The Film and Television Charity

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The Film and TV Charity
The Film and TV Charity
Formation1924 (as Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund)
TypeNonprofit organization
PurposeTo support people who work in the Film, TV and Cinema industries
Headquarters22 Golden Square, London W1F 9AD
United Kingdom
Official language
Alex Pumfrey
Acting Chair of Trustees
Cameron Saunders

The Film and TV Charity, formerly the CTBF (Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund), is the leading UK charity for people who work in the film, cinema and television industries, whose careers cover all aspects of pre-production and beyond, from script to screen and in a variety of roles.

Operating out of its main office in London, their services are available across the whole of the UK.

The charity owns the trademark for the Royal Film Performance, an event that has previously been attended by HM The Queen or other members of the British Royal Family. The most recent Royal Film Performance was in 2022 for the UK premiere of Top Gun: Maverick and was attended by Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge.[1]

The charity runs a 24/7 Support Line. The support line is available to discuss legal queries, mental health and wellbeing, financial troubles, family issues, or bullying and discrimination.


Better Mental Health/Looking Glass Survey

In 2019, the charity launched the Looking Glass Survey to explore the mental health conditions of the UK Film and TV industry. The results of this survey led the charity to create the Whole Picture Programme.[2][3]

In 2021, the charity ran the Looking Glass Survey again and it showed there were still major problems within the industry in relation to work strain, bullying & harassment and Mental Health.[4]

In 2022, the charity launched the third iteration of the Looking Glass Survey to measure the progress of work being done to tackle the Mental Health crisis facing the industry.[5]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In 2020, the charity added a new goal to their mission.[6] As part of this process, the charity published two written reports focusing on racism in the industry.[7][8]

Let's Reset

In 2021, the charity launched a year-long campaign titled "Let's Reset", supported by various major studios, production companies and industry bodies:[9]

  • Banijay
  • BBC
  • BBC Studios
  • BFI
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • IMG
  • ITV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • SKY
  • SKY Studios
  • SONY pictures entertainment
  • ViacomCBS
  • WarnerMedia
  • British Screen Forum
  • Coalition for Change
  • Creative Industries Federation
  • Directors UK
  • Film Distributors Association
  • Framestore
  • Independent Cinema Office
  • ScreenSkills
  • Time's Up
  • UK Screen Alliance
  • Women in Film and TV



Currently, the charity's Patron is HM the Queen.[11]


Anne Bennett, Debbie Chalet, Derek Cooper, Stan Fishman CBE, Sir Paul Fox CBE, Lord Grade CBE, Stephen Jaggs, Barry Jenkins OBE, Ian Lewis, David McCall CBE, David Murrell, Sir Alan Parker CBE, Denise Parkinson, Lord Puttnam CBE, Sir Sidney Samuelson CBE, Jeremy Thomas CBE, Michael G. Wilson OBE.[11]


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