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EditorSteven Levy

Backchannel is an online magazine that publishes in-depth stories on technology-related news. Numerous prominent journalists have been recruited to write for the site, including Steven Levy,[1] Andrew Leonard,[2] Susan P. Crawford,[3] Virginia Heffernan,[4] Doug Menuez,[5] Peter Diamandis,[6] Jessi Hempel, and many others. In addition, Backchannel has interviewed many notable figures, such as Demis Hassabis[7] of Google DeepMind and Orrin Hatch[8] of the Republican Party.


Backchannel began as an in-house publication on the Medium website. In 2016, Backchannel was purchased by Condé Nast.[9] In 2017, it was announced [10] that Backchannel would be moving off Medium and be hosted by Wired, while remaining editorially independent.


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