Prahar Janshakti Party

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Prahar Janshakti Party
LeaderOmprakash Babarao Kadu
FounderOmprakash Babarao Kadu
FoundedAchalpur, Maharashtra
IdeologyFarmers Development
ECI StatusRecognized State Party
  • UPA National level

(2019 - 2022)

(2019 - 2022) Maharashtra state

Seats in Lok Sabha
0 / 545
Seats in Rajya Sabha
0 / 245
Seats in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
02 / 288
Number of states and union territories in government
1 / 31
Election symbol
Election Symbol Cup & Saucer.png[1]

The Prahar Janshakti Party, abbreviated as, PJP is an Indian state-level political party in Maharashtra, India. PJP is a recognized state political party. PJP was founded in 1999 by Omprakash Babarao Kadu with the ideology of Farmers Development.