Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback

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Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback
Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback.jpg
Directed byK. G. George
Screenplay byS. L. Puram Sadanandan
Story byK. G. George
StarringBharath Gopi
CinematographyShaji N. Karun
Edited byG. O. Sundaram
Music byM. B. Sreenivasan
Release date
  • 12 November 1983 (1983-11-12)
Running time
172 minutes[1]

Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback (lit.'The death of Lekha, a flashback') is a 1983 Malayalam-language film by K. G. George.[2][3] The film was controversial because of the protagonist's similarities to the actress Shoba, whose suicide was highly publicized. In his biography, even though KG George admits that his inspiration to make the movie was indeed the suicide of Shobha, he says that more importantly it was his long-time dream to make a cinema about 'cinema', which had never been tried before in the Malayalam industry at the time. [1][4][5]

The film was a commercial success. Although it did not receive any of the Kerala state Film awards, it garnered widespread critical acclaim and received awards outside Kerala. It was screened at several movie festivals namely the International Movie festival under the Indian Panorama division held in Bombay and also at the London Film Festival.


A poor Malayali family reaches Madras to try their luck in the film industry with their daughter Shantamma. She slowly starts climbing the ladder of success and becomes popular actress Lekha. At the peak of her career she commits suicide by hanging herself. The film recounts events that leads to her suicide, including a stint as a prostitute succumbing to the pressure from her parents for the lust of quick money and her unsuccessful love affair with a director.[6]



The music was composed by M. B. Sreenivasan and the lyrics were written by O. N. V. Kurup.

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 "Enneyunarthiya Pularkalathil" (Kannillathe Nizhal Paambukal) Selma George O. N. V. Kurup
2 "Mookathayude Souvarnam" Selma George O. N. V. Kurup
3 "Prabhaamayi" P. Jayachandran, Selma George O. N. V. Kurup


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