List of Commonwealth Games mascots

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Since 1978, the Commonwealth Games have had a mascot in each edition.

Edition Host Mascot(s) Description Pictures
1978 Canada Edmonton Keyano a brown bear
1982 Australia Brisbane Matilda a kangaroo[1] Matilda at the 1982 Commonwealth Games.jpg
1986 Scotland Edinburgh Scottie a Scottish Terrier
1990 New Zealand Auckland Goldie a kiwi bird
1994 Canada Victoria Klee Wyck an orca
1998 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Wira an orangutan
2002 England Manchester Kit a Devon Rex
2006 Australia Melbourne Karak a red-tailed black cockatoo
2010 India Delhi Shera a tiger Shera, the Mascot of the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 takes a pleasant ride in the Dal Lake of the Srinagar, in Jammu and Kashmir on June 29, 2010.jpg
2014 Scotland Glasgow Clyde a thistle[2] Clyde (Mascot).jpg
2018 Australia Gold Coast Borobi a Koala[2] Gold Coast - Surfer's Paradise - Borobi (mascot) statue.jpg
2022 England Birmingham Perry a Bull[3] Perry and Emma Lou.png

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