College Kumaran

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College Kumaran
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Theatrical Film Poster
കോളേജ് കുമാര൯
Directed byThulasidas
Written bySuresh Poduval
Produced byBency Martin
Vimala Raman
Balachandra Menon
Edited byP. C. Mohanan
Music byOuseppachan
Release date
  • 2 February 2008 (2008-02-02)
Running time
155 minutes

College Kumaran is a 2008 Malayalam film directed by Thulasidas, written by Suresh Poduval starring Mohanlal, Siddique, Vimala Raman and Balachandra Menon.[1]


Kumaran, or as students call him, Captain (Mohanlal), was the star of Mahatma college before he joined the army. Now an ex-military officer, Kumaran is running the canteen of Mahatma College after a tragic incident that took his father and sister's life. Kumaran is dear to all the students and he actively engages with them, whether in youth festivals, love affairs, fights, or campus tours. He even helps them bring teachers back from their private tuition classes to the college.

Madhavi (Vimala Raman), the college's English professor, hates him because she saw Kumaran getting involved in a fight with a street rowdy and making her to come late on her joining day. Once during a campus tour, the bus gets involved in an accident, killing several students. Madhavi tells everyone that Kumaran was the reason for the accident. The rest of the movie is about Kumaran's attempts to prove his innocence and how he regains the trust of his fellow students and of Madhavi. Later Madhavi realizes that Kumaran is the one who helped her to achieve her this position of an English teacher by remitting the amount required after she became orphan. It is also revealed by Kumaran that ex education minister Sethunathan (Siddique), who after thrown out from power decided destroy the faith on Kumaran from both the management and the students. So Sethunathan made the bus accident and puts the blame on Kumaran. Kumaran even reveals the incident that happened to his father and sister was well planned by Sethunathan as his father witnessed Sethunathan harassing a girl in the college canteen and he planned to report it to the management. So Sethunathan killed Kumaran's father and sister with the help of the watchman Vasooty (T. P. Madhavan) and made it as an accident. After revealing the truth, the students tries to kill Sethunathan but he takes a gun and threatens to kill them if they come forward. Kumaran fights with Sethunathan and defeats him. As he was about to kill Sethunathan, he stops as it was a college and leaves him. Kumaran tells him to go to the jail.

After proving his innocence, Kumaran plans to goes back but the college principal, college manager and Madhavi's uncle tells him to not go and they need him to take care of the college as the next college manager. Kumaran tells that he will be in the college as College Kumaran.



Music: Ouseppachan, Lyrics: Shibu Chakravarthy.

Song Title Singers Raga(s)
"Kaanakkuyilin" G. Venugopal Kapi
"Kaanakkuyilin" (F) Swetha Mohan Kapi
"Snehathin Koodonnu" Karthik, Aparna Rajesh
"Thazhika Kudame" M. G. Sreekumar, Jyotsna
"Assistant Camera Man" Rojesh M. T., Periyonkavala


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