Islands District Council

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Islands District Council

Coat of arms or logo
Founded1 April 1981; 41 years ago (1981-04-01) (District Board)
1 July 1997; 24 years ago (1997-07-01) (Provisional)
1 January 2000; 22 years ago (2000-01-01) (District Council)
Randy Yu, Independent
Wong Man-hon, Independent
Seats18 councillors
consisting of
10 elected and
8 ex officio members
1 / 18
11 / 18
6 / 18
First past the post
Last election
24 November 2019
Meeting place
Harbour Building.jpg
20/F., Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong
Islands District Council
Traditional Chinese離島區議會

The Islands District Council is the district council for the Islands District in Hong Kong. It is one of 18 such councils. The Islands District currently consists of 18 members, of which the district is divided into 10 constituencies, electing a total of 10 with 8 ex-officio members who is the Peng Chau, Lamma North, Tung Chung, Lamma South, Tai O, Lantau South, Mui Wo and Cheung Chau rural committee chairmen. The latest election was held on 24 November 2019.


Emblem of Islands District Board (1982–1997)

The Islands District Council was established on 1 April 1981 under the name of the Islands District Board as the result of the colonial Governor Murray MacLehose's District Administration Scheme reform. The District Board was partly elected with the ex-officio Regional Council members and chairmen of eight Rural Committees, Peng Chau, Lamma North, Tung Chung, Lamma South, Tai O, Lantau South, Mui Wo and Cheung Chau, as well as members appointed by the Governor until 1994 when last Governor Chris Patten refrained from appointing any member.

The Islands District Board became the Islands Provisional District Board after the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) was established in 1997 with the appointment system being reintroduced by Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa. The current Islands District Council was established on 1 January 2000 after the first District Council election in 1999. The appointed seats were abolished in 2015 after the modified constitutional reform proposal was passed by the Legislative Council in 2010.

The Islands District Council has the most number of eight ex-officio seats and is dominated by the rural forces. As the Tung Chung new town was developed in the early 2000s, some political parties have also successfully made attempts in those areas, notably Tang Ka-piu of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (FTU) in Yat Tung Estate North and Holden Chow of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) in Tung Chung South. Amy Yung Wing-sheung of the pro-democracy Civic Party has also held Discovery Bay since 2000.

In the historic landslide victory in 2019 election, Islands District Council became the only council where pro-democrats gained the majority of the elected seats but failed to take control of the council due to the 8 ex-officio seats. However, the pro-democrats got 7 of the 10 elected seats and ousted DAB legislator Holden Chow for District Council (Second) from his seat.

Political control

Since 1982 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:

Camp in control Largest party Years Composition
No Overall Control None 1982 - 1985
Pro-government None 1985 - 1988

Pro-government None 1988 - 1991

Pro-government None 1991 - 1994

Pro-Beijing DAB 1994 - 1997

Pro-Beijing DAB 1997 - 1999

Pro-Beijing DAB 2000 - 2003

Pro-Beijing DAB 2004 - 2007

Pro-Beijing DAB 2008 - 2011

Pro-Beijing DAB 2012 - 2015

Pro-Beijing DAB 2016 - 2019

Pro-Beijing Civic → DAB 2020 - 2023

Political makeup

Current Map of Islands District Council.svg

Elections are held every four years.

    Political party Council members Current
1994 1999 2003 2007 2011 2015 2019
  Independent 4 5 4 3 3 2 6
15 / 18
  Civic - - - 2 1 1 2
1 / 18
  DAB 2 2 4 4 4 3 1
1 / 18
  Democratic 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
1 / 18

District result maps

Members represented

Starting from 1 January 2020:

Code Constituency Name Political affiliation Notes
T01 Lantau Randy Yu Hon-kwan Independent
T02 Mun Yat Kwok Ping Independent
T03 Yat Tung Estate North Fong Lung-fei Independent
T04 Tung Chung South Vacant [a]
T05 Tung Chung Central Vacant [b]
T06 Tung Chung North Vacant [a]
T07 Discovery Bay Vacant
T08 Peng Chau & Hei Ling Chau Vacant Independent [c]
T09 Lamma & Po Toi Lau Shun-ting DAB
T10 Cheung Chau Vacant
Ex Officio Peng Chau Rural Committee Chairman Wong Hon-kuen Independent
Lamma North Rural Committee Chairman Chan Lin-wai Independent
Tung Chung Rural Committee Chairman Wong Chau-ping Independent
Lamma South Rural Committee Chairman Chow Yuk-tong Independent
Tai O Rural Committee Chairman Ho Siu-kei Independent
Lantau South Rural Committee Chairman Ho Chun-fai Independent
Mui Wo Rural Committee Chairman Wong Man-hon Independent
Cheung Chau Rural Committee Chairman Yung Chi-ming Independent



Since 1985, the chairman is elected by all the members of the board:

Chairman Years Political Affiliation
Fok Siu-tung 1981 District Officer
Ricky Fung 1981–1983 District Officer
William Yap 1983–1985 District Officer
Daniel Lam Wai-keung 1985–2011 Heung Yee Kuk
Chow Yuk-tong 2012–2019 Heung Yee Kuk
Randy Yu Hon-kwan 2020–present Heung Yee Kuk

Vice Chairs

Vice Chairman Years Political Affiliation
Chau Chuen-heung 2000–2015 DAB
Randy Yu Hon-kwan 2016–2019 Heung Yee Kuk
Wong Man-hon 2020–present Heung Yee Kuk


  1. ^ a b Disqualified on 21 October 2021.
  2. ^ Former Civic Party member.
  3. ^ Died on 1 May 2022.


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