Yle Radio Suomi

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Yle Radio Suomi
Yle Radio Suomi logo.png
Broadcast areaFinland
FrequencyFM 93.1–100.3
FormatMusic and sport
First air date
1 June 1990
WebsiteYle Radio Suomi

Yle Radio Suomi is a radio channel owned and operated by Finland's national public service broadcaster Yleisradio (Yle). The station's main focus is on music and sport, but it carries a variety of other programmes, including news and phone-ins, as well as up to eight hours a day of regional programming on weekdays (six hours on Saturdays). The channel is also noted for its live coverage of music festivals.

Yle Radio Suomi was established in June 1990 – as part of Yle's restructuring of its radio channels – to be a national network bringing together the country's 20 regional stations. In 2003, the channel's music policy was shifted with the aim of attracting a younger audience.[1] Yle Radio Suomi has consistently been Finland's most listened-to radio station, with a 44% overall audience share in 1999[2] and a 33% overall share (higher among older listeners) in 2013–2014.[3]


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