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UB-612 is a COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by United Biomedical, Inc. Asia [zh], Vaxxinity (formerly known as COVAXX), and Diagnosticos da America (DASA).[1] It is a peptide vaccine.[2][3]

It is composed of SARS-CoV-2 S1-RBD protein and synthetic peptides representing T cell (Th and CTL) epitopes on the nucleocapsid, spike and membrane proteins. The multitope composition is differentiated from other solely spike-protein based vaccines. By recognition against epitopes on Spike (S1-RBD and S2) and non-Spike (N and M) structure proteins, UB-612 provides B-cell and T-cell memory immunity and offers a potential as a universal vaccine to fend off the Omicron variant and new emerging variants of concern.[4][5]


UB-612 is a peptide vaccine incorporating multiple epitopes, including the spike protein receptor binding domain as well as other virus structural proteins.[1][3] The spike protein peptide is fused to an Fc domain of single-chain IgG1, and the other six peptides are derived from highly conserved sequences from the spike, nucleocapsid, and membrane proteins of SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2. It also contains a proprietary UBITh1 peptide derived from the measles virus fusion protein, CpG oligonucleotides, and aluminum phosphate adjuvant to improve the immune response. It is produced in CHO cells.[2]

Clinical trials

In September 2020, phase I clinical trials of UB-612 started in Taiwan.[6] and in January 2021, phase II clinical trials began in Taiwan.[7] In February 2021, phase II/III clinical trials began.[8] As of June 2021, no data from the clinical trials in Taiwan had been published.[9]

In March 2022, UB-612 started phase III clinical trials in the United States.[10]

Research and development

In June 2021 Reuters reported that the US-based COVAXX vaccine development was a for-profit venture initiated by the Blackwater founder Erik Prince. Prince has described the profit-making possibilities in selling the COVID‑19 vaccine. The responsibility of creating distribution networks was assigned to an Abu Dhabi-based entity, which was mentioned as "Windward Capital" on the COVAXX letterhead, but was actually Windward Holdings. The firm's sole shareholder, which handled "professional, scientific and technical activities", was Erik Prince. As of March 2021, COVAXX had raised $1.35 billion in a private placement.[9]


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