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Type of businessSubsidiary
Type of site
Over-the-top media service
Available inEnglish
Predecessor(s)Binge (TV channel)
HeadquartersArtarmon, New South Wales[1],
Area servedAustralia
CEOJulian Ogrin[2]
Key peopleAlison Hurbert-Burns
(Executive Director)[2]
  • Film distribution
  • Television distribution
UsersIncrease 1.263M (as of 8 August 2022)[3]
Launched25 May 2020; 2 years ago (2020-05-25)
Current statusActive

Binge is a video streaming subscription service available in Australia, owned by Streamotion (a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxtel). The service offers on demand and live entertainment, lifestyle, reality and movie programming.


In August 2018 it was reported Foxtel were expected to announce an entertainment subscription video on demand (SVOD) service. The service, internally code named Project Jupiter, aimed to combat the building competition from streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, and Amazon Prime Video. This new service would complement Foxtel's sports SVOD service which had been given the go-ahead (later launched as Kayo Sports) as well as offer an alternative to traditional satellite and cable Foxtel services.[4] In October 2018 it was reported as Foxtel planned to launch their sports streaming service it was rumoured if the service was a success Project Jupiter would launch in the first half of 2019 to coincide with the final season of Game of Thrones.[5] In March 2019 it was reported Foxtel had green-lit Project Jupiter, however, it would not launch in early 2019 as previously reported as Project Jupiter was believed to still require further testing.[1] In September 2019 it was reported Foxtel had assembled a staff of 40 ahead of the launch who were located within the same facility as sister-company Kayo Sports. It was also noted the service's code name had changed from Project Jupiter to Project Ares.[6]

On 23 May 2020 it was announced the new service would be called Binge which subsequently launched on 25 May 2020.[7]

Within 2022, Binge has no longer carried first-air rights on the FX series, starting with Under the Banner of Heaven and the first season of The Old Man. They later passed some of their existing FX titles over to Disney+, starting with Emmys-nominated miniseries, Mrs. America. As Disney now fully owned the FX titles following their output deals with Foxtel has expired, future FX titles were premiered on Disney+ via Star content hub.


Date Paying Subscribers Total Subscribers Ref
As of 4 August 2020 185,000 217,000 [8]
As of 30 September 2020 290,000 321,000 [9]
As of December 2020 431,000 468,000 [10]
As of 31 March 2021 561,000 679,000 [11]
As of 30 June 2021 733,000 827,000 [12]
As of 31 December 2021 928,000 1,040,000 [13]
As of 8 August 2022 1,192,000 1,263,000 [14]


At launch Binge was reported to offer over 10,000 hours of entertainment, lifestyle, reality and movie content without advertisements,[7] which was expected to expand to 20,000 hours of content within 12 months.[15]

Output deals

Binge shares access with Foxtel to various supplier for its television and movie content.

Not all content available on Foxtel may be available on Binge due to competing agreements with other distributor (including other Australian TV channels) and/or streaming services in Australia.[16]

Some of Binge’s suppliers include:


Binge also has an exclusive output agreement for HBO Max original shows made by Warner Bros. Discovery (shares access with Foxtel).[31] Like other streaming services, on Binge TV shows can disappear after license deals with distributors expire.

Notable televisions shows on Binge includes:


Binge has access to some of Foxtel movie output deals for movies including Australian cinema, Hollywood blockbusters, British films, independent film and other global releases. Binge may or may not share a same day release with Foxtel's Foxtel Movies release depending on the title and the output deal with its distributor. Some blockbusters like Universal Pictures’ Fast & Furious franchise had an exclusive window on Foxtel's Movies Package before being made available to Binge and other Foxtel on demand subscribes. Other titles like Zack Snyder's Justice League were offered as a day and date release across Binge and other Foxtel on demand platforms as a part of a global release strategy by HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery.[46]

Like other streaming services, movies on Binge can disappear after license deals with distributors expire.

Notable movies on Binge includes:

Live linear TV channels

Although Binge’s primarily focuses is on offering on-demand content, the service also offers live streaming of 25 Foxtel linear channels with no content blacked out. As a result, there is content available via live streaming which is not available on demand.[53] These channels still contain ads like on traditional Foxtel channels.[54]

The live linear TV channels are available in the TV section on Binge.

The following channels are available on Binge:[55]


Binge does not offer live sports but Binge’s sister company Kayo Sports does offer sport streaming packages in Australia.[56]

Subscription packages

As of May 25, 2020, Binge offers three tiers of monthly subscriptions defined by the number of simultaneous streams allowed – 1, 2, or 4 – and the quality of the streamed content from Standard Definition to High Definition. The subscriptions range from $10 to $18.[57]

Supported devices

Hardware supported[58]

The devices on this list are supported by Binge:

  • Apple TV - supported on 4th Generation or higher on tvOS 12+
  • Apple iPhones and iPads - supported on iOS 12+
  • Android Mobiles and Tablets - supported on Android 7+
  • Android TV OS - supported on Version 7.0+
  • Samsung Smart TV - Supported on all Samsung Smart TV's from 2017 onwards
  • Telstra TV - supported on TTV1 (4200TL), TTV2 (4700TL) and TTV3 (4701TL)
  • Chromecast - supported on Chromecast Ultra and latest 3rd Generation +

Software supported[58]

Supported web browsers by platform:

  • macOS (10.12+): Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Windows (10+): Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox

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