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Dark Horizons
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Dark Horizons is a movie-centric website owned and written by Garth Franklin of Sydney. Dark Horizons is dedicated to news, interviews, rumors, trailers and reviews of upcoming and currently playing films and television projects. It is stated to be one of the longest running and most well respected media news sites. The focus initially was almost exclusively related to science fiction but expanded to include almost all genres. However, Its major focus remains on major studio blockbuster films, television related news, and video game related news.

Dark Horizons is still active and updates with entertainment news daily. Over the twenty-four years of running, a large and loyal fanbase was developed. Some of the people that read it are "corporate professionals, early adopters, influential industry insiders, marketing & PR departments, and film and tech journalists." The website has been called one of the most fair, balanced, and objective sites in the field. Dark Horizons features actual stories that are going on the industry rather than celebrity gossip. It avoids exaggeration of events and over editorializing, this leads to honest and informational articles.

The site was launched on 10 January 1997 and was nominated for a Webby Award for film in 1999.[1]


Garth Franklin is the creator of Dark Horizons and is also editor, writer, designer and Webmaster of the site. He is Credited to be one of the first online entertainment journalist. Based in Sydney, Australia Garth has spent many years gaining experience from the entertainment news industry. His opinion and journalism is well respected throughout the industry. Garth has continue to run Dark Horizons through four major re-designs, two recessions, hundreds of interviews, thousands of screenings, and tens of thousands of articles. His work has taken him across the globe and he has worked with "publicists, managers, producers, studio VPs, agents, filmmakers and celebrities." Garth is a top-critic on Rotten Tomatoes and is a part of the Australian Film Critics Association. He has also, contributed to many different magazines, newspapers, and podcasts.

Gary Dowell is the United States contributor to Dark Horizons and is based in Dallas, Texas. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Arlington's School of Communications in 1998. Dowell has previously worked as a film critic and editor, travel coordinator, copy writer, and submissions screener. He is also, currently apart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association.

Blake Howard is the Australian contributor to the website. He works as a film writer, editor, film website creator, and has worked on multiple different podcasts. He is also, a member of the online film critics society.

Maria Lewis is another Australian contributor. She has worked as author, screenwriter, journalist and pop culture commentator. Lewis' work has been published in major news articles such as; The New York Post, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and many others.

Drew Turney is the final Australian contributor. He is a journalist who has written around 15 novels, dozens of short stories, poetry, and a journal.

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