Sergei Garmash

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Sergei Garmash
Сергей Гармаш
Garmash in 2010 at the premiere of Burnt by the Sun 2
Sergei Leonidovich Garmash

(1958-09-01) 1 September 1958 (age 65)
CitizenshipSoviet Union
Years active1974–present

Sergei Leonidovich Garmash (Russian: Серге́й Леони́дович Гарма́ш; born 1 September 1958) is a Soviet and Russian film and stage actor. He is a People's Artist of Russia.[1][2] In 2013 he was a member of the jury at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival.[3]


Early life and education

Sergei Garmash was born on September 1, 1958, in the city of Kherson of the Ukrainian SSR, in a family of workers. His mother, Lyudmila Ippolitovna was from a small village in Western Ukraine, she graduated after seven classes and spent her whole life working as a dispatcher at a bus station. Sergei's father, Leonid Trofimovich Garmash was a driver at first, then graduated from the institute and began to work in leadership positions.[2]

Garmash was a difficult child, he was expelled from school several times. After school, he wished to enter the nautical institute, but ended up filing documents for the Dnepropetrovsk theatrical school. He graduated from the school with a degree in "Puppet Theater Artist". Then he worked in Kherson, traveling with tours to nearby villages and collective farms.[4]

Two years later Garmash was called up for military service in the ranks of the Soviet Army in the building battalion. He served in the town of Bologoye.[5]

After serving in the army, in 1980 Garmash went to Moscow to apply to theater schools. Initially he filed application documents for three theatrical institutions at the same time. Later he picked the Moscow Art Theater School for his studies. Upon completion of Moscow Art Theatre School (class I. M. Tarhanova) in 1984, Garmash was accepted into the troupe of the "Contemporary" Moscow theater.


Sergei made his cinematic debut in 1984. His first work was the role of Urin in the heroic ballad of Alexei Simonov's Detachment with Aleksandr Feklistov. Then he acted in the films "In the Shooting Wilderness" (1985) by Vladimir Khotinenko, Wild Pigeon (1986) by Sergei Solovyov, "Ivan the Great" (1987) by Gabriel Yeghiazarova, Stalingrad (1989) by Yuri Ozerov, The Master and Margarita (1994) by Yuri Kara, Voroshilov Sharpshooter (1999) by Stanislav Govorukhin and many other films and series, before the beginning of the new millennium he starred in more than fifty films.

In 2001, for the role of the teacher of labor Semen Bespalchikov in the successful drama of Sergei Solovyov's Tender Age Garmash was awarded the prizes Nika Award and Golden Eagle. Later, Sergei received the Nika award for his roles in the films My Half-Brother Frankenstein (2004), 12 (2008) and Home (2011).

Garmash's significant roles include Major Korotkov in the detective series Kamenskaya, where he acted for five seasons, Yevgeny Markerants in the Mechanical Suite (2001) by Dmitry Meskhiev, Ivan in "Lover" (2002) by Valery Todorovsky, senior warrant officer Nikolai Krauz in the film 72 Meters by Vladimir Khotinenko, drunkard Yasha in Poor Relatives (2005) by Pavel Lungin, Major Popov in Katyn (2007) by Andrzej Wajda, Mels's father in the hit 1960s set musical Stilyagi (2008) by Valery Todorovsky.

Additionally, Sergei acted in the films Soundtrack of Passion (2009), Black Lightning (209), Lucky Trouble (2010), "Once" (2013), "The End of the Beautiful Era" (2015), The Duelist (2016), the series The Hethers of Major Sokolov (2014), Leningrad 46 (2015), The Investigator Tikhonov (2016) and Murka (2017), etc.

In 2017, the actor appeared in the films Attraction and "Cold Tango". He also appeared in Going Vertical, Matilda, as well as the comedy-adventure Partner, where he played a major police officer Khromov, whose soul and mind were transferred to the body of a year-old child.

Personal life

His wife is the Russian actress Inna Timofeeva (born 1963), a graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School, theater actress of the Moscow theater "Contemporary".

Evening in Toronto (January 2017)


Year Film Award Category Result
1999 Voroshilov Sharpshooter Nika Award Best actor in the supporting role Nominated
2000 Tender Age Nika Award Best actor in the supporting role Won
Golden Aries Best male actor in the supporting role Won
2001 Mechanical Suite Special prize of the permanent committee of the Union State "Hero of our time" — for the screen embodiment of true male character[6] Won
Nika Award Best male actor Nominated
2002 Lover Nika Award Best male actor Nominated
2003 And they Woke up in the Morning Golden Eagle Award Best actor in the supporting role Nominated
2004 The Devils Theatre award "Chaika" "A dazzling moment" Won
Our Own Golden Eagle Award Best male actor in film Won
72 Meters Best male actor in the supporting role Nominated
My Step-brother Frankenstein Nika Award Won
2005 Poor Relatives White Elephant Best actor in the supporting role Won
Nika Award Best male actor in the supporting role Nominated
2007 12 Golden Eagle Award Best male actor in film Won
Nika Award Best male actor Won
2008 Stilyagi Golden Eagle Award Best male actor in the supporting role Won
Nika Award Nominated
2009 Woe from Wit
(play in the Sovremennik Theatre)
Public and Business Award "Kumir" Best male actor in theatre (for the role of Famusov)[7][8] Won
2011 Home Nika Award Best male actor Won
Golden Eagle Award Best male actor in film Nominated
2012 The White Guard Golden Eagle Award Best male actor in television Nominated
2015 Leningrad 46 The professional prize of the Association of Film and Television Producers in the field of television movies Best actor of a television film/serial[9][10][11] Won





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