Kathodu Kathoram

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Kaathodu Kaathoram
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VCD cover
Directed byBharathan
Screenplay byJohn Paul
Story byBharathan
Produced by
  • M. G. Gopinath (Pandalam Gopinath)
  • G. P. Vijayakumar
CinematographyS. C. Padi
Edited bySuresh
Music by
Release date
15 November 1985

Kaathodu Kaathoram is a 1985 Indian Malayalam-language drama film, directed by Bharathan, and starring Mammootty and Saritha in the lead roles. Bharathan himself composed the title song, while the rest of the songs and background score were composed by Ouseppachan.[citation needed]


The movie is about a young man Louis who is taken in by the central woman protagonist Marykutty, who herself is a victim of an abusive marriage.

Louis arrives at a village and leaps out of the lorry for relieving himself. The lorry driver, thinking he got down, drives away. Louis runs behind but the lorry drives away. He is stranded and is desperate of money. Mary Kutty comes walking. She allows him to stay at her residence. A storm rages all night and the roof of the house is damaged. Next day, Louis, along with Kuttan, fix the roof. Teresa, Mary's sister comes there to visit Mary. She is a sister at a local convent. years back,their father, Paily left home for some unknown reason. Lazar, a driver, then forcibly marries Mary. They then have a child. Lazar now lusts behind Teresa. To escape his cruelty,Mary pleads Teresa to go away. Teresa and Mary now are under care of Achan. But Lazar, now poisoned by Rappayi, comes and extorts money from Mary every month.[1]

Achan also comes and sees the newcomer Louis. He asks Louis to come to the church for some repair work. Louis, a gifted musician, plays an organ/piano at the church. Achan quietly watches this and then applauds Louis. He requests Louis to give a tune to Achan's compositions, which is to be sent to other places as cassettes. Louis does an excellent work, which Mary likes and is now having a liking towards Louis. Rappayi, who is also the Kappiyaar(Bellman) reports every thing and emphasizes that Mary and Louis are having a affair. Lazar, intoxicated, rushes to Mary and a brawl broke out between Louis and Lazar. Lazar says that Louis will die by his hands.

Paily returns and acknowledges Louis as a good man. Both daughters are in tears as their father has returned. Achan comes to visit Paily and says that not to go anywhere again.

Achan asks Louis about Mary and says not to mingle with Lazar anymore. Achan asks Louis to give music for another song. At an event, Lazar sees Louis and Mary singing together. They didn't react and instead stood silent.

But Rappayi could not keep his mouth closed. He kept saying rumours about Louis and Mary to the villagers(sabhakar). They demand that Louis and Mary evicted, as Mary is married and cannot have two relationships.

Next day, Achan performs holy rituals. The sabhakar are enraged seeing Louis and Mary. They demand the eviction. Louis walks out, followed by Mary. Outside, Lazar and Rappayi wait for Mary, they grab her along with sabhakar and cut her hair, as to disgrace her. Achan, Paily and Teresa are helpless as the sabhakar never allows them to go. Louis is held by them too.

Mary is devastated. She and Louis go out of the village. The resettle in a old woman's house far away from the village. Now they live as a family. Mary remembers her golden days. But Rappayi and Lazar get to know and abduct Kuttan. Louis and Mary desperately search for Kuttan. They find Kuttan at Rappayi's residence. Rappayi lashes out but is beaten black and blue by Louis. Louis and Mary rescue Kuttan. Lazar gets to know and searches for both. Lazar and Louis fight while Mary runs with Kuttan to find a safe place. Lazar pushes Louis and chases Mary. Eventually Mary is caught, but Kuttan runs far away. Mary and Lazar fight and Mary slips, Lazar too. They then roll until they reach the end of cliff. Louis and Kuttan also follow then. But Lazar and Mary slips even further down and fall down, only to die. Kuttan cries thinking he is alone now, but Louis holds his grief and says that he will be the father cum Guardian of Kuttan. Kuttan says Louis not to cry and consoles him, and finally they hug each other. The film ends with Bharatan's "Kuttanum Mashum Thudarunnu" meaning Kuttan and Louis continue their lives.



All lyrics are written by O. N. V. Kurup; all music is composed by Ouseppachan except where noted.

1."Devadoothar Paadi" K. J. Yesudas, Lathika, Krishnachandran, Radhika Warrier 
2."Kathodu Kathoram"BharathanLathika 
3."Nee En Sarga Soundaryame" K. J. Yesudas, Lathika 
4."Nee En Sarga Soundaryame" (Bit) Choir 

Kathodu Kathoram was the debut work of composer Ouseppachan as both score and soundtrack composer. Director Bharathan himself composed the title song, Kaathodu Kaathoram. The soundtrack skyrocketed to fame upon release, and still continues to be hits.


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