Perusine War

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Perusine War
Date41–40 BC
Result Victory for Octavian, renewed alliance between Octavian and Antony
Octavian briefly loses, then regains, control of Rome
Roman forces of Octavian Roman forces of Fulvia and Lucius Antonius
Commanders and leaders
Octavian Fulvia
Lucius Antonius
125,000 48,000

The Perusine War (also Perusian or Perusinian War, or the War of Perusia) was a civil war of the Roman Republic, which lasted from 41 to 40 BC. It was fought by Lucius Antonius and Fulvia to support Mark Antony against his political enemy Octavian (the future Emperor Augustus).

Fulvia, who was married to Mark Antony at the time of the civil war, felt strongly that her husband should be the sole ruler of Rome instead of sharing power with the Second Triumvirate, especially Octavian. Her prominence in the ensuing conflict was unusual for Roman society, where women were excluded from power and their political contributions rarely documented.

Fulvia and Antony's younger brother, Lucius Antonius, raised eight legions in Italy.[1] The army held Rome for a brief time, but was then forced to retreat to the city of Perusia (modern Perugia, Italy). During the winter of 41–40 BC, Octavian's army laid siege to the city, finally causing it to surrender due to starvation when the besieged realized reinforcements from Italy or the East were not coming. The lives of Fulvia and Lucius Antonius were spared, and Antonius was sent to govern a Spanish province as a gesture to his brother. Antony exiled Fulvia to Sicyon, where she died of an unknown illness in 40 BC. She was declared posthumously to have been the sole cause of dispute between Antony and Octavian, whose repaired alliance was symbolized by Antony's new marriage to Octavian's sister Octavia. This arrangement collapsed eight years later, and Antony and Octavian resumed their civil war.


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