Zone Pro Site

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Zone Pro Site
總舖師 Zone Pro Site.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byChen Yu-hsun [zh]
Screenplay byChen Yu-hsun
Produced byLee Lieh
Yeh Ju-feng
StarringLin Mei-hsiu
Tony Yang
Kimi Hsia
CinematographyChienn Hsiang
Edited byCheung Ka-wai
Music byOwen Wang
1 Production Film
Ocean Deep Films
Distributed byWarner Bros. Taiwan
Release dates
Running time
145 minutes
BudgetNT$70 million[1]
Box officeNT$305 million (Taiwan)

Zone Pro Site (Chinese: 總舖師; lit. "Bandoh master chef"), also known as Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast, is a 2013 Taiwanese comedy film directed by Chen Yu-hsun, starring Lin Mei-hsiu, Tony Yang and Kimi Hsia.


Wan returns home to Tainan with an enormous debt after her modeling career in Taipei fails, only to find that her family's restaurant has been reduced to a single noodle stand. The situation is hopeless until a master chef decides to help her family return to glory.


  • Lin Mei-hsiu as Ai-fong, Master Fly Spirit's wife
  • Tony Yang as Hai, a self-proclaimed food doctor who helps people improve the taste of their dishes
  • Kimi Hsia as Wan, Master Fly Spirit's daughter
  • Wu Nien-jen as Master Silly Mortal
  • Ko I-chen as Master Fly Spirit
  • Hsi Hsiang as Master Ghost Head
  • Tuo Hsien as Master Tiger Nose
  • Wu Pong-fong as Teacher of Master Tiger Nose
  • Bamboo Chen as Debt collector A
  • Chen Wan-hao as Debt collector B
  • Rhydian Vaughan as Street musician
  • Ma Nien-hsien as Taxi driver


Zone Pro Site: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
ReleasedOctober 9, 2013
GenreFilm soundtrack
LabelAsia Muse
1."Fresco 壁畫 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:46
2."I'm Chan Hsiao-wan 我是沾醬油 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:57
3."Leaving 離開 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:33
4."Jin Ma Bo Un 金罵沒ㄤ"Lin Mei-hsiu03:01
5."PK! Puffy and Tsai 膨風嫂與阿財的PK (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:53
6."A Fifty-year Romance 五十年前的邂逅 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:03
7."Northern Gourmet Doctor With 16 Knives 北方十六把刀 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:56
8."San Ba A Hua Chui La Ba (A Hua version) 三八阿花吹喇叭(阿花版) (instrumental)"Kimi Hsia, Chen Chu-sheng, Chen Wan-hao, Lin Mei-hsiu04:20
9."Eggs' Happiness 蛋蛋的幸福 (instrumental)"Owen Wang02:00
10."Rice Will Also Be Proud Of It 米也會感到驕傲吧 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:04
11."Hsia's Fried Rice Noodles 月霞的炒米粉 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:31
12."Ghost Master's Theme Song 鬼頭的主題曲"Liu Wen-zheng03:32
13."Bridge the Gap? 不橋一下嗎? (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:45
14."We're Inseparable 我們不會再分離了 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:33
15."Highway Fools 有個虎鼻師"Ma Nien-hsien01:15
16."Escape 落跑 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:52
17."Silly Mortal Hotel 憨人大飯店 (instrumental)"Owen Wang02:08
18."The Beach & the Moon 沙灘與月球 (instrumental)"Owen Wang03:09
19."Chicken Belly Turtle 雞仔豬肚鱉 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:30
20."Wang's Soy-bean Sauce 王家醬油 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:59
21."Animals on Call's Delivery 招喚獸使命必達 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:41
22."The Traditional Spirit 古早心 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:20
23."Master Fly Spirit's Rain Boots 蒼蠅的雨鞋 (instrumental)"Owen Wang02:34
24."Attack On! Rosemary! 進擊的露絲米 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:23
25."Hawaii 夏威夷"Ma Nien-hsien02:39
26."Father's Speciality 爸爸的手路菜 (instrumental)"Owen Wang02:55
27."No Complaints, No Regrets 無怨無悔 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:53
28."Hsiao-wan's Lunch Box 小婉便當 (instrumental)"Owen Wang00:51
29."Gypsy Roaches 吉普賽蟑螂"Ma Nien-hsien01:20
30."I'm Sitting Next To You 偶在你左邊 (instrumental)"Owen Wang01:45
31."San Ba A Hua Chui La Ba (Lao Wang version) 三八阿花吹喇叭(老王版)"Sticky Rice04:08


It was the 6th highest-grossing film of 2013 in Taiwan, with NT$305 million.[2]

Film Business Asia's Derek Elley gave the film a rating of 8 out of 10.[3]

Awards and nominations

Award ceremony Category Recipients Result
50th Golden Horse Awards Best Original Film Score Owen Wang Nominated
Best Original Film Song Song: "Jin Ma Bo Un" ("金罵沒ㄤ")
Writer: Ma Nien-hsien
Performer: Lin Mei-hsiu
2014 Italy Asian Film Festival Best Film Zone Pro Site Won
2014 Amsterdam Food Film Festival Audience Award Zone Pro Site Won
2014 Devour! The Food Film Fest Golden Tine Award for Best Feature Zone Pro Site Won
2014 New York Asian Film Festival Audience Award Zone Pro Site Won
2014 Taipei Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Lin Mei-hsiu Won
Outstanding Artistic Contribution in Art Design Max Huang Won


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