Parco del Valentino

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Parco del Valentino (also known as Valentino Park) is a popular public park[1] in Turin, Italy. It is located along the west bank of the Po river. It covers an area of 500,000m², which makes it Turin's second largest park (Turin's largest park, the 840,000m² Pellerina Park, is Italy's most extended urban green area).[1] This park has been nominated “The best Italian park” after a selection among the fifteen best Italian parks.


The Parco del Valentino was opened by the city of Turin in 1856,[2] and was Italy’s first public garden.

It hosted the Eurovision Village during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Racing circuit

Between 1935 and 1955 an occasional series of motorsport events were held on the roads within the park, including the 1946 Turin Grand Prix, which was the first Formula One race, and the 1948 Italian Grand Prix.[3] These races were generally known as the Gran Premio del Valentino.[2][4]

Year Race Title Race Winner Car Circuit Length Report
1935 I Gran Premio del Valentino Italy Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo Tipo B 4.09 km Report
1937 Circuito di Torino Norway Eugen Bjørnstad ERA A-Type 2.92 km Report
II Gran Premio del Valentino Italy Antonio Brivio Alfa Romeo 12C-36 2.92 km Report
1946 Coppa Brezzi Italy Piero Dusio Cisitalia D46 4.8 km Report
Turin Grand Prix Italy Achille Varzi Alfa Romeo 158 4.8 km Report
1947 IV Gran Premio del Valentino France Raymond Sommer Ferrari 159 S 4.8 km Report
1948 Italian Grand Prix France Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Romeo 158 4.8 km Report
1952 VI Gran Premio del Valentino Italy Luigi Villoresi Ferrari 375 4.2 km Report
1955 VII Gran Premio del Valentino Italy Alberto Ascari Lancia D50 4.4 km Report

Park contents

Buildings within the park include:[1]



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45°03′14″N 7°41′10″E / 45.054°N 7.686°E / 45.054; 7.686