Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022
Country Romania
National selection
Selection processSelecția Națională 2022
Selection date(s)Semi-finals:
5–10 February 2022
12 February 2022
5 March 2022
Selected entrantWRS
Selected song"Llámame"
Selected songwriter(s)
  • Andrei Ursu
  • Cezar Gună
  • Alexandru Turcu
  • Costel Dominteanu
Finals performance
Semi-final resultQualified (9th, 118 points)
Final result18th, 65 points
Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄2021 2022

Romania participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, with "Llámame" performed by WRS. The Romanian broadcaster, Televiziunea Română (TVR), organised the national final Selecția Națională 2022 in order to select the Romanian entry for the 2022 contest. The national final consisted of three shows, including two semi-finals and a final. A total of 46 entries were selected and 10 qualifiers ultimately competed in the final on 5 March 2022, where the winner scoring top marks from both a jury panel and a public televote was selected.

Romania was drawn to compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest which took place on 12 May 2022. Performing during the show in position 14, "Llámame" was announced among the top 10 entries of the second semi-final and hence qualified to compete in the final. In the final, Romania placed 18th with 65 points. It was later revealed that the country placed 9th in the semi-final with 118 points.


Prior to the 2022 contest, Romania has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 21 times since its first entry in 1994. Its highest placing in the contest, to this point, has been third place, which the nation achieved on two occasions: in 2005 with the song "Let Me Try" performed by Luminița Anghel and Sistem, and in 2010 with "Playing with Fire" by Paula Seling and Ovi.[1] In 2020, Televiziunea Română (TVR) did not fully select its representative by means of the national final format Selecția Națională for the first time ever. They collaborated instead with Global Records to internally select the entrant, Roxen, with only her entry "Alcohol You" being selected through the national final.[2][3][4] However, the contest was ultimately cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The entrant was internally re-selected to take part in the 2021 contest with the song "Amnesia", which failed to qualify to the final, placing 12th in the first semi-final. This marked the third consecutive time that the nation failed to qualify to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004. Following the televised debate Eurovision... pe șleau! ("Eurovision... frankly!") on 5 July 2021 which featured personalities of the national music industry, the broadcaster confirmed their intentions to participate at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest on 20 October 2021 and would opt for a national final with several artists to select their 2022 entry.[5][6][7][8]

Before Eurovision

Selecția Națională 2022

Selecția Națională 2022 was the national final organised by TVR in order to select Romania's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.[8] The competition consisted of two shows: a semi-final featuring twenty songs and a final featuring ten songs to be held between 5 February and 5 March 2022.[9] The two shows were televised on TVR1, TVR HD, TVRi as well as online via the broadcaster's streaming service TVR+ and YouTube. The two shows are also being broadcast in Moldova via the channel TVR Moldova.[10] An additional three shows, titled Drumul spre Torino (Road to Turin) and hosted by Ilinca who represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, were aired on TVR1 between 5 and 7 February 2022 in order to give insight on the competing acts.[11]

Competing entries

TVR opened a submission period for artists and composers to submit their entries between 26 November 2021 and 19 December 2021. The broadcaster received 94 submissions within the submission deadline.[12] A jury panel consisting of Alexandra Ungureanu [ro] (singer), Ozana Barabancea [ro] (opera singer, actress), Randi [ro] (singer, producer), Cristian Faur (composer, producer) and Adrian Romcescu [ro] (composer, conductor) reviewed the received submissions on 21 and 22 December 2021, with each juror on the committee rating each song between 1 (lowest) and 10 (highest) based on criteria such as the melodic harmony and structure of the song, the orchestral arrangement, originality and stylistic diversity of the composition and sound and voice quality.[13] After the combination of the jury votes, the top 45 entries that scored the highest, one per artist that entered with more than one song, were selected for the national final. The competing entries were announced on 23 December 2021. Among the selected competing artists are Ciro de Luca, who represented Romania in 2007 as part of Todomondo, and Cezar Ouatu, who previously represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.[14][15]

On 28 December 2021, TVR announced that "Malere" performed by E-an-na would also participate in the competition following a successful appeal made by the performers. "Best of Me" performed by Alex Parker, Erik Frank and Bastien was withdrawn from the competition on the same day and replaced with Parker and Bastien's second song "All This Love".[16] "Hypnotized" performed by Barbara Tešija, was withdrawn from the competition on 5 February 2022.[17]

Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
Aldo Blaga "Embers" English Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Charlie Mason, John Matthews
Alex Parker and Bastien "All This Love" English Alexandru Ciacoi, Vlad Cireșan, Sebastian Tudor
Alexa "Hoodies and Cold Nights" English Radu Bolfea, Iñaki Calvo Medel, Omar Secada Dihigo, Alexa Niculae
Alina Amon "Without You" English Alina Amon
Ana "Youngster" English Ana Maria Lazăr
Andra Oproiu "Younique" English Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Paul Dubrovsky, Lee Music
Andrea Stocchino "Avere paura" Italian Andrea Stocchino, Nicolo Baldini, Emedio Mazzilli
Andrei Petruș "Take Me" English Călin Ionce, Silvia Ștefănescu
Aris "Do svidaniya" (До свидания) English[a] Michael James Down, Will Taylor, Primož Poglajen, Natalie Palmer
Ayona "Let Me Come to You" English Marius Cobianu
Barbara Tešija "Hypnotized" English Barbara Tešija, Marko Tomasović
Bogdan Dumitraș "Sign" English Alex Luft
Carmen Trandafir "Măști" Romanian Carmen Trandafir, Riona Sakurada
Cezar Ouatu "For Everyone" English Mihai Alexandru, Christian Alexandru
Ciro de Luca "Imperdonabile" Italian Ciro de Luca, Rareș Varniote
Cream, Minodora and Diana Bucșa "România mea" Romanian Alina Manolache, Costi Ioniță
Dan Helciug "241" English Dan Helciug
Dora Gaitanovici "Ana" Romanian Dora Gaitanovici
E-an-na "Malere" Romanian Andrei Oltean, Ovidiu Ban
Eliza G "The Other Half of Me" English, Italian Valerio Carboni, Giuseppe Anastasi, Mike Connaris, Elisa Gaiotto
Eugenia Nicolae feat. Cazanoi Brothers "Doina" Romanian Eugenia Nițu, Cezar Cazanoi, Anatolie Cazanoi, Liviu Tănăsoiu
Fabi "That Way" English Fabian Ferrara
Forțele de muncă "Hai afară, frate!" Romanian Florin Dumitrescu
Gabriel Basco "One Night" English Gabriel Bîscoveanu, Roland Kiss, Dominic Dehen Perfetti
Giulia-Georgia "Find Your Way" English Giulia-Georgia Beiliciu
Ivel "Neverending" English Ivelin Trakiyski
Jessie "Regret" Romanian Alexander Sambo, Bianca Dragomir, Bogdan Samoilenco, David Popa, Jessie Baneș, Loredana Căvășdan, Luca Călin, Olga Verbițchi, Tomi Weissbuch
Kyrie Mendél "Hurricane" English Kyrie Mendél
Letiția Moisescu "Mirunica" Romanian Ovidiu Junghiatu, Niculae Robert Andrei
Leyah "I'll Be Fine" English Magdalena Marica
Mălina "Prisoner" English Cornel-Valentin Oprea, Mălina-Elena Paraschiv
Miryam "Top of the Rainbow" English Ovidiu Anton
Møise "Guilty" English Shawn Myers, Jonas Gladnikoff
Oana Tăbultoc "Utopia" English Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Roeland Ruijsch
Olivia Miheț "Fragile" English Olivia Miheț, Mihai Costăchescu
Othello "You're Worthy" English Liviu Elekes, Roxana Elekes
Outflow "Running in Circles" English Florin Ciotlăuș, Lucian Călin Blaga, George Popa, Mircea Georoceanu
Petra "Ireligios" Romanian Petronela Donciu
Roberta-Maria Popa "Indigo" English Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Peter Frodin, Lee Music
Romeo Zaharia "Until the Fight Is Over" English Arnar Ástráðsson, Aidan O'Connor
Seeya "Save Me" English Idris Jafarov, Bogdan Ioan Tomosoiu
Sophia "Beautiful Lies" English Alexandru Bugan, Eduard Cârcotă, Sophia Ulianov
Stelian "Remember" English Călin Giurgiu, Stelian Ciuciuc, Niklas Bergqvist, Stefan Knutsson
Vanu "Never Give Up" English Cristian Prăjescu, Ioana Hrișcă, Teodora Constantin, Răzvan Alexa
Vizi "Sparrow" English Vizi Imre
WRS "Llámame" English[b] Andrei Ursu, Cezar Gună, Alexandru Turcu, Costel Dominteanu
  1. ^ Contains a repeated phrase in Russian.
  2. ^ Contains two repeated phrases in Spanish, with one of which being the song's title.


The semi-finals took place on 5–10 and 12 February 2022. Forty-five songs competed in the first semi-final and twenty qualified to the second semi-final. A jury panel first selected fifteen songs to advance, and a public online vote which took place on the Eurovision Romania Facebook page on 9 and 10 February 2022 then selected an additional five qualifiers from the remaining thirty entries.[18] On 9 February, "That Way" performed by Fabi was withdrawn from the semi-final due to Fabi testing positive for COVID-19,[19][20] while the twenty qualifying entries were announced on 10 February during the TVR evening news broadcast.[10][21] The second semi-final took place at the TVR studios in Bucharest, hosted by Anca Mazilu and Bogdan Stănescu with Ilinca hosting segments from the green room.[22] Twenty songs competed and the jury panel selected ten songs to qualify to the final.[23][24] The members of the jury panel that voted during the semi-finals were: Alexandra Ungureanu, Ozana Barabancea, Randi, Cristian Faur and Adrian Romcescu.[13]

  Jury qualifier   Online vote qualifier

Semi-final 1 – 5–10 February 2022[25]
Artist Song Votes Place Result
Aldo Blaga "Embers" 1,423 12 Advanced
Alex Parker and Bastien "All This Love" 453 31 Advanced
Alexa "Hoodies and Cold Nights" 863 20 Eliminated
Alina Amon "Without You" 985 16 Eliminated
Ana "Youngster" 380 35 Eliminated
Andra Oproiu "Younique" 1,860 8 Advanced
Andrea Stocchino "Avere paura" 502 28 Eliminated
Andrei Petruș "Take Me" 1,650 9 Advanced
Aris "Do svidaniya" 1,110 14 Advanced
Ayona "Let Me Come to You" 254 38 Eliminated
Bogdan Dumitraș "Sign" 444 32 Eliminated
Carmen Trandafir "Măști" 588 24 Eliminated
Cezar Ouatu "For Everyone" 598 23 Advanced
Ciro de Luca "Imperdonabile" 147 42 Eliminated
Cream, Minodora and Diana Bucșa "România mea" 1,497 10 Advanced
Dan Helciug "241" 1,271 13 Eliminated
Dora Gaitanovici "Ana" 3,218 2 Advanced
E-an-na "Malere" 10,124 1 Advanced
Eliza G "The Other Half of Me" 566 25 Advanced
Eugenia Nicolae feat. Cazanoi Brothers "Doina" 1,042 15 Advanced
Fabi[a] "That Way" 4 45 Withdrew
Forțele de muncă "Hai afară, frate!" 420 33 Eliminated
Gabriel Basco "One Night" 2,140 6 Advanced
Giulia-Georgia "Find Your Way" 457 30 Eliminated
Ivel "Neverending" 25 44 Eliminated
Jessie "Regret" 251 39 Eliminated
Kyrie Mendél "Hurricane" 148 41 Advanced
Letiția Moisescu "Mirunica" 500 29 Eliminated
Leyah "I'll Be Fine" 534 27 Eliminated
Mălina "Prisoner" 2,336 5 Advanced
Miryam "Top of the Rainbow" 902 18 Eliminated
Møise "Guilty" 537 26 Advanced
Oana Tăbultoc "Utopia" 2,629 4 Advanced
Olivia Miheț "Fragile" 274 37 Eliminated
Othello "You're Worthy" 329 36 Eliminated
Outflow "Running in Circles" 1,430 11 Eliminated
Petra "Ireligios" 251 39 Advanced
Roberta-Maria Popa "Indigo" 896 19 Eliminated
Romeo Zaharia "Until the Fight Is Over" 915 17 Eliminated
Seeya "Save Me" 71 43 Eliminated
Sophia "Beautiful Lies" 410 34 Eliminated
Stelian "Remember" 839 22 Eliminated
Vanu "Never Give Up" 2,084 7 Advanced
Vizi "Sparrow" 2,753 3 Advanced
WRS "Llámame" 842 21 Advanced
  1. ^ Although Fabi had withdrawn before the voting started, he was still included on the Eurovision Romania Facebook page.
Semi-final 2 – 12 February 2022[26]
Draw Artist Song Result
1 Alex Parker & Bastien "All This Love" Advanced
2 Aldo Blaga "Embers" Eliminated
3 Petra "Ireligios" Advanced
4 Vizi "Sparrow" Eliminated
5 Vanu "Never Give Up" Advanced
6 Mălina "Prisoner" Eliminated
7 WRS "Llámame" Advanced
8 Andrei Petruș "Take Me" Advanced
9 Møise "Guilty" Advanced
10 Gabriel Basco "One Night" Advanced
11 Cream, Minodora and Diana Bucșa "România mea" Advanced
12 Oana Tăbultoc "Utopia" Eliminated
13 Kyrie Mendél "Hurricane" Advanced
14 Dora Gaitanovici "Ana" Advanced
15 Cezar Ouatu "For Everyone" Eliminated
16 Andra Oproiu "Younique" Eliminated
17 E-an-na "Malere" Eliminated
18 Eugenia Nicolae feat. Cazanoi Brothers "Doina" Eliminated
19 Eliza G "The Other Half of Me" Eliminated
20 Aris "Do svidaniya" Eliminated


The final took place on 5 March 2022 at the TVR Studios in Bucharest, hosted by Eda Marcus and Aurelian Temișan [ro] with Ilinca hosting segments from the green room.[27] Ten songs competed and the winner, "Llámame" performed by WRS, was determined by the combination of the votes from the jury panel and public televoting. Each member of the jury voted by assigning scores from 1–8, 10 and 12 points to their preferred songs, with the juries awarding 290 points in total. The viewer vote was assigned by dividing the votes received by each song by the number of votes of the song that gained the most viewer votes. This number was then multiplied by 12 and rounded to two decimal places. For example, if song A received the most viewer votes and song B received 10% of song A's votes, then song A would be awarded 12 televoting points and song B would be awarded 1.2 televoting points.[14] The members of the jury panel that voted during the final were: Alexandra Ungureanu, Ozana Barabancea, Randi, Cristian Faur and Adrian Romcescu. In addition to the performances of the competing entries, the interval acts featured performances by 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala, who performed her winning song "1944", as well as seven 2022 Eurovision entrants: Intelligent Music Project (Bulgaria), Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov (Moldova), Vladana (Montenegro), Andrea (North Macedonia), Ronela Hajati (Albania), We Are Domi (Czech Republic) and Stefan (Estonia).[28][29]

Final – 5 March 2022[30]
Draw Artist Song Jury Televote Total Place
Votes Points
1 Andrei Petruș "Take Me" 11 807 2.59 13.59 9
2 Alex Parker & Bastien "All This Love" 27 429 1.38 28.38 7
3 Gabriel Basco "One Night" 35 1,048 3.37 38.37 4
4 Vanu "Never Give Up" 34 676 2.17 36.17 5
5 Petra "Ireligios" 34 412 1.32 35.32 6
6 Møise "Guilty" 10 585 1.88 11.88 10
7 Cream, Minodora and Diana Bucșa "România mea" 13 764 2.45 15.45 8
8 Kyrie Mendél "Hurricane" 46 641 2.06 48.06 2
9 Dora Gaitanovici "Ana" 32 3,737 12 44 3
10 WRS "Llámame" 48 3,497 11.23 59.23 1
Detailed jury votes
Draw Song A. Ungureanu O. Barabancea Randi C. Faur A. Romcescu Total
1 "Take Me" 1 1 1 3 5 11
2 "All This Love" 5 4 5 6 7 27
3 "One Night" 7 3 6 7 12 35
4 "Never Give Up" 4 6 4 10 10 34
5 "Ireligios" 6 12 8 5 3 34
6 "Guilty" 3 2 3 1 1 10
7 "România mea" 2 5 2 2 2 13
8 "Hurricane" 10 10 10 8 8 46
9 "Ana" 8 7 7 4 6 32
10 "Llámame" 12 8 12 12 4 48


Viewing figures by show
Show Date Viewing figures Ref.
Nominal Share
Final 5 March 2022 197,000 2.6% [31]

At Eurovision

According to Eurovision rules, all nations with the exceptions of the host country and the "Big Five" (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) are required to qualify from one of two semi-finals in order to compete for the final; the top ten countries from each semi-final progress to the final. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) split up the competing countries into six different pots based on voting patterns from previous contests, with countries with favourable voting histories put into the same pot. On 25 January 2022, an allocation draw was held which placed each country into one of the two semi-finals, as well as which half of the show they would perform in. Romania has been placed into the second semi-final, to be held on 12 May 2022, and has been scheduled to perform in the second half of the show.[32]

Once all the competing songs for the 2022 contest had been released, the running order for the semi-finals was decided by the shows' producers rather than through another draw, so that similar songs were not placed next to each other. Romania was set to perform in position 13, following the entry from Estonia and before the entry from Poland.[33]


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