Saivar Thirumeni

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Saivar Thirumeni
Directed byShajoon Karyal
Written byRobin Thirumala
Produced byNahas
StarringSuresh Gopi
Manoj K Jayan
Samyuktha Varma
CinematographyP. Sukumar
Edited byRanjan Abraham
Music byRaveendran
Distributed byPunchiri Creations
Release date
Running time
160 minutes

Saivar Thirumeni (transl. Saivar high priest) is a 2001 Indian Malayalam-language action drama film directed by Shajoon Karyal and written by Robin Thirumala. It features Suresh Gopi, Manoj K. Jayan, Samyuktha Varma, Narendra Prasad, Nedumudi Venu, Jagathy Sreekumar, Sangeetha Mohan, and K. P. A. C. Lalitha in major roles. The music was composed by Raveendran. The plot revolves around Devadatthan (Suresh Gopi), a Namboothiri youth.[1]


Mazhamangalath Narayanan Namboothirippadu (Narendra Prasad) is the head of a prestigious Mazhamangalam house. His sons are Mazhamangalath Kunjikuttan (Jagathy Sreekumar) and Mazhamangalath Devadathan Namboothirippadu (Suresh Gopi), popularly known as Saivar Thirumeni in his village. His mates are Kunjappu (Augustine) and Neelakandan (Sadiq) who believe Saivar more than anything else. One day Narayanan was being welcomed by the villagers on his way back to Mazhamangalam house. One of the elephants named Ganeshan turns violent but calmed down by Saivar. He is appreciated by the villagers for his work. Later he moves to a church where he meets orphans with Father Kuruvithadam (Janardhanan) and Annie Joseph (Samyuktha Varma). Saivar falls in love with Annie but she is not able to reciprocate her feelings as her she fear her brothers who looks after her. Saivar sings a melodious Christian song in front of the orphan children and all are impressed by this.

Saivar then sets out with Kunjappu and Neelakandan to deal with drug businessmen who were headed by Paappa (Lalu Alex). Saivar fights them all and goes to Paappa's house. But he learns that Paappa actually wanted to smuggle the drugs and Saivar decided to block this somehow. As he was discussing with his mates regarding the same he gets a phone call regarding arrival of Mithran (Manoj K Jayan), Saivar's cousin brother along with his friend Thottungal Sam (Vijayakumar).



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