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Double Toasted
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LaunchedJuly 2, 2014 (2014-07-02)
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Double Toasted is an entertainment website based in Austin, Texas. The site hosts weekly podcasts covering current events, pop culture, movie reviews and video games.[1]


After the closure of in 2013, Korey Coleman was encouraged by friends and fans to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new home for his content.

The original goal was set at $30,000. During the campaign, Coleman and Martin Thomas continued to podcast and update fans on the growing total. On the last night, they held a 24-hour live stream with guests and fans stopping by for support. At the end of the stream, the final amount given was $133,860.

As a result, was created, and launched on July 2, 2014.[2]

On October 17, 2019, in a video posted on the site's YouTube page, it was announced that Double Toasted would move to Twitch in November, in a deal that would have the site's main shows move to the platform, with the exception of other content, that would continue to be on the site.

Podcasts and segments

Unlike, Double Toasted features both audio and video for every show. Since the site's launch in July 2014, there have been several podcasts started - each with a different cast.

The Sunday Service

Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas sit down for some free-form conversation, the weekend box office, a recap of the week's highlighted stories, and take emails and calls from the audience.

The show occasionally features interviews and appearances from members of the community, a.k.a. 'Toasties'.

Notable guests include:

What Up, Son!

Korey Coleman, Oz Greene Jr., who skypes from New York, and Korey's wife, Miss Mia, host this segment. The three talk about the "Free Form Foolishness" in the world and diverge into a variety of topics mixed with casual conversation. The show was initially an audio-only show, but has since moved to video.

Notable guest:

The Weekly Roast and Toast

Korey Coleman, Martin Thomas and (sometimes) Billy Brooks look at the latest trailers released, comment on submitted news stories of the week, followed by emails and phone calls. They host an additional segment where they review older bad movies

Notable guest:

  • Correll Bufford[9]

The Movie Review Extravaganza

Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas share their opinions on the latest releases. People have the chance to win a prize in the trivia game 'Martin gets a gold star!'. Occasionally they will bring a guest to help review the film. The show's introductory song is "Revolution World Crazy" by Panacea.[10]

8-Bit Crumbs

Korey Coleman and Chris Herman discuss video game news and entertainment stories, review games and movies, and answer fan questions on Double Toasted's Twitch show. They also occasionally play games.

The Daily Double Talk

Korey Coleman and Christian Torres talk about news in entertainment. Originally an audio only podcast with Korey and Tommy.

Rating system:

After giving their thoughts on the movie, each critic gives a rating based on how much of your time and money are worth spending on it. Each rating can have a high/low variation. The ratings are the same ones carried over from From highest to lowest, they are:

BETTER THAN SEX! A rating withheld by the crew, this film is excellent, and pushes the boundaries of cinema as an art form.
Full Price A very enjoyable film which is worth paying full price for in the cinema.
Matinee Worth seeing in the cinema, but not worth paying full price for, or at least during the initial theatrical run.
Rental Can be enjoyed, but still has a variety of flaws. This is worth waiting paying very little to see after the theatrical release.
Some Ol' Bullshit! The crew recommend against paying any money to see this film, and has very little that redeems it.
F*** YOU! The crew actively recommends against seeing this film at all. This rating is typically given when a critic is angered or offended by a film's content, and indicates that it has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Once the review has been posted on the site, members of the community can give a one to five star rating, depending on what they thought of the film.

DT Interviews

Korey also hosts interview segments separate from the other shows.

Former shows

The Casual Call-In Show

Korey Coleman, Danielle Dallaire and Ray Villarreal answered fan questions through phone calls, Skype and emails. The show was initially released every Monday, but ceased in February 2017 due to low viewership.

The Spoiler Show

William Valle discussed movies in depth. Korey Coleman was featured as a guest, but after one episode, which was heavily criticized, the show was immediately terminated.

The Double Dribble

Ray Villareal and co-host Chase Arthur discussed sports and other extracurricular activities in a free-form discussion. The show was canceled in June 2017 when Chase left the site and Ray chose not to continue it. Special guest includes:

The High Score

Korey Goodwin and T.J. Manatsa (formally Patrick Girts) discussed the latest video game news, followed by a playthrough of games chosen by the community. The show was released every Saturday and had its last show on May 26, 2018.

Toast to Toast

William Valle hosted a short form talk show where he focused on a specific topic related to politics, social issues, or popular culture. He also features a special guest, usually someone from the crew, every episode. The show was released every other Friday. It was canceled because Valle felt the show was repetitive to the already existing shows. Valle would later bring Toast to Toast's format to a new show called Night Class on his own website Camel Moon.

Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

A spin-off segment from the Weekly Roast and Toast. This segment focuses on film school graduate Sammy González, who along with Chris Herman (formally Ian Butcher), take a look at important or classic films that they had not seen until recently. The show was released every Thursday. It ended after Sammy chose to leave the site.

What's in the Box

DJ Milez and Comic book writer, Christian Torres talk about television shows and dive into TV and other related news. The show abruptly came to an end on August 8, 2019.


Hosts Description
Korey Coleman Owner and creator of, film critic, actor, voice actor, and animator. Also known as Captain Matinee due to giving majority of movies different variations of a Matinee (low matinee, high matinee) and for being very passionate. He has a strong distaste for "black foolishness" and boasts an exuberant and dramatic personality. A running gag involves his bizarre childhood, his head shape, his strange ability to make very peculiar friends, and how his dead father would react to him today. Korey has an alter-ego dubbed Korey-Bot, a robot puppet who is more rude and impolite than him.
Martin Thomas Co-Host on The Sunday Service, The Weekly Roast and Toast and The Movie Review Extravaganza. Animator. Film Critic. Also known as Cat Daddy Thomas. Being older than Korey, he has a more intuitive look into things. He is sometimes harsher on films than Korey which leads to disagreements between the two. He is constantly the butt of jokes with his unusual stories (such as when he killed a turtle), his tastes and loves to make bad puns. He is a major comic book fan and is knowledgeable with superheroes.
Oswald "Oz" Green Jr. Co-host on What Up Son. He interacts with the crew on a webcam from New York City. He is jovial and friendly and loves blasting "black foolishness" with Korey.
Merve "Mia" Coleman Co-host on What Up Son and occasional co-host on various shows. She is from Turkey and she is also the wife of Korey Coleman. While not as seasoned due to her upbringing, she can make a conversation interesting and occasionally brings very intuitive insight. Despite being Korey Coleman's wife, they still sometimes refer to her as "Miss Mia."
Christopher "Juicy" Herman Co-Host on The Sunday Service and 8-Bit Crumbs. He's known for his amicable personality on and off camera. He tends to have very staunch opinions on film and television that sometimes clash with the rest of the crew. A running gag involves his lack of knowledge regarding music.
Billy Brooks Co-host on The Weekly Roast and Toast. His brother is actor Mehcad Brooks and his father is former American football wide receiver Billy Brooks. He has a wild and eccentric personality and is famous for his laugh dubbed "The Billy Cackle". A running gag would involve Korey attempting to have Billy give into his notorious laugh by showing him an unintentionally humorous moment in a bad film. He is sometimes more observant than Korey.
Carlos Nieves Fill in co-host on What Up Son and occasional guest on various shows. He is from Puerto Rico and works on the site helping run the servers to keep it up. He is known for his thick accent and prone to ramble about subjects, most of which he ends up getting wrong or confusing for something else. Korey has a tendency to pick on him for many of his passionate outbursts.
Tony "Sidekick 3000" Guerrero Co-host only appears during special holidays (mostly Halloween shows) and event shows. He is usually depicted as a flying robotic toaster, typically opposite Korey. He was originally known as Co-Host 3000 on He has appeared without the robot animation once on the Resident Evil 2 playthrough episode. He is also an actor and as appeared in Alita: Battle Angel as an angry Mexican henchman, and in the indie film Woods Porn. His favorite bands are Cannibal Corpse and Faith No More.

Former co-hosts include:

  • Tommy McGrew – The first regular co-host to be added to the show after the closing of McGrew has not appeared on the site since 2016 when he was involved in a fatal hit and run accident, killing a pedestrian. Besides the initial update to Tommy's situation in mid 2016, Korey Coleman, and the rest of the Double Toasted crew have refrained from mentioning his name on the site. Korey has stated once, after getting many emails about Tommy's return to the site, that the chances of McGrew returning to the site is highly unlikely.[29] However, Tommy made a surprise appearance on a February 2019 show where he revealed that he is on probation for ten years and had to seek therapy. He has expressed interest in returning,[30] but Korey confirmed that it would be impossible.[31]
  • Patrick Girts – Former co-host on the High Score, The Movie Review Extravaganza and The Weekly Roast and Toast. Girts chose to leave due to the stresses of working on three shows late at night and wanting to focus on a career in marketing. He still makes occasional appearances and is the usually the subject of Korey's numerous diatribes.
  • Danielle Dallaire – Former co-host on What Up Son and occasionally co-hosted on various shows. She left to pursue other opportunities. Though Danielle had initially claimed that it would only be for a year, Korey Coleman has openly doubted it with Danielle confirming that it was a long term job. Her final show was on May 14, 2018.[32] In mid-2021, Danielle returned, seemingly as a regular and began to appear more often. On November 9, 2021, Korey announced that he banned her from the show due to her behavior.
  • Korey Goodwin – Former host of The High Score and co-host on The Weekly Roast and Toast and The Movie Review Extravaganza. He can speak Mandarin. His final show was on June 13, 2018. He left to go focus on his own personal career.[33] He still makes occasional appearances.
  • Sam "Sammy" González – Former editor and regulator of the fan pages. Host on Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t. Occasional co-host on various shows. He left to pursue other interests. His final show was on April 28, 2019.[31] He still makes occasional appearances.
  • Ian Butcher – Former co-host on Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t and Toast to Toast.
  • Taylor "Kung-Fu T.J." Manatsa – Former co-host on The High Score. He still makes occasional appearances.
  • Chase Arthur – Former co-host of the Double Dribble.
  • Ray Villareal – Also known as rapper "Tone Royal", former co-host of the Double Dribble. He still makes occasional appearances.
  • William Valle – Former editor and contributor for the site. Occasional co-host on various shows. He talked about controversial topics. He still makes occasional appearances.
  • Shea Young – The first female cast member added to the site. Shea left in February 2016 to pursue other opportunities, and because of negative fan reaction to her. She is the only former member who have not made an appearance after leaving the site.[34]
  • Robert "DJ Milez" Araya – Former co-host on What's in the Box.
  • Christian Torres - Former Co-host on The Daily Double Talk, former co-host on What's in the Box. Author of comic, Here We Are Lost.

Awards and recognition

The site has been nominated for several awards, and won The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2015: Best Podcast.[35]


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