Universal coronavirus vaccine

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A universal coronavirus vaccine, also known as a pan coronavirus vaccine, is a coronavirus vaccine that is effective against all coronavirus strains. A universal vaccine would provide protection against coronavirus strains that have caused disease in humans, such as COVID-19, while also providing protection against future coronavirus strains. Such a vaccine has been proposed to prevent future coronavirus epidemics and pandemics.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Efforts to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine began in early 2020.[3] In December 2021, NIAID director Anthony Fauci, virologist Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and David M. Morens endorsed the development of a universal coronavirus vaccine, advocating in favor of "an international collaborative effort to extensively sample coronaviruses from bats as well as wild and farmed animals to help understand the full "universe" of existing and emerging coronaviruses."[6][7][8]

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