Sakudumbam Shyamala

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Sakudumbam Shyamala
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Directed byRadhakrishnan Mangalath
Written byKrishna Poojapura
Produced byS.Gopakumar
CinematographyJibu Jacob
Edited byManoj
Music byM. G. Sreekumar
Distributed byKochuveettil Films
Release date
  • 23 July 2010 (2010-07-23)

Sakudumbam Shyamala is a 2010 Malayalam comedy film directed by Radhakrishnan Mangalath and written by Krishna Poojapura. The film has Uravashi, Kunchako Boban, Nedumudi Venu, Sai Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu, and Bhama in the main roles.


Shyamala (Urvashi) was not very good at her studies and fails in her Pre-degree examination. Her family, especially her brother Sekharan (Nedumudi Venu) loves her a lot. They arrange her marriage with an American guy, but he wants Shyamala to pass her Pre-Degree for the marriage to happen. Things become different when Shyamala falls in love with Vasudevan (Sai Kumar), a Malayalam tutor in the college and marries him. Her family abandons her. Now Shymala is the mother of a 25-year-old son Akash (Kunchacko Boban).

Shyamala's biggest dream is her 25-year-old son's marriage to the daughter of any rich American Malayali. Akash is a video editor for a channel, while Vasudevan is an employee in the Collectorate, while Shyamala's brother is the District Collector. She tries to win over her brother who is angry with her for her marriage to Vasudevan.

Once Shyamala gets beaten up by police while she was returning home from market. The political party that was organising the strike which resulted in it took this matter up and gave a lot of media coverage for it. Shyamala became the talk of the town and the party decides to take advantage of it by making her contest for the assembly elections. Shyamala wins comfortably and becomes the revenue minister. Many rich people come forward to get their daughters married to Akash. Shyamala's dreams shatter when Akash marries a girl of his choice, Nandana (Bhama), a TV reporter. A battle begins at home between Shyamala and Nandana.

Meanwhile, Shayamala's personal assistant Prakashan takes bribe and gets Shyamala's signature in some documents which becomes a big scandal. Shayamala is forced to resign from her ministerial post. When she is announced to be arrested, Shekaran, putting aside his old feud with her, reconciles with Shyamala and hides her from the police temporarily. Thus, brother and sister are reunited. Luckily for Shyamala, Nandana had doubts about Prakashan beforehand and so had given him a pen well before this incident. The pen had a hidden camera in it and it captured all the events that proved Shyamala innocence. The mafia behind the scandal gets arrested. Shyamala accepts Nandana as her daughter-in-law and is reconciles with her family.


Actor Role
Uravashi M.L.A.Shyamala Vasudevan
Kunchako Boban Akash Vasudevan
Sai Kumar Vasudevan
Bhama Nandana Vishwanathan/Nandana Akash
Suraj Venjaramood Kollankodu Pappan
Nedumudi Venu Shekaran IAS
Geetha Vijayan Shekaran's wife
Jagadish Subram – Shekaran's secretary
P. Sreekumar Chief Minister
Baby Esther Shyamala Jr
Abatis Thokalath Shekaran Jr
Priyanka Anoop


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