Come Come Come Upward

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Come Come Come Upward
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Poster to Come Come Come Upward (1989)
Hangul아제 아제 바라 아제
Revised RomanizationAje aje bara aje
McCune–ReischauerAje aje para aje
Directed byIm Kwon-taek
Written byHan Sung-won
Produced byLee Tae-won
StarringKang Soo-yeon
Jin Yeong-mi
Yu In-chon
Han Ji-il
Jeon Moo-song
Yoon In-Ja
Yoon Yang-ha
Kim Se-jun
An Byung-kyung
Choi Jong-won
CinematographyKu Jung-mo
Edited byPark Sun-duk
Music byKim Jeong-kil
Release date
  • March 3, 1989 (1989-03-03)
Running time
134 minutes
CountrySouth Korea

Come Come Come Upward (Korean아제 아제 바라 아제; RRAje Aje Bara Aje) is a 1989 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek.


The film examines the lives of two young women linked by their affiliation with a Buddhist temple.


  • Golden St. George (Im Kwon-taek); Moscow International Film Festival


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