer and actor Georgia (Gori)
Cynthia Turner 88 Pianist Malta (Msida)
2 February 2021 Cecília Guimarães 93 Actress Portugal (Lisbon)
Albert Hale 70 Politician United States (Mesa)
Pastor Heydra 72 Politician and journalist Venezuela
Grant Jackson 78 Baseball player and coach United States (North Strabane Township)
Tom Moore 100 Military officer and charity campaigner United Kingdom (Bedford)
Fausta Morganti 76 Politician San Marino (City of San Marino)
Jean-François Voguet 71 Politician France (Saint-Mandé)
3 February 2021 Ali Ansarian 43 Footballer and actor Iran (Tehran)
Benito Boldi 86 Footballer Italy (Biella)
Anne Feeney 69 Singer-songwriter and activist United States (Pittsburgh)
Adelaide João 99 Actress Portugal (Lisbon)
Ismail Kijo 68 Politician Malaysia (Sungai Buloh)
Abdoul Aziz Mbaye 66 Politician Senegal (Dakar)
Robb Webb 82 Voice artist United States (New York City)
4 February 2021 Hy Cohen 90 Baseball player United States (Rancho Mirage)
Neville Fernando 89 Politician and doctor Sri Lanka (Angoda)
Patricia Healey 85 Singer and actress United Kingdom (London)
Mathoor Govindan Kutty 80 Dancer India (Kottayam)
Jaime Murrell 71 Composer United States (Miami)
Zwelifile Christopher Ntuli Politician South Africa
David Shepard 73 Politician United States
5 February 2021 Joseph Benz 76 Bobsledder Switzerland (Zürich)
James Bond Kamwambi 53 Politician Malawi (Chitipa)
Butch Reed 66 Wrestler United States (Warrensburg)
6 February 2021 Zezinho Corrêa 69 Singer Brazil (Manaus)
Abdelkhalek Louzani 75 Footballer and coach Morocco (Essaouira)
Osvaldo Mércuri 76 Politician Argentina (San Isidro)
7 February 2021 Luis Feito 91 Painter Spain (Madrid)
Lew Hill 55 Basketball coach United States (Edinburg)
José Ramón Ónega 81 Politician, journalist, and writer Spain (Madrid)
Ricardo Silva Elizondo 67 Singer and actor Mexico (Mexico City)
Moufida Tlatli 73 Politician and film director Tunisia
Ron Wright 67 Politician United States (Dallas)
8 February 2021 Roza Akkuchukova 70 Singer Russia (Ufa)
Claude Crabb 80 American football player United States (Palm Desert)
David Egerton 59 Rugby union player United Kingdom (Bristol)
Adam Kopczyński 72 Ice hockey player Poland (Zgierz)
José Maranhão 87 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Jean Obeid 81 Politician and journalist Lebanon
Beatriz Yamamoto Cázarez 70 Politician Mexico (León)
9 February 2021 Peter C. Clapman 84 Investment chief executive United States
Valeria Gagealov 89 Actress Romania (Bucharest)
Ivan Izquierdo 83 Neurobiologist Brazil (Porto Alegre)
Franco Marini 87 Politician Italy (Rome)
Margaret H. Sedenquist 94 Real estate broker United States
Yisa Sofoluwe 53 Footballer Nigeria (Lagos)
10 February 2021 Zainul Haque Sikder 90 Businessman United Arab Emirates
Luc Versteylen 93 Priest Belgium (Wommelgem)
Mack Walker 91 Historian United States
11 February 2021 Marcelino da Mata 80 Military officer Portugal (Lisbon)
Javier Neves 67 Politician Peru (Lima)
12 February 2021 Antonio Giménez-Rico 82 Film director and screenwriter Spain (Madrid)
Zdeněk Hoření 90 Politician Czech Republic (Prague)
Maurizio Mattei 78 Football referee Italy (Civitanova Marche)
Frederick K. C. Price 89 Evangelist United States (Torrance)
13 February 2021 Olle Nygren 91 Speedway rider United Kingdom (Ipswich)
Franz Jalics 93 Jesuit priest and theologian Hungary (Budapest)
Dave Nalle 61 Political writer, game author, and font designer United States
Alberto Oliart 92 Politician Spain (Madrid)
Enrique Rodríguez Galindo 82 Military officer and convicted terrorist Spain (Zaragoza)
Kadir Topbaş 76 Politician Turkey (Istanbul)
Ansley Truitt 70 Basketball player United States
Max Vernon 85 Police officer United Kingdom
14 February 2021 W. J. M. Lokubandara 79 Politician Sri Lanka (Angoda)
Ion Mihai Pacepa 92 Intelligence officer and defector United States
Pilar Unzalu 64 Politician Spain
15 February 2021 Alberto Canapino 57 Racing car engineer Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Lucien Gourong 77 Writer, singer, and storyteller France (Lorient)
Lucía Guilmáin 83 Actress Mexico (Mexico City)
Andréa Guiot 93 Operatic soprano France (Nîmes)
Derek Khan 63 Fashion stylist United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
Raymond Lévesque 92 Singer-songwriter, poet, and actor Canada (Montreal)
Leopoldo Luque 71 Footballer Argentina (Mendoza)
Eva Maria Pracht 83 Equestrian Canada
Jalaluddin Rakhmat 71 Politician Indonesia (Bandung)
Muhammed Seif Khatib 70 Politician Tanzania
István Turu 58 Boxer Hungary
16 February 2021 Libuše Holečková 88 Actress Czech Republic (Nejdek)
Egbert Mulder 80 Football referee Netherlands (Groningen)
Claudio Sorrentino 75 Voice actor and dubbing director Italy (Rome)
Yusriansyah Syarkawi 70 Politician Indonesia (Samarinda)
17 February 2021 Seif Sharif Hamad 77 Politician Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)
Christopher Lee 79 Writer and historian United Kingdom
Andrea Lo Vecchio 78 Composer, songwriter, and record producer Italy (Rome)
Christine McHorse 72 Artist United States (Santa Fe)
Joseph Pastor Neelankavil 90 Bishop India
18 February 2021 Amīr Aṣlān Afshār 101 Diplomat France (Nice)
Sergo Karapetyan 72 Politician Armenia (Yerevan)
Guido Stagnaro 96 Film director and screenwriter Italy (Milan)
19 February 2021 Đorđe Balašević 67 Singer-songwriter Serbia (Novi Sad)
Jerold Ottley 86 Music director United States (Salt Lake City)
20 February 2021 Mauro Bellugi 71 Footballer Italy (Milan)
21 February 2021 Radamés Salazar 46 Politician Mexico (Mexico City)
22 February 2021 Raymond Cauchetier 101 Photographer France (Paris)
Hipólito Chaiña 67 Politician and doctor Peru (Arequipa)
Anis al-Naqqash 70 Political activist and guerrilla fighter Syria (Damascus)
Benno Ndulu 71 Banker Tanzania
Élida Rasino 65 Politician Argentina
Daviz Simango 57 Politician South Africa (Johannesburg)
Consuelo Rodríguez 60 Politician Spain (Badajoz)
23 February 2021 Fausto Gresini 60 Motorcycle racer and team manager Italy (Bologna)
Herbin Hoyos 53 Journalist and broadcaster Colombia (Bogotá)
24 February 2021 Sylvia Murphy 89 Singer Canada (Mississauga)
Sardool Sikander 60 Folk singer India (Chandigarh)
25 February 2021 Mashari Al-Ballam 49 Actor Kuwait
Klaus Emmerich 92 Journalist Austria (Vienna)
Bob Pixel 44 Photographer and graphic designer Ghana
Yves Ramousse 93 Bishop France (Montauban)
Juan Francisco Sarasti Jaramillo 82 Bishop Colombia (Cali)
Vladimir Zuykov 86 Animator Russia (Moscow)
26 February 2021 Tarek El-Bishry 87 Judge Egypt (Cairo)
Bill C. Davis 69 Playwright and actor United States (Torrington)
José Guccione 69 Politician Argentina (Posadas)
Àngel Pla 91 Woodcarver Andorra (Andorra la Vella)
György Snell 71 Bishop Hungary (Budapest)
27 February 2021 Mike Bradner 83 Politician United States (Anchorage)
José Manuel Cortizas 58 Sports journalist and voice actor Spain (Barakaldo)
Dante Crippa 83 Footballer Italy (Brescia)
Marta Martin Carrera-Ruiz 80 Television personality Cuba
Mariano Valdés Chávarri 74 Cardiologist Spain (El Palmar)
Erica Watson 48 Actress Jamaica (Montego Bay)
28 February 2021 Sabah Abdul-Jalil 69 Footballer and coach Iraq (Baghdad)
Aqel Biltaji 80 Politician Jordan
Tom Green 72 Mormon fundamentalist United States (Utah)
Anna Majani 85 Entrepreneur Italy (Bologna)
Jorge Oñate 71 Singer Colombia (Medellín)
Yousuf Shaaban 89 Actor Egypt (Giza)
1 March 2021 Frederico Campos 93 Politician Brazil (Cuiabá)
Víctor Espinoza Peña 73 Politician Peru
Emmanuel Félémou 60 Bishop Guinea (Conakry)
Jorge Marticorena Cuba 64 Politician Peru (Lima)
Milenko Savović 60 Basketball player Serbia (Belgrade)
Mikhail Studenetsky 86 Basketball player Russia
2 March 2021 Nandkumar Singh Chauhan 68 Politician India (Thane)
Rina Gunawan 46 Television presenter and singer Indonesia (Jakarta)
3 March 2021 Diego Gómez 84 Journalist, actor, and broadcaster Spain (Málaga)
Jerzy Limon 70 Theatre director Poland
Ruy Scarpino 59 Football manager Brazil (Manaus)
Maria José Valério 87 Singer Portugal (Lisbon)
5 March 2021 Kamal Amer 78 Politician Egypt (Cairo)
Karima Brown 54 Radio broadcaster and journalist South Africa
Jim Crockett Jr. 76 Wrestling promoter United States (Charlotte)
Hugh Newell Jacobsen 91 Architect United States (Front Royal)
Atanasije Jevtić 83 Bishop Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje)
František Lízna 79 Jesuit priest Czech Republic (Olomouc)
5 March 2021 Stig Malm 79 Trade unionist Sweden (Stockholm)
José Carlos da Silva Júnior 94 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Mo Pinel 78 Mechanical engineer United States (Baton Rouge)
Carlo Tognoli 82 Politician Italy (Milan)
6 March 2021 Abdul Ghani Gilong 88 Politician Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)
Sawsan Rabie 58 Actress Egypt (Giza)
7 March 2021 Sanja Ilić 69 Composer Serbia (Belgrade)
Mirko Pavinato 86 Footballer Italy (Bologna)
8 March 2021 Kuryana Azis 69 Politician Indonesia (Palembang)
Adrian Bărar 61 Musician and composer Romania (Timișoara)
Djibril Tamsir Niane 89 Writer and historian Senegal (Dakar)
Rafael Palmero Ramos 84 Bishop Spain (Alicante)
Anshuman Singh 85 Politician India (Lucknow)
9 March 2021 Adhemar Santillo 81 Politician Brazil (Anápolis)
Jiří Ventruba 71 Politician and neurosurgeon Czech Republic
10 March 2021 Henri-Thomas Lokondo 65 Politician South Africa
Lyudmila Lyadova 95 Composer and singer Russia (Moscow)
Ali Mahdi Muhammad 82 Politician Kenya (Nairobi)
Tomás Vidiella 83 Film director, actor, and cultural manager Chile (Santiago)
11 March 2021 Mauro Aparecido dos Santos 66 Bishop Brazil (Cascavel)
Mahmud Us Samad Chowdhury 66 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Suzana Đozo 64 Journalist Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Petar Fajfrić 79 Handball player and coach Serbia (Šabac)
Florentín Giménez 95 Pianist and composer Paraguay (Asunción)
12 March 2021 Andrés Abt 48 Politician Uruguay (Montevideo)
Fatima Aziz 47 Politician Switzerland
Nicolae Dabija 72 Politician, writer, and historian Moldova (Chișinău)
Uruguay Graffigna 73 Footballer Chile (Quillota)
Malak Ismael 85 Television presenter Egypt (Cairo)
Goodwill Zwelithini 72 King of the Zulus South Africa (Durban)
13 March 2021 Silvio Favero 54 Politician and lawyer Brazil (Cuiabá)
Giovanni Gastel 65 Photographer Italy (Milan)
Obren Joksimović 68 Politician Serbia (Belgrade)
Roger Maes 77 Volleyball player Belgium (Ghent)
Kiyoko Ono 85 Politician and gymnast Japan (Tokyo)
14 March 2021 Aurora Cornu 89 Writer, actress, film director, and translator France (Paris)
15 March 2021 Jim Dornan 73 Gynecologist United Kingdom
Dragoljub Đuričić 68 Drummer Serbia (Belgrade)
16 March 2021 Líviusz Gyulai 83 Graphic artist Hungary (Budapest)
Amaranth Ehrenhalt 93 Painter, sculptor, and writer United States (New York City)
Mauro Favilla 87 Politician Italy (Lucca)
David Dias Pimentel 79 Bishop Brazil (São João da Boa Vista)
Euclides Scalco 88 Politician and pharmacist Brazil (Curitiba)
Turi Simeti 91 Painter Italy (Milan)
17 March 2021 Helenês Cândido 86 Politician Brazil (Caldas Novas)
17 March 2021 Anton Gămurari 70 Military officer Moldova (Chișinău)
Dilipkumar Gandhi 69 Politician India (Delhi)
Antón García Abril 87 Composer Spain (Madrid)
Ayla Karaca 87 Actress Turkey (İzmir)
Ulisses dos Santos 91 Athlete Brazil (Macapá)
John Magufuli 61 Politician Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)
18 March 2021 Herzem Gusmão Pereira 72 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Sérgio Olímpio Gomes 58 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Skariah Thomas 77 Politician India (Kochi)
Shaker Abdul Hamid 68 Politician Egypt (Giza)
19 March 2021 Aurelio Desdentado 76 Jurist Spain (Madrid)
Luis Armando Bambarén Gastelumendi 93 Bishop Peru (Lima)
Cristián Cuturrufo 48 Trumpeter Chile (Santiago)
Irmão Lázaro 54 Politician and singer Brazil (Feira de Santana)
Éva Nagy 73 Singer Hungary
20 March 2021 Buddy Deppenschmidt 85 Jazz drummer United States (Doylestown)
Milan Hurtala 74 Rower Slovakia (Bratislava)
Rito Jiménez 70 Politician Venezuela
Vladimir Kirsanov 73 Choreographer and dancer Russia
Richard Mendani 53 Politician Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)
Yevgeny Nesterenko 83 Singer Austria (Vienna)
22 March 2021 Lorna Irungu 51 Television presenter and executive Kenya (Nairobi)
Guy Brice Parfait Kolélas 61 Politician France (Bonneuil-en-France)
Henrique do Rego Almeida 84 Politician Brazil (Curitiba)
23 March 2021 Alberto Ciurana 60 Television producer Mexico (Mexico City)
Tatyana Lolova 87 Actress Bulgaria (Sofia)
24 March 2021 Alex Andjelic 80 Ice hockey player and coach Serbia (Belgrade)
Haroldo Lima 82 Politician Brazil (Salvador)
Anna Kostivna Lypkivska 53 Theatrologist Ukraine (Kyiv)
Vlasta Velisavljević 94 Actor Serbia (Belgrade)
25 March 2021 Manuel Dammert 72 Politician and sociologist Peru (Lima)
Randy Tate 68 Baseball player United States (Muscle Shoals)
Jan Waszkiewicz 76 Politician and regional official Poland (Wrocław)
26 March 2021 Cornelia Catangă 63 Singer Romania (Bucharest)
Želimir Altarac Čičak 73 Singer Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
27 March 2021 Zafir Hadžimanov 77 Singer and actor Serbia (Belgrade)
Paulo Stein 73 Journalist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
28 March 2021 Juventino Kestering 74 Bishop Brazil (Rondonópolis)
Halyna Hai 64 Poet Ukraine
Constantin Simirad 79 Politician Romania (Iași)
29 March 2021 Abeer Al Khader Actress Kuwait (Kuwait City)
Bashkim Fino 58 Politician Albania (Tirana)
Theodore Lambrinos 85 Singer United States (Brooklyn)
Robert Opron 89 Automotive designer France (Antony)
30 March 2021 Maria Bofill 83–84 Potter Spain (Barcelona)
30 March 2021 Claire dela Fuente 62 Singer Philippines (Las Piñas)
31 March 2021 Anzor Erkomaishvili 80 Politician and singer Georgia (Tbilisi)
Kamal Ganzouri 87 Politician Egypt (New Cairo)
Ivan Klajn 84 Linguist Serbia (Belgrade)
Ivair Nogueira do Pinho 69 Politician Brazil (Belo Horizonte)
Carlos Pedro Zilli 66 Bishop Guinea-Bissau (Prabis)
1 April 2021 Giorgio Gatti 72 Singer Italy (Rome)
Nemam Ghafouri 52 Physician, activist, and humanitarian Sweden (Stockholm)
Angelo Perugini 65 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
2 April 2021 Mykhailo Kushnerenko 82 Politician Ukraine (Kherson)
Gabi Luncă 82 Singer Romania (Bucharest)
Mohammed Oreibi Al-Khalifa 51 Judge Iraq (Baghdad)
Nelu Ploieșteanu 70 Musician Romania (Bucharest)
Jean Luc Rosat 67 Volleyball player Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Christian Tumi 90 Cardinal Cameroon (Douala)
3 April 2021 José Adauto Bezerra 94 Politician Brazil (Fortaleza)
Elidio Espinoza 54 Politician Peru (La Esperanza)
Yinka Odumakin 54 Human rights activist and politician Nigeria (Lagos)
Agnaldo Timóteo 84 Politician and singer Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Yevgeniy Zagorulko 78 High jump coach Russia
4 April 2021 Francisco Haghenbeck 56 Writer and comics screenwriter Mexico (Tehuacán)
António Almeida Henriques 59 Politician Portugal (Viseu)
Victoria Kovalchuk 67 Illustrator, writer, and designer Ukraine (Lviv)
Frank Mdlalose 89 Politician South Africa
Bhagwati Singh 88 Politician India (Bakshi Ka Talab)
5 April 2021 Robert de Almendra Freitas 73 Politician Brazil (Teresina)
Vladimir Gendlin 84 Television journalist and sports commentator Russia (Moscow)
Krzysztof Krawczyk 71 Singer, guitarist, and composer Poland (Łódź)
Izz al-Din Manasirah 74 Poet, critic, and academic Jordan (Amman)
Malcolm Kela Smith 77 Politician Australia (Redcliffe)
Henry Stephen 79 Singer Venezuela (Caracas)
6 April 2021 Rodolfo da Ponte 82 Fencer Paraguay (Asunción)
Hans Kristian Gaarder 60 Conspiracy theorist Norway (Gran)
Umbu Landu Paranggi 77 Artist and poet Indonesia (Sanur)
Lefteris Mytilineos 74 Singer Greece (Corinth)
Jan Purwinski 86 Bishop Ukraine (Zhytomyr)
Nestor Torre Jr. 92 Screenwriter, director, and journalist Philippines (Manila)
Predrag Živković Tozovac 85 Folk musician and actor Serbia (Belgrade)
7 April 2021 Alfredo Bosi 84 Historian Brazil (São Paulo)
Indra Mohan Rajbongshi 75 Singer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
8 April 2021 Diána Igaly 56 Sport shooter Hungary (Budapest)
Roseli Machado 52 Athlete Brazil (Curitiba)
Mahyuddin N. S. 73 Politician and academic Indonesia (Palembang)
Alan Pastrana 76 American football player United States (Annapolis)
Vassilios Sevastis 71 Athlete Greece (Athens)
9 April 2021 Raosaheb Antapurkar 62 Politician India
Shyama Charan Gupta 76 Politician India (Delhi)
Abdul Hamid Sebba 86 Politician Brazil (Goiânia)
Elena Pulcini 71 Social philosopher Italy (Florence)
10 April 2021 István Bérczi 75 Gymnast Hungary
Rossana Di Bello 64 Politician Italy (Taranto)
Satish Kaul 66 Actor India (Ludhiana)
Marcio Veloz Maggiolo 84 Writer, archaeologist, and anthropologist Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
Sindisiwe van Zyl 45 Physician and HIV activist South Africa (Johannesburg)
11 April 2021 Nelson Bornier 71 Politician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Pedro Ivo Ferreira Caminhas 68 Politician Brazil (Betim)
Tulio Manuel Chirivella Varela 88 Bishop United States (Miami)
Massimo Cuttitta 54 Rugby union player and manager Italy (Albano Laziale)
Mita Haque 58 Singer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Füzuli Javadov 70 Footballer Azerbaijan (Baku)
Justo Jorge Padrón 77 Poet, essayist, and translator Spain (Madrid)
Zoran Simjanović 74 Composer and musician Serbia (Belgrade)
Mauro Viale 73 Journalist and television presenter Argentina (Buenos Aires)
12 April 2021 Dhanare Paskal Janya 49 Politician India (Mumbai)
Carles Trullols i Clemente 72 Roller hockey player and coach Spain (Barcelona)
Jalal Yousef 41 Pool Player Venezuela
13 April 2021 Farid Ahmed 60 Composer and music director Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Maqbul Ahmed 81 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Rocco Filippini 77 Musician Switzerland (Lugano)
Miroslava Kortenska 67 Writer Bulgaria (Sofia)
Paul Oquist 78 Politician and presidential advisor Nicaragua (Managua)
José Carlos Schiavinato 66 Politician and engineer Brazil (Brasília)
Ruth Roberta de Souza 52 Basketball player Brazil (Três Lagoas)
Irondi Pugliesi 73 Politician Brazil (Arapongas)
14 April 2021 Eduardo Enríquez Maya 72 Politician Colombia (Bogotá)
Abdul Matin Khasru 71 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Shamsuzzaman Khan 80 Folklorist Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Marcelo Angiolo Melani 82 Bishop Peru (Pucallpa)
15 April 2021 Mao Ayuth 76 Film director Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
Azmeera Chandulal 66 Politician India (Hyderabad)
Dário de Castro 72 Voice actor Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Clotilda Douglas-Yakimchuk 89 Nurse Canada (Halifax)
Luisa Revilla 49 Politician Peru (Trujillo)
Adelino Sitoy 85 Lawyer Philippines (Cebu City)
Dimitrios Talaganis 76 Architect, artist, and poet Greece (Athens)
16 April 2021 Hussain Ahmed 89 Footballer India (Bengaluru)
Nader Dastneshan 60 Footballer and coach Iran (Qaem Shahr)
Ludmila Guzun 59 Politician Moldova
Ranjit Sinha 68 Police officer India
17 April 2021 Luiz Humberto Carneiro 68 Politician Brazil (Uberlândia)
Josep Mussons 95 Businessman Spain (Barcelona)
Narendra Kohli 81 Novelist and academic India (Delhi)
Kabori Sarwar 70 Politician and actress Bangladesh (Dhaka)
18 April 2021 Achyut Madhav Gokhale 75 Civil servant India (Pune)
S. M. Mohsin 73 Actor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Paul Oscher 74 Singer United States (Austin)
Necdet Üruğ 100 Military commander Turkey (Istanbul)
Bachi Singh Rawat 71 Politician India (Rishikesh)
A. Pappa Sundaram 89 Politician India
Ludovico Badoy 69 Politician Philippines
19 April 2021 Pedro Bastidas 45 Politician Venezuela
Mewalal Chaudhary 68 Politician India (Patna)
Eduardo de Lázzari 76 Judge Argentina (La Plata)
Nasir Durrani 64 Police officer Pakistan (Lahore)
Michel Kilo 80 Writer and human rights activist France (Paris)
Jagdish Singh Rana 66 Politician India (Saharanpur)
Gopal Krishna Saxena 70 Politician India
Viktor Shuvalov 97 Ice hockey player and footballer Russia (Moscow)
20 April 2021 Shyam Bihari Misra 82 Politician India (Delhi)
Emilia Monjowa Lifaka 62 Politician Cameroon
Kishore Nandlaskar 81 Actor India (Thane)
M. Narasimham 93 Banker India (Hyderabad)
José Joaquín Puig de la Bellacasa 89 Politician and diplomat Spain (Madrid)
21 April 2021 Naïma Ababsa 51 Singer Algeria (Algiers)
Bhitali Das 51 Singer India (Guwahati)
Marc Ferro 96 Historian France (Saint-Germain-en-Laye)
Shankha Ghosh 89 Poet and critic India (Kolkata)
Wahiduddin Khan 96 Scholar India (New Delhi)
Johny Lal Cinematographer India (Mumbai)
Lea Dali Lion 47 Singer Estonia (Tallinn)
Joe Long 88 Musician United States (Long Beach Township)
Segismundo Martínez Álvarez 78 Bishop Brazil (Campo Grande)
Erasmo Vásquez Politician Dominican Republic (Santiago de los Caballeros)
22 April 2021 Edmundo Galdino 62 Politician Brazil (Araguaína)
Alípio Freire 75 Writer and journalist Brazil (São Paulo)
Selma Gürbüz 60–61 Sculptor and painter Turkey (Istanbul)
Dennis Johnson 81 Sprinter Jamaica
Jacqueline Mofokeng 61 Politician South Africa (Irene)
Diana S. Rabinovich 77 Psychologist, teacher, and essayist Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Shravan Rathod 66 Musician India (Mumbai)
Ashok Kumar Walia 72 Politician India (New Delhi)
23 April 2021 Lalit Behl 71 Actor, film director, producer, and writer India
Abderrahmane Benkhalfa 71 Politician Algeria (Algiers)
Dukha Bhagat 67 Politician India
Levy Fidelix 69 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Victor Wood 75 Singer and actor Philippines (Quezon City)
24 April 2021 La Camboria 90 Dancer Spain
Alber Elbaz 59 Fashion designer France (Paris)
A. M. M. Safiullah 73 Academic Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Hugo Stuven Cangas 80 Television director and producer Spain (Madrid)
Ziaur Rahman Khan 75 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Suresh Srivastava 76 Politician India (Lucknow)
Riitta Vainionpää 68 Textile artist Sweden (Stockholm)
Miloš Šobajić 75 Painter and sculptor Serbia (Belgrade)
25 April 2021 Pablo José Cámbar 78 Academic, researcher, and physician Honduras (Tegucigalpa)
Óscar Castro Ramírez 73 Actor and playwright France (Paris)
Hamid Jasemian 84 Footballer Iran (Tehran)
Kajal Sinha 56 Politician India
Toshiro Kandagawa 81 Chef Japan (Osaka)
Mishra Rajan Mishra 70 Musician India (New Delhi)
Wikan Satriati 45 Writer and publisher Indonesia (Magelang)
26 April 2021 Manzoor Ahtesham 73 Writer India (Bhopal)
Ramu 53 Film producer India (Bangalore)
Rao Dharampal 79 Politician India
Sugrib Singh 57 Politician India (Bhubaneswar)
27 April 2021 Jan Stefan Gałecki 88 Bishop Poland
Kakhi Kavsadze 85 Actor Georgia (Tbilisi)
Karuna Shukla 70 Politician India (Raipur)
Thamira 53 Film director India (Chennai)
28 April 2021 Celso Dayrit 69 Fencer and sports executive Philippines
Anish Deb 69 Writer India (Kolkata)
Miguel Ángel Furones 71 Publicist and writer Spain (Madrid)
Eknath Gaikwad 81 Politician India
Kesar Singh 64 Politician India (Noida)
Federico Salas 70 Politician Peru (Huancavelica)
Gouri Sankar Dutta 70 Politician India
29 April 2021 Riyaz Ahmad 62 Politician India
Amris 63 Politician and military officer Indonesia (Pekanbaru)
Rajendrasingh Baghel 75 Politician India (Indore)
Kunwar Bechain 78 Poet India (Noida)
Allan Cosio 79 Painter and sculptor Philippines (Pampanga)
Johnny Crawford 74 Actor, singer, and musician United States (Los Angeles)
Laxman Giluwa 56 Politician India (Jamshedpur)
30 April 2021 K. V. Anand 54 Cinematographer and film director India (Chennai)
Kom Chuanchuen 63 Actor and comedian Thailand
Jagdish Lad 34 Bodybuilder India (Vadodara)
Rohit Sardana 41 News anchor and editor India (Noida)
Soli Sorabjee 91 Lawyer India (Delhi)
Sanjay Kumar Seth 63 Judge India
Chandro Tomar 89 Sharp shooter India (Meerut)
Jevgeni Tomberg 72 Politician Estonia (Tallinn)
1 May 2021 Debu Chaudhuri 85 Sitarist and writer India (Delhi)
José Daniel Falla Robles 64 Bishop Colombia (Soacha)
Jean Fontaine 84 Theologian and writer France
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal 52 Actor India (Mumbai)
Ricardo Alberto Ramírez 48 Footballer Argentina
Mikhail Plotkin 77 Music producer and administrator Russia (Moscow)
Kishan Rungta 88 Cricketer and administrator India (Jaipur)
Mohammad Shahabuddin 54 Politician and convicted kidnapper India (Delhi)
Henry Ventura 55 Politician Venezuela
2 May 2021 Rita Di Giovacchino 74 Journalist Italy (Rome)
S. G. Neginhal 93 Forester India (Bangalore)
Damodar Barku Shingada 66 Politician India
3 May 2021 Rafael Albrecht 79 Footballer Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Vinod Kumar Bansal 71 Educationist India (Kota)
Hamid Rashid Ma`ala Politician Iraq
Burhanettin Uysal 53 Politician Turkey (Ankara)
Béchir Ben Yahmed 93 Journalist France (Paris)
María Colombo de Acevedo 64 Politician Argentina (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca)
Jos De Man 88 Lawyer, journalist, and writer Belgium (Antwerp)
Sabbam Hari 68 Politician India (Visakhapatnam)
4 May 2021 Antony Anandarayar 75 Bishop India (Chennai)
Omar Hugo Gómez 65 Footballer Argentina (Florencio Varela)
Paulo Gustavo 42 Actor and comedian Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Abhilasha Patil 47 Actress India (Mumbai)
Willian Santiago 30 Illustrator, graphic designer, and educator Brazil (Londrina)
Subhadra Sen Gupta 68 Writer India
T. S. Shanbhag 84 Bookseller India (Bangalore)
5 May 2021 Renuka Sharma 81 Film director India (Bangalore)
Sriprada Actress India
Ashraf Sehrai 77 Politician India (Jammu)
K. V. Thikkurissi 88 Writer and poet India (Thiruvananthapuram)
Vivek Yadav 36 Cricketer India
Thangjam Nandakishor Singh 64 Politician India
6 May 2021 G. Anand 67 Singer India
Dal Bahadur Kori 64 Politician India
Prateek Chaudhuri 49 Musician India (Delhi)
Daniele Cioni 62 Shooter Italy (Campi Bisenzio)
Comagan 48 Singer, composer, and actor India
Carlos Timoteo Griguol 84 Footballer and manager Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Shamim Hanafi 82 Dramatist and literary critic India (New Delhi)
Bhaskar Maiya 70 Author, scholar, and translator India (Udupi)
Basil Bhuriya 65 Bishop India (Indore)
Pandu 74 Actor and comedian India (Chennai)
Sumbul Shahid 66–67 Actress Pakistan (Lahore)
Ajit Singh 82 Politician India (Gurgaon)
Matang Sinh 58 Politician India
7 May 2021 M. Y. Eqbal 70 Judge India (Gurgaon)
Vinod Kumar Singh 57 Politician India
Ram Sajan Pandey 64 Politician India (Rohtak)
Jamal Salameh 75 Songwriter and melodist Egypt (Giza)
Kalthoon Thilak 78 Actor India (Chennai)
8 May 2021 Tanveer Akhtar Politician India
Theodore Katsanevas 74 Politician Greece
Maharaj Krishan Kaushik 66 Field hockey player India (New Delhi)
Ravinder Pal Singh 60 Field hockey player India (Lucknow)
9 May 2021 Miguel Lifschitz 65 Politician Argentina (Rosario)
Raghunath Mohapatra 78 Politician India (Bhubaneswar)
K. B. Shanappa 82 Politician India (Gulbarga)
Meraj Uddin Mollah 75 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
10 May 2021 Sami Hasan Al Nash 64 Football manager Yemen (Aden)
Salem Chandrasekharan Film producer India
Marc Daniëls 61 Comic book artist Belgium (Jette)
Cristopher Mansilla 30 Track and road cyclist Chile (Puerto Natales)
Thummala Narsimha Reddy 45 Actor and journalist India (Hyderabad)
Rasa Singh Rawat 79 Politician India (Ajmer)
Joker Thulasi 71 Actor and comedian India (Chennai)
11 May 2021 Madampu Kunjukuttan 79 Screenwriter and actor India (Thrissur)
Rashid Meer 70 Poet and editor India (Vadodara)
Vladislav Yegin 32 Ice hockey player Russia
12 May 2021 Homen Borgohain 88 Journalist and novelist India (Guwahati)
Nick Downie 74 Journalist and soldier South Africa
Rajeev Karwal 58 Businessman India
Maran 48 Actor and singer India (Chengalpattu)
Higinio Vélez 73 Baseball manager Cuba (Havana)
13 May 2021 Indu Jain 84 Publishing executive India (New Delhi)
14 May 2021 Matheus Shikongo 70 Politician Namibia
Olga Domouladzhanova 52 Boxer Russia
Jarnail Singh 47–48 Politician and journalist India (Delhi)
15 May 2021 R. L. Bhatia 99 Politician India (Amritsar)
Sunil Jain 58 Journalist India (New Delhi)
16 May 2021 Nadia Al-Iraqia 57 Actress Egypt (Cairo)
Anjan Bandyopadhyay 55 Television journalist India (Kolkata)
Rajendrasinh Jadeja 65 Cricketer and umpire India (Rajkot)
Rajiv Satav 46 Politician India (Pune)
Chetan Karki Film director Nepal
17 May 2021 K. K. Aggarwal 62 Physician and cardiologist India (Delhi)
Amarendra Mohanty 63 Composer and singer India (Bhubaneswar)
Héctor Silva 75 Rugby union player and coach Argentina (La Plata)
K. Thurairetnasingam 80 Politician Sri Lanka (Kantale)
Nitish Veera 45 Actor India
Vivek Raj Wangkhem 47 Politician India
18 May 2021 Chaman Lal Gupta 87 Politician India (Jammu)
Vijay Kumar Kashyap 56 Politician India (Gurgaon)
19 May 2021 Pablo Calucho 41 Journalist Bolivia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra)
David Anthony Kraft 68 Comic book writer United States (Gainesville)
Prasanta Mohapatra 47 Cricketer India
Jagannath Pahadia 89 Politician India (Gurgaon)
Tshoganetso Tongwane 65 Politician South Africa
20 May 2021 Samir Ghanem 84 Actor, singer, and comedian Egypt (Giza)
Irom Maipak 53 Cinematographer India
U. Visweswar Rao 74 Film director and screenwriter India
Tarannum Riyaz 60 Writer India
Rizuan Abdul Hamid Politician Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Sándor Puhl 65 Football referee Hungary
21 May 2021 Sunderlal Bahuguna 94 Environmentalist India (Rishikesh)
Ajoy Dey 69 Politician India (Kolkata)
Rajkumar Keswani 70 Journalist India (Bhopal)
Rana Kharkongor 69 Singer India
Usman Mansoorpuri 76 Islamic scholar India
Dinesh Mohan 75 Engineer India (New Delhi)
Klemen Tinal 50 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
22 May 2021 Syamsuddin Mahmud 86 Politician and economist Indonesia (Banda Aceh)
Cornelia Oberlander 99 Landscape architect Canada (Vancouver)
Y. C. Simhadri 80 Academic India
23 May 2021 Srikumar Banerjee 75 Engineer India
Luiz Gonzaga Paes Landim 79 Politician Brazil (Teresina)
Shanti Pahadia 86 Politician India
24 May 2021 Cabo Almi 58 Politician Brazil (Campo Grande)
Najeeb Qahtan al-Shaabi 67–68 Politician Yemen (Aden)
John Davis 66 Singer Germany (Nuremberg)
Jeetmal Khant 58 Politician India (Udaipur)
1 May 2021 José Melitón Chávez 63 Bishop Argentina (San Miguel de Tucumán)
Ben Kruger 64 Actor and author South Africa (Pretoria)
Jai Srinivas Singer India (Hyderabad)
26 May 2021 Abdul Wahab Al-Dailami 82–83 Politician Turkey (Istanbul)
Arturo de Jesús Correa Toro 80 Bishop Colombia (Pasto)
Majendra Narzary 68 Politician India (Guwahati)
27 May 2021 Shantiraj Khosla 54 Composer and singer India (Cuttack)
Mohan Raj Malla Politician Nepal
Nelson Sargento 96 Musician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Lorina Kamburova 29 Actress Russia (Moscow)
28 May 2021 Resurreccion Acop 73 Politician and doctor Philippines (San Juan)
Barbara Ossenkopp 77–78 Dancer, actress and animal rights activist Indonesia (Jakarta)
Pragmulji III 85 Maharaja of Kutch India (Bhuj)
29 May 2021 Munirathna Anandakrishnan 92 Civil engineer India (Chennai)
Leho Ram Boro 63 Politician India
Venkat Subha Actor, writer, and producer India (Chennai)
30 May 2021 Harussani Zakaria 82 Islamic scholar Malaysia (Ipoh)
Baddegama Samitha Thero 69 Politician and monk Sri Lanka (Matara)
Mythili Sivaraman 81 Women's rights activist India (Chennai)
31 May 2021 Laxmikant Sharma 60 Politician India (Bhopal)
1 June 2021 Silvio Francesconi 68 Footballer and manager Italy
Hsing Yin Shean 62 Politician Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)
Ujwal Thapa 44 Entrepreneur and political activist Nepal (Lalitpur)
2 June 2021 Linah Mohohlo 69 Banker Botswana (Gaborone)
G. Ramachandran 73 Film producer and actor India (Chennai)
Bijayshree Routray 67 Politician India (Bhubaneswar)
Tsutomu Yamazaki 74 Politician Japan
3 June 2021 Lakshmi Nandan Bora 88 Writer India (Guwahati)
4 June 2021 Roberto Depietri 55 Footballer Argentina (Bahía Blanca)
Loris Dominissini 59 Footballer and manager Italy (San Vito al Tagliamento)
Vadim Kapranov 81 Basketball player Russia (Moscow)
5 June 2021 Bikram Keshari Barma 81 Politician India (Bhubaneswar)
Narinder Bragta 68 Politician India (Chandigarh)
6 June 2021 Michel Host 83 Writer France (Paris)
7 June 2021 Carlos Marincovich 77 Racing driver Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur 73 Politician Iran (Tehran)
8 June 2021 Sylvain Ducange 58 Bishop Haiti (Mirebalais)
Kamla Verma 93 Politician India (Jagadhri)
9 June 2021 Osvaldo Gonella 53 Roller hockey player Argentina (Villa Mercedes)
Abdul Latif Ibrahimi 62 Politician Afghanistan (Kabul)
10 June 2021 Fazlullah Mujadedi 63–64 Politician Afghanistan
Douglas Cagas 77 Politician and convicted murderer Philippines (Digos)
Alexander Ishchein 68 Bishop Azerbaijan (Baku)
Willem Konjore 75 Politician Namibia (Windhoek)
Larisa Shoygu 68 Politician Russia (Moscow)
11 June 2021 Taha Karaan 52 Islamic scholar South Africa (Cape Town)
Ashok Panagariya 71 Neurologist and medical researcher India (Jaipur)
Siddalingaiah 67 Poet and politician India (Bangalore)
Ivo Baldi Gaburri 74 Bishop Peru (Huaraz)
Surat Mathur 90 Athlete India (Delhi)
12 June 2021 Marco Maciel 80 Politician Brazil (Brasília)
Jesús Martín-Barbero 83 Scientist Colombia (Cali)
Igor Zhelezovski 57 Skater Belarus (Minsk)
13 June 2021 Hryhorii Chapkis 81 Dancer and choreographer Ukraine (Kyiv)
Carlos Geraldo Langoni 76 Banker Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Nirmal Saini 82 Volleyball player India (Mohali)
14 June 2021 Mburumba Kerina 89 Politician Namibia (Windhoek)
15 June 2021 Paul Alois Lakra 65 Bishop India (Ranchi)
Ari Magalhães 92 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
Benon Magezi 60 Bishop Uganda (Kampala)
James Jim Skosana 59 Politician South Africa
16 June 2021 Jabu Mabuza 63 Businessman South Africa
John Osmers 86 Bishop Zambia (Lusaka)
Joel Otim 49 Athlete Uganda (Kampala)
Zhou Qingjun 77 Social activist Taiwan (Taipei)
17 June 2021 Shaman Mithru 43 Cinematographer and actor India (Chennai)
18 June 2021 Rodrigo Munilla 44 Journalist Argentina (Buenos Aires)
S. Ramesan Nair 73 Poet and lyricist India (Ernakulam)
Vekuii Rukoro 66 Tribal leader and poliician Namibia (Windhoek)
Milkha Singh 91 Athlete India (Chandigarh)
19 June 2021 Jayanta Naskar 73 Politician India (Kolkata)
Tapu Mishra 36 Singer India (Bhubaneswar)
20 June 2021 Alex Hesegem 63 Politician Indonesia (Jayapura)
Anatoly Lysenko 84 Film director Russia (Moscow)
Waldir Lucas Pereira 39 Footballer Brazil (Campinas)
Sergey Shevchenko 45 Footballer Russia (Smolensk)
21 June 2021 Horacio González 77 Academic and essayist Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Reshma 42 Actress India
Hatiro Shimomoto 86 Politician Brazil (São Paulo)
22 June 2021 Poovachal Khader 72 Lyricist India (Thiruvananthapuram)
23 June 2021 Brian Baker 47 Politician United States (Missouri)
Ramón Romero Roa 55 Politician Paraguay (Asunción)
René Sylvestre 58 Judge Haiti (Mirebalais)
Daniel Vélez 47 Footballer Colombia (Medellín)
23 June 2021 Marcos Ferrufino 58 Footballer Bolivia (Oruro)
Ahmed Bilal Shah 67 Doctor and television personality Zimbabwe (Harare)
26 June 2021 John Mario Ramírez 50 Footballer Colombia (Tunja)
28 June 2021 Sergio Víctor Palma 65 Boxer Argentina (Mar del Plata)
29 June 2021 Dalenda Abdou 92 Actress Tunisia
Goolam Rajah 74 Cricket manager and pharmacist South Africa (Johannesburg)
Carlos Vilar 91 Sailor Argentina (Buenos Aires)
César Virguetti 66 Politician Bolivia
30 June 2021 Richard Dolley 61 Cricketer and hockey administrator South Africa
Sharad Tripathi 49 Politician India (Gurgaon)
1 July 2021 Yury Dokhoian 56 Chess player Russia (Moscow)
Noble Banadda 46 Engineer Uganda (Kampala)
Steve Kekana 62 Singer South Africa (Johannesburg)
2 July 2021 Kōbō Kenichi 47 Sumo wrestler Japan (Nagoya)
Lehlo Ledwaba 49 Boxer South Africa
Manteb Soedharsono 72 Puppeteer Indonesia
3 July 2021 Nikolay Konstantinov 89 Mathematician Russia
John Siffy Mirin 42 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
Roberto Rodríguez 84 Bishop Argentina (Jesús María)
Rachmawati Sukarnoputri 70 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
4 July 2021 Burhan Abdurahman 64 Politician Indonesia (Makassar)
Samuel Ankama 41 Politician Namibia (Ongwediva)
Sanford Clark 85 Rockabilly singer United States (Joplin)
Abebech Gobena 83 Humanitarian Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)
Harmoko 82 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
Adang Sudrajat 58 Politician Indonesia (Bandung)
5 July 2021 Vladimir Menshov 81 Actor and film director Russia (Moscow)
Stan Swamy 84 Jesuit priest India (Mumbai)
6 July 2021 Nikolai Reznichenko 69 Military officer Russia
Betty Mpeka 67 Doctor Uganda
7 July 2021 Cameron Mackenzie 60 Politician South Africa (Fourways)
8 July 2021 Virbhadra Singh 87 Politician India (Shimla)
9 July 2021 Geoff Makhubo 53 Politician South Africa (Johannesburg)
10 July 2021 Homen D' Wai 50–51 Film director India
P. K. Warrier 100 Doctor India (Kottakkal)
11 July 2021 Eka Supria Atmaja 48 Politician Indonesia (Kelapa Dua)
12 July 2021 Ben Ngubane 79 Politician South Africa
Paulose II 74 Bishop India
13 July 2021 Kumutha Rahman 42 Politician Malaysia (Putrajaya)
Pedro Wosgrau Filho 73 Politician Brazil (Ponta Grossa)
15 July 2021 Godefroid Mana Kangudie 67 Philosopher Russia (Moscow)
Pyotr Mamonov 70 Musician Russia (Moscow)
Sugiharto 66 Politician Indonesia (Jakarta)
16 July 2021 Rajib Ghosh 59 Journalist India
Joyce Maluleke 60 Politician South Africa
Harry M. Rosenfeld 91 Journalist United States (Slingerlands)
17 July 2021 Khurram Khan Chowdhury 75 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Graham Vick 67 Opera director United Kingdom (London)
18 July 2021 Afaz Uddin Ahmed 95 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
19 July 2021 Emilio Mario Osmeña 82 Politician Philippines (Cebu City)
Mohammed Sabila 79 Writer and philosopher Morocco
20 July 2021 Theo Jubitana 56 Politician Suriname (Paramaribo)
Nyan Win 78 Politician Myanmar (Yangon)
Noureddine Saâdi 71 Football manager Algeria (Algiers)
21 July 2021 Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Smirnov 63 Politician Russia (Kislovodsk)
22 July 2021 Vladimir Bogdashin 69 Military officer Russia (Moscow)
Boris Chochiev 66 Politician Russia (Vladikavkaz)
John Hsane Hgyi 67 Bishop Myanmar (Pathein)
Ian Palmer 55 Football manager South Africa
Saw Mo Shay 63 Military officer Myanmar (Yangon)
Andre Thysse 52 Boxer South Africa
Hikmat Singh Verma 65 Politician Fiji (Suva)
Christianto Wibisono 76 Businessman Indonesia (Jakarta)
23 July 2021 Fakir Alamgir 71 Singer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Jimmy Demianus Ijie 53 Politician Indonesia
Tito Lupini 65 Rugby coach South Africa (Johannesburg)
Lulama Ntshayisa 62 Politician South Africa
24 July 2021 Yevgeni Pupkov 45 Ice hockey player Kazakhstan
25 July 2021 R. Rajamahendran 78 Businessman Sri Lanka
26 July 2021 René Juárez Cisneros 65 Politician Mexico (Mexico City)
Natty Hollmann 83 Philanthropist and humanitarian Argentina (Bahía Blanca)
28 July 2021 Porfirio Armando Betancourt 63 Footballer Honduras (San Pedro Sula)
Shahram Kashani 47 Singer Turkey (Istanbul)
29 July 2021 Geraldo Francisco dos Santos 59 Footballer United States (Los Angeles)
Min Yu Wai 92 Writer Myanmar
30 July 2021 Jacob Desvarieux 65 Singer and producer France (Pointe-à-Pitre)
Shona Ferguson 47 Actor and producer South Africa (Johannesburg)
Manuel Morato 87 Politician and television host Philippines (Quezon City)
Martha Sánchez Néstor 47 Human and women's rights activist Mexico
31 July 2021 Alvin Ing 89 Actor and singer United States (Burbank)
Jean-Claude Kazembe Musonda 58 Politician Democratic Republic of the Congo (Lubumbashi)
Chin Sian Thang 83 Politician Myanmar
Jacobus Frederick van Wyk 68 Politician South Africa (Steinkopf)
1 August 2021 Omar Jazouli 75 Politician Morocco (Marrakesh)
Gino Renni 78 Actor Argentina (Buenos Aires)
3 August 2021 María Teresa Marú Mejía 62 Politician Mexico (Mexico City)
Kazem Mohammadi 47 Futsal player Iran (Karaj)
Noel Guzmán Boffil Rojas 66 Painter Cuba (Santa Clara)
Nader Shariatmadari 61 Politician Iran
Gholam Hosein Shiri Aliabad 60 Politician Iran (Tehran)
4 August 2021 Zelá Brambillé 27 Novelist Mexico (Saltillo)
Dick Farrel 65 Radio broadcaster United States (West Palm Beach)
Paul Johnson 50 Musician United States (Evergreen Park)
J. R. Richard 71 Baseball player United States (Houston)
Moisés Torres 71–72 Politician Bolivia (Sucre)
5 August 2021 Aggrey Awori 82 Politician Uganda
Yevhen Marchuk 80 Politician Ukraine (Kyiv)
7 August 2021 Dalal Abdel Aziz 61 Actress Egypt (Mohandiseen)
Robert Martin Gumbura 66 Preacher and convicted rapist Zimbabwe (Harare)
Mohammad Hadis Uddin 80 Police officer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
8 August 2021 Fernando López de Olmedo Military officer Spain (Madrid)
Najma Chowdhury 79 Academic Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Oleksandr Rojtburd 59 Painter Ukraine (Kyiv)
9 August 2021 Viktor Likhonosov 85 Writer Russia (Krasnodar)
Craig Ogletree 53 American football player United States
Siti Sarah 36 Singer and actress Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Chucky Thompson 53 Music producer United States (Los Angeles)
10 August 2021 Júlio Chaves 76 Voice actor Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Samuel Marful-Sau 64 Judge Ghana
12 August 2021 Durdana Butt 76 Actress Pakistan (Karachi)
Tarcísio Meira 85 Actor Brazil (São Paulo)
Hadiza Shagari 80 First Lady of Nigeria Nigeria (Abuja)
13 August 2021 Alejandro Guzmán Brito 76 Jurist Chile
Henryk Hoser 78 Bishop Poland (Warsaw
Alia Muhammad Baker 68–69 Librarian Iraq (Basra)
Sheham Siddik 57 Rugby union player Sri Lanka
14 August 2021 Ibrahim Kalil Konaté 44 Politician Guinea (Conakry)
Boonruen Choonhavan 101 First Lady of Thailand Thailand (Bangkok)
15 August 2021 Abdur Rahim 68 Army officer Bangladesh (Dhaka)
16 August 2021 Simão Sessim 85 Politician Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Lucille Times 100 Civil rights activist United States (Montgomery)
17 August 2021 Kazenambo Kazenambo 58 Politician Namibia (Windhoek)
Ibrahim Mantu 74 Politician Nigeria
Basil Mramba 81 Politician Tanzania
Saul Soliz 55 Martial artist United States (Houston)
Fereshteh Taerpour 68 Film producer Iran (Tehran)
19 August 2021 Sonny Chiba 82 Actor and martial artist Japan (Kimitsu)
20 August 2021 Mark Hamister 69 Businessman United States (Buffalo)
Brent Yonts 72 Politician United States (Owensboro)
21 August 2021 Phil Valentine 61 Radio broadcaster United States (Nashville)
Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza 82 Politician Angola (Luanda)
22 August 2021 Eric Wagner 62 Singer United States (Las Vegas)
23 August 2021 Brick Bronsky 57 Actor and wrestler United States (Sherman Oaks)
Yusuf Grillo 86 Painter Nigeria
Giovanni Pretorius 49 Boxer South Africa
24 August 2021 Olabiyi Durojaiye 88 Politician Nigeria
Hissène Habré 79 Politician and convicted war criminal Senegal (Dakar)
Mangala Samaraweera 65 Politician Sri Lanka (Colombo)
25 August 2021 Milan Gutović 75 Actor Serbia (Belgrade)
26 August 2021 Kenny Malone 83 Percussionist United States (Nashville)
Vladimir Shadrin 73 Ice hockey player Russia (Moscow)
28 August 2021 Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid 82 Politician Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Alioune Badara Cissé 63 Politician Senegal
Nasrul Abit 66 Politician Indonesia (Padang)
Giraldo González 63 Baseball player Cuba
29 August 2021 Lajim Ukin 66 Politician Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)
Tudor Gunasekara 86 Politician and diplomat Sri Lanka
Buddhadeb Guha 85 Writer India (Kolkata)
30 August 2021 Sakaran Dandai 91 Politician Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)
Messaoud Nedjahi 67 Writer France (Paris)
Robert David Steele 69 Intelligence officer and conspiracy theorist United States (Florida)
31 August 2021 Mahal 46 Actress Philippines (Tanauan)
Francisco Monterrosa 52 Artist Mexico (Juchitán de Zaragoza)
1 September 2021 Adalberto Álvarez 72 Musician Cuba
Carol Fran 87 Singer, pianist, and songwriter United States (Lafayette)
Jim Fuller 76 American Football player and coach United States (Texas)
Doug Green 66 Politician United States (Ohio)
Dan Swecker 74 Politician United States
2 September 2021 Aydin Ibrahimov 83 Wrestler Azerbaijan
Gurbanmuhammet Kasymow 68 Politician and diplomat Turkmenistan (Gokje)
Steve Lawler 56 Wrestler United States (Florida)
Hashibur Rahman Swapon 67 Politician Turkey (Istanbul)
Efren Arroyo 68 Television journalist Puerto Rico (San Juan)
3 September 2021 Ljubo Bešlić 63 Politician Croatia (Zagreb)
Hassan Firouzabadi 70 Military officer Iran (Tehran)
Enrique Molina 77 Actor Cuba (Havana)
John Watkins 98 Cricketer South Africa (Durban)
6 September 2021 Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi 59 Politician South Africa (Durban)
Sunil Perera 68 Singer Sri Lanka (Colombo)
Frank Russell 72 Basketball player United States
7 September 2021 Thanwa Raseetanu 50 Singer Thailand
8 September 2021 Abbas Ansarifard 65 Businessman Iran
Juan Guillermo López Soto 74 Bishop Mexico (Chihuahua City)
9 September 2021 Tarcísio Padilha 93 Philosopher Brazil
Richard McGeagh 77 Swimmer United States (Nashville)
10 September 2021 Charles Konan Banny 78 Politician France (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
Júlio Chaves 76 Voice actor Brazil
Syntar Klas Sunn 62 Politician India
André Zacharow 82 Politician Brazil
12 September 2021 Bernardino Cano Radil 65 Diplomat and politician Cuba (Havana)
Bob Enyart 62 Radio host and pastor United States (Denver)
Andreas Herczog 74 Politician Switzerland
13 September 2021 Borisav Jović 92 Politician Serbia (Belgrade)
15 September 2021 Fernando Mario Chávez Ruvalcaba 89 Bishop Mexico (Zacatecas City)
16 September 2021 Casimir Oyé-Mba 79 Politician France (Paris)
19 September 2021 Marina Tucaković 67 Singer Serbia (Belgrade)
22 September 2021 Eric Alfasi 49 Basketball player and coach Israel
Abdelkader Bensalah 79 Politician Algeria (Algiers)
Colin Jones 85 Photographer
Eliyantha White 48 Spiritual healer Sri Lanka (Colombo)
23 September 2021 Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino 79 Cardinal Venezuela (Caracas)
25 September 2021 Swapan Kumar Chakravorty 67 Author and academic India
26 September 2021 José Freire Falcão 95 Cardinal Brazil (Brasília)
27 September 2021 Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya 83 Politician and royal France (Paris)
28 September 2021 Phi Nhung 51 Singer and actress Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
29 September 2021 Hayko 48 Singer Armenia (Yerevan)
Lee Vernon McNeill 56 Sprinter United States (Fayetteville)
Julia Nixon 66 Singer United States (Raleigh)
30 September 2021 Donna Nalewaja 81 Politician United States (North Dakota)
1 October 2021 Oğuzhan Asiltürk 86 Politician Turkey (Ankara)
William Izarra 74 Politician and diplomat Venezuela (Caracas)
Andreas Neocleous 82 Lawyer and politician Cyprus (Nicosia)
2 October 2021 Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu 66 Politician Bangladesh (Dhaka)
3 October 2021 Samantha Epasinghe 54 Actress Sri Lanka (Horana)
Marc Pilcher 53 Makeup artist United Kingdom
4 October 2021 Peter Jenkins 77 Politician Canada (Vancouver)
5 October 2021 Zoran Stanković 66 Politician Serbia (Belgrade)
6 October 2021 Oleg Seleznyov 62 Politician Russia (Krasnodar)
7 October 2021 Reggie Parks 87 Professional wrestler and engraver United States (Tucson)
9 October 2021 Chito Gascon 57 Human rights lawyer Philippines
10 October 2021 Abdul Qadeer Khan 85 Nuclear physicist Pakistan (Islamabad)
12 October 2021 Raúl Baduel 66 Politician and military officer Venezuela (Caracas)
Ricarlo Flanagan 41 Actor and comedian United States
Renton Laidlaw 82 Golf broadcaster and journalist United Kingdom (Dundee)
14 October 2021 Marko Živić 49 Actor and television host Serbia (Belgrade)
Victor Sison 84 Footballer Philippines
14 October 2021 Phil Leadbetter 59 Musician United States

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