Disney Magic Kingdoms

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Disney Magic Kingdoms
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Platform(s)iOS, Android, Windows
  • WW: 17 March 2016
Genre(s)City building

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a freemium world builder mobile and computer video game for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows developed by Gameloft that is themed off the Disney Parks.[1] It was officially launched on 17 March 2016.


The game takes place in the Kingdom, a place primarily based on Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Mickey Mouse is the protector of the Kingdom. When Maleficent casts an evil spell on the Kingdom, ridding it of all its powerful magic, the players have to help it get back, creating their own park. Occasionally, Merlin appears as a guide to advance the story.


Progressing through the storyline the player unlocks more characters and attractions. Players can earn Magic and Experience by sending characters on quests and tasks, and sometimes Tokens to unlock or level up characters. Premium characters and attractions are unlocked using Gems, which are earned by leveling up characters, completing character collections, or viewing daily announcements.

The game also features chests, occasionally hidden in the Kingdom, but also can be bought for Gems, which award different prizes depending on the type of chest, such as attractions, Tokens, decorations, or concessions. Also in the game is Merlin's Shop, in which the player can obtain Tokens and attractions through Elixirs, which are obtained by exchanging them for decorations and concessions in Merlin's cauldron. The game also includes floats based on each franchise, which grant Magic, Tokens or Gems through parades.

Playing during Events can unlock limited-time characters and attractions. Once the Events are over, this content occasionally returns in limited-time chests.

Some characters also have costumes, which can be obtained through Tokens, Gems, or as a prize at an Event.

Cast and characters

The following Mickey and Friends and Toy Story characters, plus Merlin from The Sword in the Stone (1963), had voice recordings from their official and/or original voice actors at the time of the game's initial release. No additional voice recordings were ever made for the game, and all voices were removed in the update that added Lady and the Tramp to the game.

Character collections in the game

Kingdom Story

The character collections in the permanent storyline of the game with unlockable characters during the progress of the game include:


The character collections in the game with unlockable characters during Events or limited-time offers include:


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