Tony Johnson (Chinook)

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Tony Johnson is the former Education Director of Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, the Chairman of the Chinook Indian Nation (CIN) which has about 3000 people total, and he’s also a Chinuk Wawa language teacher. Johnson was born in South Bend, Washington, and he’s now living in Willapa Bay, Washington with his wife and children. He went to the University of Washington and Central Washington University to study Art and Anthropology. Tony Johnson has been a part of the cultural committee since he was three years old.[citation needed] His father is also a member of the Culture Committee and the Tribal Council. Johnson was named Oregon Indian Educator of the year in 2008.[1]


Johnson is now leading a 3000 person tribe. One of his ancestors is Oskalawiliksh, who signed a treaty in 1851. As a descendant of the Chinookan and the chairman of the CIN, he’s trying his best to get the government sign treaties that would let the Chinook community be able to stay in their villages and fish in their rivers. He also fighting to get the Chinook back their lands and their rights which were stripped by the government.


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