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Hello Everybody.

I've been on an extended Wikibreak since December 2006, but I'm back now on a limited basis. Trying to avoid anything too controversial.

Messages to me should be on User talk:DJ Clayworth.

I've been a Wikipedian since August 2003. I'm Canadian of British origin; I'm currently living in Ontario, where I program computers (predictable or what?).

I expected to be doing lots of work on Christianity and Theatre, but I ended up working on World War II in Western Europe. I had a brief foray into RAF related articles. I started with the aim of never editing an article related to Star Trek, but I found I had made a small edit to phaser so that ended.

I do a lot of vandalism reversion and recent changes patrol, and don't get the time to write major articles these days. However I've seen some articles like Battle of Normandy go from almost nothing to featured article.

Some of the things I have worked on:

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