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Life is the characteristic that distinguishes organisms from inorganic substances and dead objects.

Life or The Life may also refer to:

Human life

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  • The Life, an Australian radio programme hosted by the comedy duo Roy and HG
  • Life 103.1, the slogan for WLHC, an American radio station licensed to Robbins, North Carolina, United States
  • Life FM (disambiguation), one of several radio stations
  • Life Radio, a Philippine radio network


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Other uses

  • Life (cereal), a cereal distributed by the Quaker Oats Company
  • Life, Tennessee, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Living Is For Everyone, a suicide prevention initiative of the Australian government's National Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • LIFE Act, a 2000 United States immigration law
  • LYF (pronounced life), or Reliance LYF, a 4G smartphone brand owned by Reliance Industries
  • Life, a character who is Death’s wife in the animated series Adventure Time episode "The Gift That Reaps Giving" and "Together Again"

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