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Years active2021–present
LabelsUniversal Music
DJ Astronaut (backing)

Subwoolfer is a Norwegian pop duo formed in 2021. The two members perform in black suits with white shirts with distinctive yellow wolf-head masks and yellow gloves and ties and go by the pseudonyms Keith and Jim.[2] Their real identities have not been publicly revealed.[2] After winning Melodi Grand Prix 2022, they represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with their debut song "Give That Wolf a Banana".[3] The name of the duo is a combination of the words subwoofer and wolf.[4]


On 10 January 2022, the Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, revealed that Subwoolfer would compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2022, the Norwegian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.[5] Having been selected as an automatically qualified finalist, they were scheduled to showcase their entry "Give That Wolf a Banana" in the third heat of the competition on 29 January.[6] However, their performance was postponed to the fourth heat, due to a positive COVID-19 test.[6] They performed "Give That Wolf a Banana" again in the final on 19 February, and went on to win the competition with 368,106 votes from the public.[2] With their victory, they were selected to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which was held in Turin, Italy.[7]

On 11 February 2022, Subwoolfer released a Valentine's Day version of "Give That Wolf a Banana", titled "Give That Wolf a Romantic Banana".[8] As of 17 May 2022, "Give That Wolf a Banana" has been streamed more than 11.6 million times on Spotify,[9] with its Valentine edition having been streamed over 560,000 times.[10]

As Keith and Jim dress in yellow wolf-like masks during peformances, the duo's real identities have remained undisclosed. Their desired anonymity has led to some speculation on social media regarding their identities. Among Keith and Jim's speculated identities are the Ylvis brothers, Gaute Ormåsen, Ben Adams and Erik & Kriss.[7][11][12] A fictional origin story about the duo states that they are the "most successful band in our galaxy," and began their career "4.5 billion years ago on the Moon".[5]

On 10 May 2022, NRK filmed DJ Astronaut taking off his helmet, with his identity speculated to be Tix, the Norwegian entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.[13][14][15] This was later denied by the Norwegian head of delegation, Stig Karlsen, and Tix himself. Tix was later revealed to be the Norwegian jury spokesperson for the Eurovision 2022 final.[16]



List of singles, with selected chart positions
Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Give That Wolf a Banana"[3] 2022 4 59 46 54 13 47 Non-album singles
"Give That Wolf a Romantic Banana"[8]


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