Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022
Country Malta
National selection
Selection processArtist: Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022
Song: Internal selection
Selection date(s)Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022:
17 February 2022
Special evening:
18 February 2022
19 February 2022
Song selection:
14 March 2022
Selected entrantEmma Muscat
Selected song"I Am What I Am"
Selected songwriter(s)
  • Dino Medanhodžić
  • Emma Muscat
  • Julie Aagaard
  • Stine Kinck
Finals performance
Semi-final resultFailed to qualify(16th)
Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄2021 2022

Malta participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Emma Muscat was selected as the Maltese representative via the national final Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022, where she competed with the song "Out of Sight". As the rules of the Maltese national final allowed for the winning artist to change the winning song either partially or entirely with the consent of the winning composers, on 14 March 2022, it was announced Muscat would perform the song "I Am What I Am" instead.

Malta was drawn to compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest which took place on 12 May 2022. Performing during the show in position 6, "I Am What I Am" was not announced among the top 10 entries of the second semi-final and therefore did not qualify to compete in the final. It was later revealed that Malta placed 16th out of the 18 participating countries in the semi-final with 47 points.


Prior to the 2022 contest, Malta has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest thirty-three times since its first entry in 1971. Malta briefly competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in the 1970s before withdrawing for sixteen years. The country had competed in every contest between their return in 1991, and 2022. Malta's best placing in the contest thus far was second, which it achieved on two occasions: in 2002 with the song "7th Wonder" performed by Ira Losco and in the 2005 contest with the song "Angel" performed by Chiara.[1] In the 2021 edition, Malta qualified to the final and placed 7th with the song "Je me casse" performed by Destiny.

The Maltese national broadcaster, Public Broadcasting Services (PBS), broadcast the event within Malta and organised the selection process for the nation's entry. PBS confirmed their intentions to participate at the 2022 contest on 21 June 2021.[2] Malta used the talent show format X Factor Malta for their 2019 and 2020 participations which resulted in the selection of a winning performer that would subsequently be given an internally selected song to perform at Eurovision. However PBS announced that they would select their 2022 entry through a national final procedure, a method that was last used in 2018.[3]

Before Eurovision

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 was the national final format developed by PBS to select the Maltese entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The competition consisted of three shows held between 17 and 19 February 2022 at the Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali, Attard. All shows were hosted by Stephanie Spiteri, Quinton Scerri, Ron Briffa, Josmar and Ryan Borg, and broadcast on Television Malta (TVM) as well on the broadcaster's website[4][5]


The competition consisted of twenty songs competing in the semi-final on 17 February 2022 where the top sixteen entries with the addition of a wildcard qualified to compete in the final on 19 February 2022. The special evening took place on 18 February 2022 where the first sixteen qualifiers were announced. Six judges evaluated the songs during the shows and each judge had an equal stake in the final result. The seventh set of votes were the results of the public televote and announced prior to the final on 19 February, which had a weighting equal to the votes of a single judge. The wildcard was selected by an additional televote following the special evening, while the six members of the jury that evaluated the entries during both the semi-final and final consisted of TVM representatives: Carlo Borg Bonaci, Antonio Belli, Maria Muscat, Antoine Faure, Nadine Muscat and Ruth Amaira.

Competing entries

Artists and composers were able to submit their entries between 15 October 2021 and 15 December 2021.[6] Songwriters from any nationality were able to submit songs as long as the artist were Maltese or possessed Maltese citizenship. Artists were able to submit as many songs as they wished, however, they could only compete with a maximum of one in the semi-final. 2021 Maltese Eurovision entrant Destiny was unable to compete due to a rule that prevented the previous entrant from competing in the following contest.[7] The twenty-two songs selected to compete in the semi-final were announced on 29 December 2021.[8]

Among the selected competing artists were former Eurovision entrants Richard Edwards who represented Malta in the 2014 contest as part of the group Firelight and Jessika Muscat who represented San Marino in the 2018 contest. Francesca Sciberras represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and Nicole Azzopardi represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Among the songwriters, Matthew Mercieca, Gerard James Borg and Philip Vella were all past writers of Maltese Eurovision entries. Dimitri Stassos co-wrote the Spanish entry in 2009 and the Greek entry in 2012; Nektarios Tyrakis co-wrote the Greek entry in 2004, the Belarusian entry in 2005 and the Sammarinese entry in 2016; Peter Boström co-wrote the Swedish and Norwegian entries in 2012 as well as the Spanish entry in 2015.


The semi-final took place on 17 February 2022. The running order for the semi-final was announced on 6 February 2022.[9][10] Twenty-two songs competed for seventeen qualifying spots in the final, one of them being a wildcard among the six songs that originally failed to qualify from the semi-final, awarded to Jessika with the song "Kaleidoscope".[11]

Draw Artist Song Songwriter(s) Result
1 Aidan "Ritmu" Aidan Cassar, Boban Apostolov Advanced
2 Janice Mangion "Army" Cyprian Cassar, Mark Scicluna, Emil Calleja Bayliss Advanced
3 Nicole Hammett "A Lover's Heart" Cyprian Cassar, Joe Julian Farrugia Advanced
4 Sarah Bonnici "Heaven" Aidan Cassar Advanced
5 Mark Anthony Bartolo "Serenity" Mark Anthony Bartolo Advanced
6 Denise "Boy" Aidan Cassar Advanced
7 Richard Edwards "Hey Little" Richard Micallef Advanced
8 Francesca Sciberras "Rise" Mark Scicluna, Etienne Micallef Eliminated
9 Miriana Conte "Look What You've Done Now" Cyprian Cassar, Matthew Mercieca Advanced
10 Giada "Revelación" Aidan Cassar Advanced
11 Baklava feat. Nicole "Electric Indigo" Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg Advanced
12 Derrick Schembri "II" Cyprian Cassar, Emil Calleja Bayliss Eliminated
13 Norbert "How Special You Are" Shaun Farrugia, Norbert Bondin, Peter Borg Advanced
14 Raquel "Over You" Aidan Cassar Advanced
15 Jessica Grech "Aphrodisiac" Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg Eliminated
16 Matt Blxck "Come Around" Matt Blxck, David Grech Advanced
17 Rachel Lowell "White Doves" Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Peter Frodin, Emil Calleja Bayliss Eliminated
18 Nicole Azzopardi "Into the Fire" Peter Boström, Per Jonsson, Marika Lindė, Dimitri Stassos, Nektarios Tyrakis Advanced
19 Emma Muscat "Out of Sight" Antonio Caputo, Emma Muscat, Gabriel Rossi, Lorenzo Santarelli, Marco Salvaderi Advanced
20 Malcolm Pisani "We Came for Love" Gaspare Incatasciato, Matthew Mercieca Eliminated
21 Enya Magri "Shame" Cyprian Cassar, Jodie Magri Advanced
22 Jessika "Kaleidoscope" Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg Advanced

Special evening

The special evening, which celebrated Malta's 50th Anniversary since their first participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, took place on 18 February 2022. The twenty-two contestants performed former Maltese Eurovision songs in duets with their respective original artists.[12] The show was opened with a guest performance from the Analise Dance Studio, and featured a tribute to 1994 Maltese Eurovision entrant Christopher Scicluna who had passed away the same day.[13]

Draw Artist Song Year performed[a]
1 Aidan and Malcolm Pisani "Marija l-Maltija" (with Joe Grech) 1971
2 Baklava, Nicole Vella and Nicole Hammett "Vertigo" (with Olivia Lewis) 2007
3 Malcolm Pisani and Matt Blxck "One Life" (with Glen Vella) 2011
4 Derrick Schembri, Emma Muscat and Miriana Conte "This Is the Night" (with Kurt Calleja) 2012
5 Aidan, Richard Edwards, Janice Mangion and Giada "Could It Be" (with Paul Giordimaina and Georgina) 1991
6 Francesca Sciberras and Nicole Azzopardi "In a Woman's Heart" (with Miriam Christine) 1996
7 Derrick Schembri and Norbert "Keep Me in Mind" (with Mike Spiteri) 1995
8 Mark Anthony Bartolo and Sarah Bonnici "L-imħabba" (with Helen and Joseph) 1972
9 Enya Magri and Jessika "My Dream" (with Thea Garrett) 2010
10 Enya Magri and Nicole Hammett "Warrior" (with Amber) 2015
11 Jessika and Nicole Azzopardi "Vodka" (with Morena) 2008
12 Denise and Rachel Lowell "7th Wonder" / "Walk on Water" (with Ira Losco) 2002 ("7th Wonder"), 2016 ("Walk on Water")
13 Renato "Singing This Song" 1975
14 Giada and Raquel "Chameleon" (with Michela) 2019
15 Mark Anthony Bartolo and Matt Blxck "Tomorrow" (with Gianluca Bezzina) 2013
16 Denise and Raquel "The One That I Love" / "Angel" / "What If We" (with Chiara) 1998 ("The One That I Love"), 2005 ("Angel"), 2009 ("What If We")
17 Francesca Sciberras and Jessica Grech "To Dream Again" (with Lynn Chircop) 2003
18 Nicole Hammett and Sarah Bonnici "On Again... Off Again" (with Julie and Ludwig) 2004
19 Emma Muscat and Francesca Sciberras "Breathlessly" (with Claudia Faniello) 2017
20 Baklava, Nicole and Jessica Grech "Let Me Fly" (with Debbie Scerri) 1997
21 Janice Mangion "Little Child" (with Mary Spiteri) 1992


The final took place on 19 February 2022. The seventeen entries that qualified from the semi-final were performed again and the votes of a six-member jury panel (6/7) and the results of public televoting (1/7) determined the winner. The show was opened with a guest performance from the Analise Dance Studio, while the interval act featured performances by Malta's Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 winner and 2021 Maltese Eurovision entrant Destiny Chukunyere, 2021 Maltese Junior Eurovision entrant Ike and Kaya, and the Concept of Movement dance troupe.[14] After the votes from the jury panel and televote were combined, "Out of Sight" performed by Emma Muscat was the winner.[15]

Draw Artist Song Jury Televote Total Place
1 Baklava feat. Nicole "Electric Indigo" 6 1 7 15
2 Norbert "How Special You Are" 30 4 34 4
3 Matt Blxck "Come Around" 15 3 18 7
4 Giada "Revelación" 7 1 8 13
5 Jessika "Kaleidoscope" 0 1 1 17
6 Raquel "Over You" 8 0 8 13
7 Nicole Hammett "A Lover's Heart" 15 1 16 8
8 Miriana Conte "Look What You've Done Now" 27 1 28 6
9 Nicole Azzopardi "Into the Fire" 31 5 36 3
10 Sarah Bonnici "Heaven" 9 1 10 12
11 Enya Magri "Shame" 12 3 15 9
12 Denise "Boy" 28 3 31 5
13 Emma Muscat "Out of Sight" 72 20 92 1
14 Janice Mangion "Army" 6 1 7 15
15 Mark Anthony Bartolo "Serenity" 10 1 11 11
16 Aidan "Ritmu" 60 12 72 2
17 Richard Edwards "Hey Little" 12 1 13 10


Show Air date Viewers Ref.
Semi-final 17 February 2022 300,000[b] [14]
Special evening 18 February 2022
Final 19 February 2022 386,000[c] [16]

Song selection

Following Muscat's win at Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022, rumours began to surface that she would perform a song other than "Out of Sight" at the Eurovision Song Contest.[17] The national final rules set by PBS allowed for the winning song to be partially modified or completely changed. "I Am What I Am" was released on 14 March 2022, and on the same day, the song was confirmed to replace "Out of Sight" as Muscat's entry at Eurovision.[18] In an interview with DR, the Danish public broadcaster, producer Anders Fredslund has revealed that PBS was looking for a new Eurovision entry for Emma Muscat the day after her victory in the Maltese selection.[19] Anders Fredslund, who runs the music company The Arrangement, explained that he had been informed the representative has been chosen, but the broadcaster was looking for potential songs to represent it in the contest.[19] The company then sent a number of songs to PBS, from which two were selected to be recorded as demos, with the broadcaster subsequently selecting "I Am What I Am".[19] According to Anders Fredslund, the song was written in 2021 as part of a songwriting camp that The Arrangement and Autor organised for the Eurovision Song Contest.[19] Originally, it was claimed that the song had been submitted into Melodifestivalen but rejected by the Swedish national broadcaster, SVT;[19] however, it was later announced that it was just intended to compete in Melodifestivalen, but never officially submitted due to the lack of an "appropriate artist for the song".[20]

At Eurovision

According to Eurovision rules, all nations with the exceptions of the host country and the "Big Five" (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) are required to qualify from one of two semi-finals in order to compete for the final; the top ten countries from each semi-final progress to the final. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) split up the competing countries into six different pots based on voting patterns from previous contests, with countries with favourable voting histories put into the same pot. On 25 January 2022, an allocation draw was held which placed each country into one of the two semi-finals, as well as which half of the show they would perform in. Malta has been placed into the second semi-final, to be held on 12 May 2022, and has been scheduled to perform in the first half of the show.[21]

Once all the competing songs for the 2022 contest had been released, the running order for the semi-finals was decided by the shows' producers rather than through another draw, so that similar songs were not placed next to each other. Malta was set to perform in position 6, following the entry from Georgia and before the entry from San Marino.[22]


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