Ukrainian Independent Information Agency

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IndustryNews agency
FoundedMarch 1993
HeadquartersKyiv, Ukraine
Owner1+1 Media Group[1] (Ukrainian) (Russian) (English)

The UNIAN or Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News (Ukrainian: Українське Незалежне Інформаційне Агентство Новин, УНІАН, romanizedUkrayins'ke Nezalezhne Informatsiyne Ahentstvo Novyn) is a Kyiv-based Ukrainian news agency. It produces and provides political, business and financial information, as well as a photo reporting service.

UNIAN is a part of 1+1 Media Group, related to oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi.[2][3]

UNIAN Building in Kyiv

UNIAN was founded in March[citation needed] 1993 as Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News.[4]

The agency has its own building, inherited from the period of the Soviet Union. It is situated on Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv.[5]

UNIAN offers own press conference hall to interested customers.[6][7]

UNIAN also runs its own TV channel, UNIAN TV. The channel's content includes news, analytical programs, documentaries, sport and movies. The General Producer of the channel is Vladyslav Svinchenko.[8]

The channel is available on satellite, cable and IPTV networks. It broadcasts unencrypted from the AMOS-2 satellite (4.0 W), at 10722 Horizonal, 27500.

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