Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

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Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
FormerlyBetz Laboratories, Inc. (1957–1996)
Betz International (1972–1996)
BetzDearborn (1996–2002)
GE Betz (2002–2006)
GE Water & Process Technologies (2002–2008)
GE Energy Infrastructure (2008–2012)
GE Power & Water (2012–2017)
SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions (2017–2022)
Company typeDivision of Veolia Group
IndustryWater treatment
Founded1925; 99 years ago (1925) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
United States

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions) is a water technology company. It is part of Veolia Group and has operations in 130 countries in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, metals and mining, power, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and utilities.[1][2][3]


William H. Betz and L. Drew Betz founded Betz as a water purification business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1925. It later became Betz Laboratories and then Betz International.[citation needed]

BetzDearborn & Hercules, Inc.

In 1996, Betz acquired the Grace Dearborn water-treatment and process chemicals business from W. R. Grace and Company At that time Dearborn had 2,500 employees and sales of $400 million per year, while Betz claimed 4,100 employees and $800 million in revenue.[4] In 1998, the combined BetzDearborn Inc. was acquired by Hercules Inc. for $2.4 billion in cash and $700 million in assumed debt.[5]

GE Betz

In 2002, General Electric acquired BetzDearborn from Hercules Inc. and became known as GE Betz and was part of GE Infrastructure. At that time, the company had approximately $1 billion in revenue and a sales force of 2,000.[6] In the years that followed its purchase of BetzDearborn, GE also acquired Osmonics, Inc., Ionics, and membrane producer Zenon Environmental Systems, and by 2006 had combined them into GE Water & Process Technologies[7] In 2008, GE restructured its subsidiaries[citation needed] and GE Water & Process Technologies became part of GE Energy Infrastructure. In 2012, GE Energy was reorganized and the original Betz operations and the rest of GE Water & Process Technologies are now part of GE Power & Water[8]


In 2017, Suez closed on the purchase of GE Water and Process Technologies[9]


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