Veterinary Medicine Caucus

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Veterinary Medicine Caucus
Co-ChairKurt Schrader DVM (OR-5)
Co-ChairDusty Johnson (SD)
Political positionBi-Partisan
ColorsNone Official (Gray Unofficial)
Field of FocusHealth and Human Services
Seats in the House
36 / 435

The Congressional Veterinary Medicine Caucus is a Congressional Member Organization within the United States Congress and is officially recognized by the Committee on House Administration.

Information and purpose

According to the Caucus's official website and co-chair Kurt Schrader, the purpose of the Caucus is to:[1]

"...keep members informed about the opportunities and challenges facing veterinary medicine and help us to increase awareness of the importance of veterinary medicine on research, public health, animal health and welfare, food safety, and our overall economy."

The Caucus was co-chaired by Rep. Kurt Schrader, DVM (OR-5) and Rep. Ted Yoho, DVM (FL-03). Rep. Dusty Johnson from South Dakota will co-chair the Caucus with Schrader for the 117th Congress.[2]

The Caucus has existed in the United States House of Representatives for five Congressional cycles.[2]

It is worthy of note that since the establishment of the Caucus, all Congressmen and women who were registered as Veterinarians were members of the Veterinary Medicine Caucus.


Members of the Veterinary Medicine Caucus are ranked based upon their level of seniority in the caucus.[1][2]

Former members


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