Véronique Barrault

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Véronique Barrault
Died3 May 2022 (aged 64)
Gironde, France
EducationAtelier international de Théâtre Blanche Salant

Véronique Barrault (1958 – 3 May 2022) was a French actress.[1]


Barrault studied at the Atelier international de Théâtre Blanche Salant and was known for her early successes in the theatre. She performed at Le Splendid and the Café de la Gare under the pseudonym "Coquillette".[2] She first appeared on film in French Fried Vacation 2, directed by Patrice Leconte. She acted alongside the likes of Josiane Balasko, Alain Chabat, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. In 2002, she held the leading role in the play Un vrai bonheur, written by Didier Caron [fr]. She spent her final years in the theatre and working as an acting coach.

Barrault was killed in a traffic collision in Gironde on 3 May 2022, at the age of 64.[3]





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