Climate Change (children's book)

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Climate Change
The front cover of the book. It shows a stylized drawing of modern windmills on mainly blue background to represent the sky. The lower part has a green background to represent fields
Front cover, 2023
AuthorCharles III, Tony Juniper, and Emily Shuckburgh
IllustratorAleesha Nandhra
GenreChildren's non-fiction literature
PublisherLadybird Books
Publication date
9 March 2023
Publication placeUnited Kingdom
Media typePrint (hardcover)

Climate Change is a children's book co-authored by Charles III, the King of the United Kingdom, Tony Juniper, the Chair of Natural England, and climate scientist Emily Shuckburgh. The book is published by Ladybird Books and scheduled for release in March 2023. Aimed at those aged between seven and eleven, it discusses climate change and the various threats that face the environment. The book was launched at a reception held at Buckingham Palace on 17 February 2023, and attended by politicians, businesspeople and indigenous leaders from around the world.[1][2]

Charles had previously collaborated with Juniper and Shuckburgh on a book for adults, also titled Climate Change, and published by Ladybird in 2017. The information was updated and rewritten for the 2023 version to make it accessible to children. Juniper has described Climate Change as a way of "trying to bring the facts to the fingertips of the people who've got most to gain by finding solutions in time".[1][2]


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